The bund iii ending relationship

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the bund iii ending relationship

Belfast, and end the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in the UK. .. 3. At the core of the UK's proposal is the establishment by the UK and the EU of a. Which, by the way, won't go much higher than 3%. In Figure 1 we show the history of the Treasury-Bund spread going back to to show. The Bund is a Hong Kong period drama television series first broadcast on TVB in He also builds up a good relationship with Fung King-yiu, a wealthy tycoon . Chow Yun-fat's character had died at the end of The Bund so he did not return for the sequel, The Bund II, except for a brief flashback cameo appearance.

Treasury -Bund Spread Source We don't think it is particularly fruitful to compute Z-values on charts such as these and make reversion bets without understanding what drives these spreads.

the bund iii ending relationship

For one, this assumes a stationary, single-distribution "normal" process while most long-term participants in fixed-income markets understand that a multi-regime view is much more appropriate.

Additionally, having an understanding of fundamentals driving relationships always puts a trade on much better footing than the signal that could be provided by a s statistical model. In particular, it is instructive to zoom in on other periods where the spread has been north of bps and ask what those periods have in common with the current one and then use this analysis to determine whether further widening or mean-reversion is more likely.

For example, the long-term average of this spread series is 80 bps. However, the average for the entire decade was bps. On the other hand, the spread for averaged 31 bps. What made the s different from the period? A couple of obvious factors are shown in Figures 2 and 3. Bloomberg The s had high inflation and budget deficits.

the bund iii ending relationship

So the major questions seem to be: The recent budget and tax-cuts have definitively answered the question on deficits. Therefore, any bet on spread mean reversion or, more accurately, remaining in the lower-spread regime rather than the higher spread regime requires CPI to remain contained.

Bloomberg The much-discussed death of the Phillips Curve seems to be resolving with the understanding that the low unemployment level was one of only several variables that were required for wage growth to resume. Additionally, there was a demographic explanation at work as well - given that a retiring baby boomer replaced with a something results in a net savings in wages spent.

More nuanced statistics, which look at wages controlling for age of worker, show that wage growth is actually alive and well. The fog is considerably thicker than it was in the s because there are new players in town which simply didn't matter back then.

In the s China was a two-bit player in the global economy and no money manager would be parking money in Chinese bonds. Chinese Sovereign Curve vs. Well, if the reason that the two have anything to do with each other is that both are unassailable AAA credits despite what the rating agencies say and reserve currency denominated, then it follows that having a fourth highly rated sovereign which also has a reserve currency must change the fundamental spread dynamic.

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Money that either had to go to Europe or was forced to go to the US if EU yields were too low now have another option we ignore the completely dysfunctional Japanese option with basically zero yield on offer across the board for the purposes of this discussion. Will everyone take this option? Obviously China has to strengthen a bit more for it to be viewed equally to Germany and the US it is already viewed favorably w. JPY based on reserve holdings data.

But the drama in Washington shows that we are doing our best to make that day come sooner, rather than later. Figure 6 shows the exchange rate between the Euro and CNY. The recent period where the dollar has been strengthening against the Euro has also been a period where the CNY strengthened against the Euro.

the bund iii ending relationship

Returning to the Bull-Bear debate we started with, let's summarize our reasoning: The fundamentals are inflation and deficits. Deficits are known and will be growing. Recovery For the first few weeks after the break up I found myself having so much love and no one to give it to. I noticed myself attaching to anyone that gave me an opening. I started acting like an abandoned duckling that was trying to find his momma.

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Luckily, I have great family and friends who collectively gave me the love I needed to move forward. This was the first relationship where I wasn't an asshole that screwed up. In fact, it was the best I've ever been as a significant other, and I feel I did it better than most. I was completely honest, straightforward, caring, compromising, and committed. I learned what a relationship was. I felt like I morphed from a boy into a man. I learned that I'm a whole person. Society perpetuates this myth that we are not complete until we find the piece that fits our puzzle.

the bund iii ending relationship

All our lives we hunt for that feeling, but the entire time the answer to the puzzle is inside of us. All About Me Some people would write about a break up to destroy their ex's credibility.

I'm writing this because it was my first adult relationship and my first adult breakup. Writing this serves as a way to share my self reflection. It's also a brain dump of my memories of us. Sort of like placing the remains of the deceased onto a small raft and pushing it out into the ocean while giving the eulogy. I'm moving forward, and right now I'm completely focused on myself. The only commitment I'll be a part of for the foreseeable future is my relationship with stand-up comedy.

It's not to say that I'm never going to have a relationship again.

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Of course I will. As I said, I have a lot of love to give and when I'm ready I'll open my heart. Till then I don't want a committed relationship affecting my self-progress. Though, I am a human that has needs and I do want some good quality fucking and cuddling every so often without all the strings. I don't care, because right now it's all about me.

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Have you ever had a bad breakup? How about a good breakup? What are your thoughts?