The banana sketch abbott and costello meet

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the banana sketch abbott and costello meet

It's almost certain Abbott and Costello did the sketch in burlesque, as it was a . to work the suitcase gag into the classic Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. .. an all-star benefit where top bananas performed the best bits from various. Abbott and Costello represent the end of life on earth as we know it. There was a finite number of conventional sketches, which all of the acts gotten from watching the Phil Silvers movie Top Banana or the But Universal studios could make a film like Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops. Herd of Cows is a classic example of Abbott and Costello's word play, where Lou mistakes the word "herd" for "heard" Look at that bananas of cows out there.

When he transitioned into performer, Bud worked in shows on the Columbia and Mutual circuits. Lou Costello began in a tiny stock company then graduated to the big time on the Mutual wheel.

When these big circuits crumbled in the early 's, the boys, along with hundreds of other comics, landed in the erratic and fiercely competitive world of stock burlesque. A comic's worth was measured by how he embellished, and freshened up the old material. He put the dialogue into his own words, injected local or topical references, current jokes, or his own idiosyncratic pieces of business.

In this way, a comic built his own version of a routine. It was not unlike jazz in that regard, with each comedian riffing on a basic melody or composition. Another analogy can be found in popular music. Dozens of singers did the same catalog of standards; it was an artist's unique interpretation that made a song a hit, or a singer a star.

Abbott and Costello: The End of an Era – (Travalanche)

As burlesque comics played with older, proven gags, "new" routines also evolved. A series of quick, unconnected gags were organized into a Crazy House scenario. Three or four haunted house gags could be fused to create an entirely new sketch.

On the other hand, a single gag in a long sketch could be fleshed out to become a routine of its own.

At first, Bud and Lou tailored and honed routines to their unique personalities and chemistry.

The Impact

Later, John Grant, an ex-straight man who became their head writer, added more to their repertoire. With this refined material, Bud and Lou in a few short years rose to become the most popular movie stars in the world and the highest paid entertainers in show business.

There were two reasons for the boys' unprecedented success with this material. Even in burlesque, Abbott and Costello did a clean act.

the banana sketch abbott and costello meet

They cleaned up the skits and made them presentable to a wide audience. But, more importantly, they simply performed this material better than anyone else. The proof is that hundreds of comics used the same material for years but never made it out of burlesque. If the routines were good to Bud and Lou, the boys were good to the routines. For more information on the fan club, email Ron at: Bud tells Lou they have to leave town.

Lou starts to pack their suitcase, and Bud has a sudden change of heart. As author Ron Palumbo has said, "I can easily imagine this bit springing up in some vaudeville dressing room out of a real situation. Ina twenty-five-year-old dialect comedian named Solly Ward was doing a similar bit in burlesque and vaudeville. His version featured a husband and wife arguing over a vacation trip to Maine. A critic reviewing a vaudeville show in wrote, "The gem of the evening is a short act in which Solly Ward packs and unpacks a suitcase several times and gives a clever demonstration of the fact that comedy does not need words.

So, there is already a link between the routine and Bud Abbott, and Lou Costello.

  • Abbott and Costello: The End of an Era
  • Herd of Cows

It's almost certain Abbott and Costello did the sketch in burlesque, as it was a perfect showcase for Lou's gift for physical comedy and Bud's verbal skills. Bud once said that he didn't like the term "Straight man" and preferred to be called "a lecturer. Another variation on the routine turned up as a running gag in the film She Married an Artist, in which a maid Helen Westley continually packs and unpacks the luggage of a warring couple.

Abbott and Costello finally got to perform it in front of the cameras in when they filmed Hit the Ice. The boys are holed up in their furnished room replete with the obligatory Murphy bed.

Victims of "circumstantial evidence," the two have been accused of robbing a bank. In the end, Lou indeed catches his prize fish, or does it catch him. Bud routinely interrupts Lou, infuriating him along the way with each interruption. In the end, Bud commits the ultimate comedic sin, causing Lou to collapse in a heap of sorrow and sadness.

Usually involving Lou and a landlord, Lou uses his charm, and wit to convince his landlord of his numerical expertise through several creative ways of using seven, and thirteen to arrive at twenty-eight. Two Tens for a Five In a skit that really utilizes the straight man skill of Bud and the comedic skill of Lou, a slightly more nefarious Bud attempts to scam his naive little buddy out of a couple extra bucks when he convinces Lou to give him two tens for a five.

Not only does Lou feel like something is fishy about the whole scenario, he somehow still owes Bud. It was located on Bagel Street.

As Bud and Lou walk the streets, an unsuspecting Lou attempts to ask a people the exact location of Bagel Street. Unfortunately for Lou, every person he asks had a terrible experience on Bagel Street, and they take out their frustration on both Lou, and the hats.

The Payphone Sketch Perhaps one of their funniest sketches, the skit involves Bud demanding that Lou use the payphone to make a phone call. He was not very partial to that film, but I think if he could come back and see new generations of fans locking onto Abbott and Costello because of the film, he would just glow. My sister Paddy has a lot of memories. I wish I did. View photos The Costello family in Was it strange to see your dad on the big screen?

the banana sketch abbott and costello meet

That guy up there was my dad performing a character. I never equated him with the person sitting there. It was his job; he went to work, came home, and was just Dad. Besides the Little Rascals, what other celebrities did you meet as a child?

Now go out and play. My sister Paddy remembers that we had a film library with a lot of movies, which we would loan out. Movie stars walked into the house, but they were everyday people. My other sister, Carole, remembers a party my parents gave when she was very young, maybe 3 or 4. Veronica Lake was there with Clark Gable, and Carole went into the kitchen.

Abbott & Costello Meet the Creature

There was a turkey cooling off on the counter, and she took a piece of the skin, peeled it off, and started to eat it. Carole Costello passed away in Do you have any good Marilyn Monroe stories? She and Joe and Dad and Mom were young newlyweds together, so she remembered palling around.

Joe had come out to Hollywood with her, and they would always visit the sets, and they were guests in our home. I remember Susan Haywardwho lived up the street from us because I used to play with her kids when I was very young. One time, at our ranch, Bill had come over to show Dad his brand-new car that he had just picked up from the dealership. I had one of these little two-seater Thunderbirds that ran on electricity — it had a big battery in it.

the banana sketch abbott and costello meet

I would tool around the ranch in this thing, and I remember coming along the dirt path and seeing Uncle Bill, and as I got closer to his car, I raised one hand to wave at him and my other hand turned the wheel, and I went crashing into the side of his car!