Tf2 meet the medic backwards compatible xbox

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tf2 meet the medic backwards compatible xbox

The player limit is 16 on the Xbox and PlayStation 3. On the PC, in Valve updated Team Fortress 2 to include a server in a limited amount of time to reach a final target that the other team defends. If no one is by the cart, it may move backwards towards the last checkpoint, or roll off uphill sections of the track . That guy's doin' it right Team Fortress 2 Medic, Tf2 Memes, Tf2 Cosplay . Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Engineer Crazy Eyes, Team Fortress 2, Engineering. Meet the RED team. Team Fortress 2 is about a group of average, everyday, working-class mercenaries. It is now also available as a free-to-play (since June 23, ) download on . All nine characters (In the following order: Heavy , Soldier, Engineer, Demoman, Scout, Sniper, Spy, Medic and Pyro) and one delicious.

On PC, however, it made a deal to live a life of liberty, to go out into the world and grow. The game sprouted a community and became popular, spawning update after update after update. Meanwhile, the gnarled, twisted, changed version walks the internet, scaring past friends with his vastly different visage and new free-to-play form. Except, you know, where Dorian Gray had a manky rotten skull face, Team Fortress 2 has new weapons, crates, keys, modes, and — of course — hats.

Valve added hats upon hats upon hats literally, in some casesover the past decade, until the original game feels like a distant memory. Competitive matchmaking is locked behind a paywall — remember that this is now a free-to-play game — but casual matchmaking generally makes getting into a match easy and reliable.

TF2 now straddles the gap between the olden days anything-goes of an earlys server browser and the slicker, smoother, far-less-customisable experience commonplace in modern shooters. For a lot of players who dropped off TF2 after its peak, the biggest change will be the number of new weapons for each class. One devastatingly competent Spy sowed total chaos during one of my games, lining up my entire team and chomping straight through them, using the Your Eternal Reward knife to instantly disguise as his latest victim.

Conceptually, I know how best to stop a Spy, but in the midst of a on firefight, this specific bastard reigned supreme. Machine maps, each of which have a variety of missions.

Player Destruction is a mode introduced in the Invasion update. In this mode, every time a player dies, they drop a beer bottle that can be picked up by any player. If a player is killed while holding one or more bottles, they drop those in addition to the one standard bottle.

The player on each team with the most bottles the first to reach that number if tied becomes "team leader" and acts as a dispenser, but has a number above their head indicating the number of bottles they're carrying that anyone can see, even through walls, making them a target for the enemy team.

Every so often, a control point opens up, and the players have to deliver their bottles to the control point while blocking the other team from doing the same. The first team to a predetermined number of bottles delivered depending on the number of people playing at the start of the round wins. So far there is only one official map: Watergate, where the control point takes the form of a UFO's abduction beam. Robot Destruction is a unique mode currently still in beta, and is limited to one official map.

Each team starts with three tiers of defenseless robots in their base, which must be destroyed for their collectable Power Cores until one team acquires enough.

tf2 meet the medic backwards compatible xbox

However, players also have the power to steal the enemy's points by holding the reactor core spawn area; holding the area for longer means more points will be stolen. This mode, along with its first map Asteroid, debuted as part of the Mann Co.

Beta Maps program, an in-game beta test function. PASS Time is a unique mode. It is a blood sport compared to hockey, basketball, and soccer.

tf2 meet the medic backwards compatible xbox

Conflict takes place over a "jack," a ball-like spike-studded contraption. Carrying the jack replaces the holder's weapons and marks them for death causing them to take more damagebut gives him several helpful boosts, such as health regeneration, brief invulnerability and speed boost, and the ability to see all players on the map.

Jump and boost pads are included to help players reach the other team's goal. All nine characters In the following order: Tropes for specific classes can be found on the Characters page.

Valve have regularily added major content updates for free, including achievements, bot support, custom weapons, maps, and balance changes. The Pyro Update introduced the concept of weapons other than the default, which can now be randomly found after a period of time. They generally act as a situational sidegrade to whatever function the default weapon performs. Spy Update also introduced cosmetics, which drop the same way but at a much lower rate. They don't do anything but look coolthough players like to show off their wealth.

With any new update, players can expect a massive Broken Base. In addition to major updates, Valve regularly adds unannounced user-contributed cosmetics and weapons to the PC version. Ports didn't fare too well for console players: Both Microsoft and Sony at the time viewed new content as DLC, and therefore wanted to charge players real money for updates that are free on the PC version, although nowadays both console provider only charges the developers for updates and charging the player is optionalmeaning their version was last updated in July Able to be used underwater 2.

Able to deal random critical hits Cons- 1. No special attributes The Fire Axe is the basic Pyro melee weapon you spawn with. Its an all-around axe that can deal random criticals and is useful underwater. However, you're better off switching to any other Pyro melee weapon as that's it for the Fire Axe.

