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song in meet the spartans

The songs in Meet the Spartans are: I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor D.A.N.C.E. - Justice Tambourine - Eve feat. Swizz Beats Gimme More. Meet the Spartans cast list, listed alphabetically with photos when available. This list of Meet the Spartans actors includes any Meet the Spartans actresses and. Jan 25, Now, less than a month into , we have Meet the Spartans, as a "war- mongering latent homosexual" (an actual lyric in a song used in the.

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From their abs to their costumes or lack thereof and even their battle formations, Spartans skewers the ancient Spartans and brands Leonidas as a "war-mongering latent homosexual" an actual lyric in a song used in the film. But this " is gay" idea was played out by the time had left theaters; the "It's Raining Men" music video parody of that spread online last year did a far better and shorter job of pointing out the obvious than Spartans ever does. It just isn't funny.

There are a couple of chuckle-inducing moments, but for the most part Meet the Spartans is painfully boring. But then that might suggest that the idea of making yet another spoof has merit. Hollywood needs to stop making spoofs. There have been too many of them lately and almost all are terrible.

song in meet the spartans

Inane comedies can be fun when done well, but bad inane comedies are simply embarrassing. You feel pity for the actors making fools of themselves, and flabbergasted that a studio probably passed on making so many other more worthy projects instead. Go tell the Spartans that you're not interested in any more lame, unfunny spoofs by paying to see any other movie this weekend instead.

song in meet the spartans

Returning a king for his inauguration wearing a penguin skin hat, Leonidas sees Margo Carmen Electra erotically dancing and asks her to marry him, to which she responds by giving him the combination to her armor-plated chastity belt.

Years later, Leonidas is training his son when Captain Kevin Sorbo informs him that a Persian messenger has arrived. Accompanied by the Spartan politician Traitoro, the messenger presents Xerxes ' demands for Sparta's submission.

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After growing angry with both the messenger's disrespect and finding him making out with his wife, Leonidas kicks him into a pit. Despite Traitoro's advice that the messenger's guards are now needed to convey the actual message, Leonidas kicks them in as well, along with several other people he simply dislikes, such as Britney Spears Nicole ParkerRyan Seacrestand the American Idol ju dg es.

Resolving to face the PersiansLeonidas visits the prophets and gives them medicines such as Neutrogena as their price for their consultation. They advise him that he should consult the Oracle for any advice. The Oracle, Ugly Bettyreveals that Leonidas will die should he go to war.

song in meet the spartans

After reaching a decision while spending the night with his wife, Leonidas meets the soldiers assembled for his departure to Thermopylaeand finds that only thirteen were accepted in the army due to stringent requirements. Among them are Captain, his son Sonio, and a slightly unfit Spartan named Dilio.

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Once at the Hot Gates, they encounter a deformed Paris Hilton also played by Parkerwho tells Leonidas and the Captain about a secret goat path above the Hot Gates that Xerxes could use to outflank the Spartans. When she asks to be made a Spartan soldier, Leonidas rejects her as unqualified due to her inability to use a spear correctly. Leonidas and his platoon soon face off with Xerxes' messenger and his Immortals, beating them in a dance contest before driving them off a cliff.

Xerxes Ken Davitianimpressed, personally approaches Leonidas and attempts to bribe him with a trip to the Palms Hotel and Casino.

Meet The Spartans - I Will Survive

Leonidas declines, and the Spartans face the Persian army in a " Yo Momma " fight, which the Spartans win, but Dilio has his eyes scratched out and wanders away. Hilton decides to betray the Spartans and reveals the location of the goat path to Xerxes in return for various gifts and for having her deformed hump removed.

song in meet the spartans