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The approach was applied to the twelve flux sites of the Canadian. tower eddy- covariance measurements across the Canadian Carbon Program Show more authors . Previous studies have analyzed the spatial representa- tiveness of . although very rarely do flux tower sites meet such requirements. While Scott is a master of many forms, “The Canadian Authors Meet” displays scathing satire and blatantly attacks former Canadian poetry. By nature, satires. The Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy (CAPL) is a of Physical Literacy based on theory and factor analyses The Author(s).

Here the presence or absence of young women when young men are being assessed for aggressive tendencies becomes an experimentally-defined, between-subjects factor in any subsequent statistical analyses. In both experimental and classification designs it is understood that task performance might be affected by a number of different participant characteristics, such as their IQ, years of education, etc. It follows that if one could remove the contribution of individual differences on one or more of these characteristics to performance, one could more accurately assess the effects of the main factors of interest in the experiment.

Specifically, entering a covariate such as IQ into the analysis of an experimental design allows the experimenter to remove the contribution of the covariate to performance. This is the reason why a number of statistical textbooks recommend using an ANCOVA in experimental designs to control for the effects of extraneous factors that might influence the dependent measure of interest e.

It is also widely-known and understood that an ANCOVA is based on the assumption that the relationship between the dependent variable and the covariate is linear, and that the slope of the line relating the dependent variable to the covariate does not differ across the different conditions in the experiment.

For this reason, statistical textbooks recommend that the homogeneity of slope assumption be tested before conducting an ANCOVA. However, it is not so widely-known that the validity of an ANCOVA also depends on another assumption that is, by definition, valid for experimentally-defined between-subjects factors, but not necessarily for factors based on the classification of participants into mutually-exclusive groups.

This assumption is that the expected value of the covariate is the same for all of the participants in the experiment. In experimental designs participants are randomly sampled from the same population and randomly assigned to the different levels of the between-subjects factor. Therefore, the expected value of a covariate measure taken on a participant will be the same for the different levels of the between-subjects factor.

Scott believed in poetry that was accessible to the masses and that addressed social issues. The next section of the poem focuses on the issue of gender in modernism. While Scott was writing, the CAA was composed of mostly middle-class, middle-aged women who shared anti-modernist sentiments. Here, Scott uses crude humour to depict the women as old and dried up.

The Canadian Authors Meet by F. R. Scott | Life Of The Poet

The commentary Scott makes is that the women of the CAA are unable to understand modernism, yet they continue to have strong anti-modernist sentiments. The poem quickly switches from gender social issues back to the issue of outdated Canadian poetry. These men are all very influential Canadian poets, who wrote Victorian and Romantic poetry, something to which Scott was opposed.

Roberts, and Duncan Campbell Scott, as they are the four main Confederation poets.

However, there is a comma separating Campbell and Scott, which could mean that the author is referring to William Wilfred Campbell and Frederick George Scott, who is F. It is curious that Scott leaves this ambiguity up to the reader to determine which Scott he is referring to.

Like virgins, these authors lack in exposure and experience. It is ironic that they should speak of love and passion, especially when they are all above sixty. These men are all very influential Canadian poets, who wrote Victorian and Romantic poetry, something to which Scott was opposed. But they are not measured for their literary merits but for their religious faith and charity.

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These are peripheral issues which are non-literary attainments. Scott emphatically criticizes the paraliterary considerations used by these half-baked authors in judging poets and their works.

Scott describes the party which is overflowing with cakes. The sentimental ones melted most early. It is ironic that these poets should feel competent enough to select the Poet Laureate.