Is less effective against Pyros as Pyros cannot be burnt Ohoho, now you're talking. The Axtinguisher is the most used offensive Pyro melee weapon in the game. You light someone on fire, airblast them or not, it doesn't matterpulls out your Axtinguisher and WHAM! This tactic is known as the Puff'n'Sting. This is especially devastating if you use the Degreaser, the fast weapon-switch works in your favor.

The only con is that this method, the Puff n' Sting is limited to only one target. So if you're ambushing an entire group of people from behind, you should be ready to flee once someone spots you. One hit removes enemy sappers from friendly Engy buildings 2. You're more likely to get murdered by a sentry than actually whacking it The Homewrecker was a weapon that was included in a wave of community-made wapons that hit Team Fortress 2 way before the Engy update Or was it after?

It was such a long time ago Like stated, you don't have sentry resistance or at the least; resistance to sentry knockback so by the time you DO reach the sentry, you're a dead Pyro.

In fact, the only point you should ever use the Homewrecker against sentries is against Level 1 and Mini-sentries. The most valuable thing about the Homewrecker is the 'Remove sentries in one hit' part.

Your fellow Engineer requires two hits from his wrench to remove a sapper. You on the other hand, require one, making you an effective Engineer buddy Or Engy pet depending on your view- point. You should choose the Homewrecker only when there's a skilled Spy that is constantly harassing your fellow Engineer teammates, otherwise, stick to the front lines.

Effective against enemy Pyros 4. Can be used effectively underwater 5. Is part of the Gas Jockey's Gear set Cons- 1. No random critical hits 2. Not as useful as the Axtinguisher at least in my eyes 3. Anyways, the Powerjack alone is a pretty solid weapon. It does more damage than the Axe in exchange for random critical hits which are good if you're lucky, but they don't happen everytime. Keep in mind that "75 health restored on kill" does not mean you have to kill them with a Powerjack.

Has Team Fortress 2 been improved by its updates?

Just that the Powerjack has to be pulled out when the victim dies. The way to do this is to burn someone, ramp up the damage then run away and pull out your Powerjack just when you think said person is about to die. Note that the 75 health gained can overheal. For example, you already have health but you kill someone with the Powerjack. You now get overhealed by an extra 75 health, bringing you up to health, the overheal decreasing like all normal overheals of course.

I almost never use this weapon outside of Medieval. It's a solid weapon, but I prefer my Axtinguisher. Is effective against enemy Pyros 5. Can be used underwater effectively Cons - 1. Is not as good as the Axtinguisher at least in my eyes The Back Scratcher was a melee weapon that hit Team Fortress 2 during the Austrailian Christmas update.

Judging from the above stats, you've probably noted that the Back Scratcher is a Powerjack that instead of granting you health via kill, grants you extra health by picking up health packs.

I use the Back Scratcher in tandem on the occasions I play Backburner. I'm a solitary Pyro if I'm equiped with the Backburner, very rarely will I bump into teammates and even rarer that I'd meet with a Medic that might be willing to heal me so I pack the Back Scratcher along. This way, I can have increased health when I pick up health packs and increase my chances of survival. If you're using the Back Scratcher, take note that you do gain health slower by Medics so please kindly alert your Medics that you're equiped with the Back Scratcher.

The Medic has to take longer to heal you back to full health. That time could be better served healing someone else instead of you. And most Medics aren't too happy you didn't tell them you had the Back Scratcher equiped. This weapon is also viable in Medieval although I prefer the Powerjack in Medieval mode.

Please note that the tactics stated below here might not be the best way to deal with them, they are all based on my personal experience therefore feedback is gladly welcomed. They come with the bonus of capturing points and pushing carts faster. If you meet a Scout in close quarters, burn him and try airblasting him into a corner before Axtinguishing him. Smart Scouts would try to weapon heckle you the act of switching to his Scattergun in close ranges, then when you pull out your Flamethrower, he'll retreat beyond FT distance, pull out his pistol, forcing you to use your Shotgun then he'll switch to the Scatter and so on and so forth you're obviously at a disadvantage, in any other case, unless you have teammates to back you up, you should try running away.

The shotgun plays an important part in fighting Scouts, working beyond Flamethrower range to deal with Scouts. If you don't have the Shotgun equiped, you're at a disadvantage when fighting Scouts and you should run away. If the Scout is equiped with the Mad Milk This is surprisingly a very common secondary if they carry the Shortstophe'll have the advantage of quenching himself of afterburn, and if tossed at you, be able to regain health while you fight. If he tosses it at himself, he's fair game since the Mad Milk has only one-use.

The Soldier is a dangerous opponent, well-equiped to adapt to almost every situation. Timing your airblast to reflect their rockets is important and crucial to surprising stupid Soldiers. If the Soldier's half competent, he'll fire a rocket at your feet. Once the rocket starts reaching the height of your knee, you should hit the airblast. Remember, you can't airblast everything.

