The apprentice 2014 meet candidates and da

The Apprentice Meet the candidates

the apprentice 2014 meet candidates and da

Given her profession, one might imagine Byrne's experience around entitled children may bode well for her time on The Apprentice. She's not a. The following is a list of candidates from the British reality television series The Apprentice. Raef Bjayou · Jenny Celerier · Nicholas de Lacy-Brown · Sara Dhada · Lucinda Ledgerwood · Jennifer Maguire · Lee McQueen . She ultimately won at the final, on 17 July "The Apprentice, Series 9: Meet the candidates". The Apprentice Meet Lord Sugar's new candidates.

the apprentice 2014 meet candidates and da

MacDuff-Varley claimed that her business had a turnover of 5 million pounds, whereas the actual turnover was 50, MacDuff-Varley was fired in week 11, albeit with regret from Lord Sugar, coming third place in the competition.

Alex Mills[ edit ] Age: Mills volunteered to be project manager a number of times, but was not selected. Eventually, in week 9, Lord Sugar made him project manager, and Mills led the team to a loss leading Lord Sugar to fire Mills.

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Mordaunt had a successful track record, being on the winning team for six consecutive weeks, and only being in the final boardroom twice in the last two weeks, before the interviews stage.

However, Lord Sugar stated that he could not build a business, and fired him in week Monaco" because he lived in Monaco. Natalie Panayi[ edit ] Age: There is no competition if you're already winning. The year-old describes herself as a "hustler" who's worked with people from all walks of life.

Sofiane Khelfa is a senior sales executive for an undisclosed high-end retail store. He says that his ability to forge relationships will shine through in the competition.

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I adapt to anything, anywhere, anytime. Aleksandra King is a business consultancy owner, who can speak seven languages — although one is "cat," so doesn't necessarily qualify. She thinks her "bulldozer" approach will find an affinity with Lord Sugar. Northern Ireland's Grainne McCoy owns a make-up business, runs a bloguploads make-up tutorials on Youtubeand even has a page on IMDB for her roles in make-up design on film productions.

She also became a mother at Alexander the Great admirer Karthik Nagesan is aiming to take charge.

the apprentice 2014 meet candidates and da

The IT consultancy owner says he is the next "billion dollar unicorn," and believes a firm yet polite approach makes him the ultimate "human magnet. Michelle Niziol owns three companies and works up to 17 hours a day. Unable to find a role, he worked as a dustman before founding his own company.

the apprentice 2014 meet candidates and da

He successfully ran an IT Security firm for 8 years before selling the company and establishing a Recruitment company. He sold this company two years later but rejoined it as non-executive director.

The Apprentice 2018: Meet Lord Sugar's new candidates

His aggressive style on the task and relaxed attitude in the boardroom were cited as reasons for his firing. He could have been fired in week seven had Sandeesh brought him in the boardroom. Jamie was fired in week After experience in investment banking, she has recently ventured into property development and project management. In episode 11, Alan Sugar told Stuart Baggs that he was annoyed with himself for firing Liz after being swayed by Baggs' lies in the boardroom.

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This makes Liz the second person the first being Miriam Staley that Sugar has publicly regretted firing after the event. Liz returned in episode 12 to help the finalists with their task, and was selected by Chris Bates to be in his team. Laura Moore[ edit ] Laura Moore is a year-old business development manager from Warwickshirenow living in London.

She appeared in her team's fashion advert in week five and was only brought into the boardroom twice throughout the series. She was fired in week nine, with friend Liz Locke saying that she would be missed. Before appearing on The ApprenticeLaura had been involved in four start-up businesses, and has since been involved in projects to encourage young entrepreneurs. Laura is still involved with various start-ups, whilst also working in fashion, representing The Prince's Trust as an ambassador, and doing motivational and corporate speaking engagements.

the apprentice 2014 meet candidates and da

She has recently joined the committee of Businesswoman of the Year. Joanna Riley[ edit ] Joanna Riley is a year-old cleaning company owner from Leicester.

Meet the 18 brash business men and women hoping to win the UK's 'The Apprentice'

She set up her Midlands -based cleaning company at the age of Her first job was as a hotel waitress, later moving into telecommunications at a call centre before becoming her own boss. She returned in episode 12 to help the finalist with their task, and was selected by Stella English to be in her team. Before firing her, Lord Sugar told her that he wanted her to be proud of what she does for a living.

He fired her, but praised her hard work, telling her to be very proud of herself and she should leave with her head held up high. Riley appeared as a contestant on Pointless Celebrities with fellow ex-Apprentice contestant Stuart Baggs in July Shibby Robati[ edit ] Shahab "Shibby" Robati is a year-old business owner, originally from Leeds now living in London.

the apprentice 2014 meet candidates and da

His first job was as a paper boy at the age of He since turned his hand to business development. He was fired in week three after leading his team to failure in the breadmaking task. Sandeesh Samra[ edit ] Sandeesh Samra is a year-old recruitment consultant from Nottingham. She started her working life as a sales assistant for Toys R Us.