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supernatural meet the new boss streaming sub ita

"Meet the New Boss" is the first episode of the paranormal drama television series Supernatural's season 7, and the th overall. The episode was written by. Supernatural: Bloodlines was a proposed American television series, before being focus on clashes between hunters and monsters factions and introduce new characters. "Supernatural Spin-Off Exclusive: Meet the Werewolves, Shifters and "'Supernatural: Bloodlines' boss on monster families, spinoff inspiration, and. Meet the New Boss subtitles - Supernatural.S07EPROPERp. Assuming his new role as God, Castiel sets out to right some of the wrongs in the world.

Meet the New Boss subtitles Bulgarian

Back at Bobby's place, Sam's mental state is very unstable. He has a disturbing dream and wakes in a panic, but when he seeks out Dean and Bobby he overhears them talking about him. Dean wants to believe that Sam is okay, so Sam lets him. Instead of telling him about his problems, Sam updates him on more of Castiel's actions.

As they talk, Dean gets an idea about what can stop Castiel, and they summon Crowley into a devil's trap. They want him to give them a ritual that will allow them to bind Deathsimilar to the way that Lucifer bound Death, and make him kill Castiel.

Once Crowley delivers the ritual, Bobby does some research regarding the necessary components. The one item they'll have to steal is a fulguritea crystallized lightning bolt, and they drive nine hours to the home of an affluent couple that owns one.

Weiss interrupt them mid-heist, and Dean is forced to tie them up and gag them. They are present when Bobby, Dean, and Sam prepare and perform the ritual to bind Death. The ritual is successful, and Death appears, bound.

He thinks that he has been summoned regarding Sam's hallucinations, and Dean looks to Sam, surprised by the news. Death asserts that he can't help Sam there's only "one wall per customer"and Dean tells him instead that they want him to kill Castiel.

Before they can convince him, though, Castiel appears. He threatens to kill them all, but Dean reminds him that Death is under their control. It appears that they are at a stalemate. During their standoff, Death confronts Castiel about his deteriorating state. Castiel's vessel is burning out, similar to an Angel 's vessel, and Death tells him that it is because he absorbed things from Purgatory —things older than souls —that he can't contain.

Long before God created the first angels and men, he created the first beasts: They were locked away in Purgatory because they threatened to tear apart the world, and now these Leviathans are within Castiel.

Death warns that Castiel is just a thin membrane between the old ones and their world. Castiel scoffs at Death's warnings and threatens to kill him, and Death ignores his threats, telling him that he isn't a God. As their bickering escalates, Dean orders Death to kill Castiel, but Castiel breaks the bonds tying Death to their will and then flees. Instead of turning on them, Death declares that Castiel's arrogance is annoying and decides to help them yet again.

He tells Dean that the things Castiel absorbed can be returned to Purgatory: In order to open the door to Purgatory, Death agrees to create another eclipse at 3: They have very little time, and Dean seems to have given up before even trying to talk to Castiel.

Sam, despite the fact that he is suffering hallucinations and nightmares, refuses to give up, and prays to Castiel. Meanwhile, Castiel awakens in a campaign office, covered in blood and horrified that he unconsciously slaughtered everyone in the office. When he hears Sam's prayer, he answers and admits that he needs their help. Dean, Sam, and Bobby take him back to Crowley's old hideout in Kansas. Crowley replies that Castiel will definitely be taking "the lion's share".

He takes it that "Hell is being downsized" and Castiel replies in the affirmative. He says that he "would have done away with it completely but [he] needs to hold a threat over [his] enemies and [they] need to keep Michael and Lucifer in the cage ". Crowley takes him up on his offer, realizing that it is not a "negotiation".

As Crowley turns away to pour another drink, Castiel looks at his hand to find it blistered and instantly leaves with an "I'll be in touch".

Sam is in Bobby's kitchen reading a book when he hears some noises. He looks around but there's no one. He turns his attention back to the book when suddenly pieces of the ceiling fall down just in front of him.

He looks up to see the ceiling cracking and a chain comes down and winds around his neck, yanking him up.


He finds himself hoisted up, flailing as the chain around his neck tightens while he tries to loosen it. His foot makes contact with the large book on the table and it falls down. He looks around to find everything fine and after calming down a little, he calls for Dean and Bobby. In the garage, Dean has finished working on the Impala and he and Bobby look at his handiwork, with Dean remarking that he "should do this professionally" considering the state of the car when it was crashed.

Bobby starts talking about Sam and Dean tells him to "spit it out". Bobby muses how Sam is "even vertical" after all that has happened. Dean says that he hopes Sam is fine. Sam is coming to the garage and as he enters he hears Dean talking about how their lives are all about "hits". He halts there, listening in on them.

Dean says that if "Sam says he's good, he's good". When Bobby asks him if he really believes that, he says yes but then he concedes, saying no. He says it because they "never catch a break" and that he's "not gonna get [his] hopes up just to get kicked in the daddy pills again". That's when Sam declares himself, coming in. They ask him how he's doing and he says he's doing fine. He informs them that "a publishing house literally exploded about an hour ago".

He says that they have to do something, "the body count is really getting up there". They discuss whether they can find a weapon from the "angel arsenal Balthazar stole" but Dean says it's not going to work, still believing Castiel is God.

But that there might be someone who can help them. The three perform a demon summoning ritual to summon Crowley in the basement. He appears in a Devil's Trap they drew on the floor and is exasperated.

He tells them that their "new boss" will be angry when he finds out that they have been "conspiring". Dean gets to the point and tells him that they need a spell to bind Death. He finds it ludicrous but Dean states that "Death is the only player on the board left that has the kind of juice to take Cass".

