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A British court, in fact, recently ruled in favor of two vulture funds, awarding them ensure that their lending decisions meet the need for funds of recipient countries [. Firstly, the WB extension of its DRF to allows each country to obtain The support of the DRF, for instance, helped Liberia to slash its foreign debt. 7th Report, (Session 4): Report on the achievability of the Scottish . banks and other lenders may have insufficient funds to meet the renewable industry's Following publication of the draft Energy Bill by the UK Government, a lack of () Press reference 12/ Offshore wind industry to slash costs by over. You searched for meet and greet - here are the results! | Browse events, artists or teams matching: 'meet and greet' | Ticketmaster United Kingdom.

In"Derrie" was granted its first royal charter as a city and county corporate by James I of England. If they do not call it "Derry" they might at least call it "Londonderry". The use of "Derry" rather than "Londonderry" in their names was proposed by Frank Hugh O'Donnellwho said he thought that "at the time when the London Companies were despairing of retaining their hold upon Derry this Amendment would be accepted by the House.

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The Amendment would be welcomed in the North of Ireland, where the county in question was always spoken of as Derry, and not as Londonderry. Healy then proposed keeping the county name but changing the division names, thus: The name of Derry was given when it was spoken of as a separate division of the county.

I am a member of an organisation known as the Apprentice Boys of Derryand it is proud to have that name.

The Protestants, Unionists and Loyalists who come from that area are happy to call themselves Derrymen. It was a matter that did not provoke excitement and it certainly was not taken as being an offensive remark to say that one was from Derry. Then, in the s, as part of a deliberate campaign by Republicans to loosen the London connection, they emphasised that they had dropped the name London from the name of the city. As a result, the Unionist community emphasised the London part of the name.

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This new district was initially also named Londonderry, and, being based on a city, its council was named "Londonderry City Council". Incouncillor Fergus McAteer of the Irish Independence Party IIP tabled a motion "that this council wishes that the official name of the city be restored to the original and more common name of Derry". On 24 January, junior minister Chris Patten decided to accede to the name change, which was effected by an order coming into effect on 7 May Martin Smyth said, "We are told that the two communities have to live together.

We had a classic illustration of a name that brought the two communities together — Londonderry. But the Government decided to do away with 'London' in the name of the Council. The name was Derry Columbkille for centuries. It was Londonderry for centuries.

Before that it was Derry Calgach [ Their aim was to open a door. Everyone in Northern Ireland knows that the Republican elements in Londonderry city will ignore the name as they have always done. They now have a lever to put up Derry city right across the board. Remit and Terms of reference 4. Details of all those who gave evidence to the Committee can be found in Annexe C. As a central plank of its energy, environmental and economic policies, the Scottish Government has set itself a series of challenging targets for the development of renewable energy technologies by in the electricity, heat and transport sectors.

Our inquiry looked at whether these targets are achievable and, if so, what needs to be done to realise them. We recognise that many of the issues raised in this report will be addressed by this new guidance and we look forward to hearing how some of our recommendations are being tackled through the initiative.

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The Committee supports the Scottish Government in its efforts to develop the renewables industry which will be necessary if the Government is to achieve its generation targets. We set these out below. We note that the interim target for renewable heat has been exceeded. We are fully supportive of ambitious targets, particularly given the importance of heat within overall energy demand.

Swift and decisive action to address this risk, particularly by boosting the penetration of Combined Heat and Power and district heating, is necessary.

The impact on greenhouse gas emission targets 8.

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The Committee heard a range of views on the extent to which renewable energy generation leads to a reduction of greenhouse gas GHG emissions because of the requirement to have thermal generation running at sub-optimal efficiency as a back up to intermittent supply. The Committee asks that the UK Government seeks clarity from the Committee on Climate Change on this issue and confirms that running thermal plant at lower efficiency has been accounted for in its calculations.

The planning system Increasingly high numbers of renewable energy applications are contributing to the pressure on the planning system, particularly in some local authority areas. However, the Committee welcomes the recent measures taken by the Scottish Government to address skills and resource issues in the planning system, which will go some way towards helping, but further improvements would be welcome.

Given the importance of assessing progress at local levels towards the national targets, it is critical that we can establish a baseline and trend data for the numbers of projects either operating, in development or at the planning stage in each of the 32 local authority areas.