Learn which ones you are able to dodge and which ones you must reflect. Also, don't get to trigger-happy with the airblast, you're wasting your ammo.

Meet The Blu Medic

Stay in medium distance, if you have the Degreaser, you should be able to fire off your shotgun shells and have time to switch back to the Degreaser and airblast off the rockets. Note that Direct Hit rockets are faster than the default's and the Black Box's.

tf2 meet the medic backwards compatible xbox

If you reflect a Black Box rocket and you successfully hit someone, you can regain 15 health. Once you pull off a couple of neat reflects, the Soldier will most probably wise-up and pull out his Shotgun and hit you. In this case, take advantage and charge forward, strafing all the while 'till you reach burning distance.

Once he sees this, he'll either continue shooting or switch to his rocket launcher and fire a rocket. In this case, prepare to reflect any rockets coming your way. Also note that you should never ever engage any Soldier in combat if they're under the effects of the banners.

An almost exact carbon copy.

The Orange Box Pyro Guide for Xbox by whirlmaster - GameFAQs

Pyro vs Pyro fights tend to turn into shotgun battles as afterburn doesn't affect Pyros. If he's smart, he'll pull out his secondary and fire at you too. In this case, it comes down to who has the most health, who is the better shot and who's luckier. Also note you're at a disadvantage if you have the Flare Gun equiped. His speed is slightly slower than you, matching you in health. His one weakness is the lack of any hitscan weapons like a shotgun so he has basically no reliable way of defending himself in close range apart from his melee therefore Pyros and Scouts WILL tear him apart.

Firstly, you cannot airblast all his grenades. He can fire them faster than you can reflect them. If you're trying to reflect his grenade, fall back while airblasting. If you have the health and he's planted a sticky, jump in front of it. If he detonates it, he'll send you flying directly in front of his face.

You never know if they've a sticky trap placed behind that wall. And watch out for the Ullapool Caber. Demoknight is the Demoman's bastard cousin, the shunned child of the DeGroot family. His parents disowned him after he declared that he had no interest in explosives. The average Demoknight is a pretty easy adversary for the Pyro to handle. Basically, all you have to do is avoid his devastating charge which would move the heavens and earth.

After that, he's easy pickings. If you use the Backburner, circle strafe while burning him, if he tries to advance, backpaddle while burning. If you're out of BB range, shotgun him to death. A dangerous Demoknight, is one who uses his Grenade Launcher.

Not only do you have to deal with his annoying grenades, you'll be forced to fight the swashbuckling not-so-charming knight in not-so-shiny armor. If the Demoknight uses his grenades like a pro, then you're definitely in the disadvantage and should retreat. If he doesn't and just randomly flings them around, avoid his grenades while shooting at him with your secondary.

When you close the distance, rinse and repeat the above. Anyway, how do you fight a Heavy? The simple answer is Well, hate to break it to you but Heavies turn Pyros into Swiss cheese clad in asbestos suits if you face them outright.

They WILL gun you down, they will kill you and they will taunt over your dead corpse. You lapse into a moment of deep thought before shouting,"Puff'n'Sting! Puff'n'Sting just like you taught us! Well, if you ARE thinking that, you probably aren't the most attentive Pyro out there. Two hits to be precise. Now that we've gotten everything clear, you run away from Heavies. Sorry, but that's a fact, you stand almost zero to no chance of fighting a Heavy.

There are only five exceptions in which case you stand a chance against that mountain of a man. When he's nom'ing on his Sandvich. Some very thick-skulled Heavies have not yet discovered the magical ability of tossing a Sandvich on the ground and instantly devouring it M2 by default and instead, hide somwhere and munch on it. He's completely vulnerable while doing so, so torch his sorry ass right away.

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When he has the Fists of Steel out. Just pull out your melee and shove it up his throat. When the Heavy is focused on your teammates. Puff'n'Sting-ing such Heavies is somewhat different.

tf2 meet the medic backwards compatible xbox

Just let off a puff of flame, then switch to Axtinguisher and crit-slam him twice. Some Heavies are renowned for their numbness towards small damage which is understandable if you have health but they WILL notice it if they're flung up in the air. Against unaware, brain-dead Heavies while they're engaged in combat with your teammates.

At a safe range with your Flare Gun equiped. Pop a flare at him to get him roasting, then do it again, and again. He either runs away, or burns to death. Firstly, we'll split this section up in two parts; when you're fighting a lone Engy and when you're fighting an Engy with his sentry. If you're fighting an Engineer all alone who for some reason, is stranded in the middle of the map with his buildings lost, take the free frag.

Be aware though, the Texan is a hard helmet to crack! He stands a pretty good chance of making it alive and with some careful trickery on his part, he could get the better of you! Firstly, you should be familiar with his stock Shotgun, six standard shots with a super long reload. Otherwise, he's got his Frontier Justice.