He's scared of what both Castiel and Death will do to them if they get together and asks "why should [he] help on a suicide mission". Bobby asks him whether he really wants "Cass running the universe" and he looks sheepish. A blind man is sitting on a sidewalk, begging when Castiel passes by, putting a coin in his tin.

When the former thanks him, he tells him that he is a true believer and goes on to tell him how "people say [he] is wrathful. But [he] only punishes liars and those who forsake [him]. Something is inside Castiel Castiel is looking at himself in the mirror, examining his face when he starts hearing the voices again, telling him it's "too late" and to "let [them] out.

However, he firmly says no. A package is delivered to Bobby's house and he opens it to find a parchment from Crowley, containing the spell to bind Death along with a "goodbye forever" note.

He says they have most of the things but they will need a few more things, such as "an act of God crystallized forever". He surmises that a fulgurite - sand hit by lightning, an act of God, at a right angle crystallizing into a perfect shape of itself - should do the trick.

The only blip is that it's rare. However, he has managed to track a bidder with one only nine hours away. They drive over in the newly repaired Impala. Bobby is deactivating the alarm at the house while Sam is looking around when the watchman spots them.

supernatural meet the new boss streaming sub ita

He is promptly disposed by Dean with a blow to the head. All three get in and look around. Dean finds the fulgurite encased in a glass protection box in the study. He hears a gun cocking behind him and turns to find the owner of the house with a firearm pointing at him, with his wife looking over his shoulder.

When Sam and Bobby come in, they find Dean tying the couple - Dr. Weiss - to chairs. Having found the crystal, they start preparing for the ritual.

Once everything in place - fast food for Death at hand as well- Bobby chants the spell given by Crowley. Everything starts shaking and the glass cases shatter, the ceiling cracks, and then as soon as the chant is over, everything stills. Death bound by Dean "Hello Dean appears sheepish and tells him to please hear them out. He offers him "pickled chips, best in the state".

Death snubs it and assumes that they called him about Sam's hallucinations. Both Bobby and Dean are surprised and look at Sam. However, Death merely says that it's "one wall per customer" and demands that he be unbound.

But they tell him that can't do it, "not yet". Dean tells him that "[they] need [him] to kill God. Dean tells him "[they]'re the boss of [him] As long as they have Death bound to them, even if "God pulls the trigger", they can't die. He goes on to comment that "[he] looks awfully like a mutated angel to [him]" and that "[his] vessel 's melting; [he]'s going to explode. However Death is not so sure and he informs Castiel that "there are things much older than souls in Purgatory and [he] gulped those in too.

Death explains to Dean that "long before God created angel and man, he made the first beasts - The Leviathans " and then, he decided to lock them away as he believed they would destroy everything, thus, creating Purgatory. Now that Castiel has swallowed them, "he's the one thin membrane between the old ones and [Dean]'s home. I did a service taking his place.

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Death thanks Castiel as he and Dean look at each other while Death moves to sit down on a chair, taking the fast food bag on the table. A woman - Michelle Walkera senator - is talking to a journalist about how she's "running again to save [her] constituents from the godless policies of her opponent.

He makes to go after her but his path is blocked by a young man, asking him on what grounds he was there.

7.01 Meet the New Boss

Death is still at the house, chomping on the fast food Dean brought him. Sam gestures Dean to talk to him. As Dean clears his throat and starts speaking, Death tells him to "shut up".

He tells Dean that he is "not there to tie [his] shoe every time [he] trips" and asks him since how long he told Dean about the souls so that the latter could "stop that fool". As such, he decides to give Dean another chance.

He tells them to compel Castiel to give up those souls and tells them that everything they need is at the lab. However Bobby points out that the door can only opened during an eclipse and that it's over.

Death calmly tells him that he'll make another, to their surprise. He instructs them to be present at "3: As he wakes up, he sees all the people on the floor, lying dead in their own blood. Dean is at the laptop in Bobby's kitchen with a glass of liquor as Sam walks in, getting ready to hit the road. But Dean refuses saying that "[they] can't bring the horse to water and [they] can't make it drink" so "why fool [them]selves".

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Sam tells him that he knows he thinks Castiel is gone and Dean says he is but Sam perseveres, saying that "he's in there somewhere" but Dean does not agree. As Sam tells Dean that he didn't give up on Sam all the times he "was pretty far gone", Dean is hurt that Sam is still lying to him: They begin to argue and Sam says that he didn't want to add to Dean's problems, considering everything else and that "it's under control. Instead he tells Sam that he's gonna deal with all this by "stuff[ing] [his] piehole, [he]'s gonna drink and [he]'s gonna watch some Asian cartoon porn and act like the world's about to explode because it is.

They see a piece of security footage showing Castiel smiling at the camera before it goes static.

supernatural meet the new boss streaming sub ita

In Bobby's yard, Sam walks among a row of cars until he stops and looks up, praying to Castiel. He begs Castiel to please come to them but doesn't get any answer. Sam walks in on Dean watching porn on the laptop with his glass in his hand. He pours Sam a drink and extends it towards him but Sam tells him to turn it off before. He snaps the laptop shut and Sam sits opposite him.

Just as they clink their glasses and are about to drink, Castiel teleports in, all bloody and leaning against the wall for support. He tells Sam that he heard his call and that he needs help. They are at the lab, with Castiel weak and sitting against a cabinet. He instructs Sam on where to find the jar of blood of a Purgatory monster. He then proceeds to talk to Dean, who is going about preparing for the ritual.