The challenge rivals 2 meet cast of dance

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the challenge rivals 2 meet cast of dance

Last night, some of the cast members from Rivals 2 were lucky enough to be able to attend Cara Maria got to meet Chili and T-Boz from TLC!. The talented and qualified ballroom dance instructors of Chicago Dance. Preceded by, Champs vs Stars (season 2) In the multi-week event, ten alumni from The Challenge compete against celebrities. Host: Mike "The Miz" Mizanin, WWE pro wrestler, former The Challenge winner and RW: Back to New York cast member Casper Smart, Dancer, Stars, Inner-City Arts, $30,, Second Place.

The first team to have all their players untangle themselves and connected to their final puzzle wins. Played on a football field in heats, players take turns on offense and defense. On offense, a player must kick a small ball past the yard line while their teammates try to protect them, by blocking defenders with giant blown up balls. Similarly, the players on defense must stop the offensive player from bringing the small ball back into the endzone by knocking them over with the blown up balls.

Louise Jumbo Table Hockey: Contestants play a game of field hockey, however the area they can move around is limited to moving their hockey sticks which are connected to the table. Players must divide their teams: When a player's stack of boxes is knocked over, they drop down to the ground and then may help retrieve balls for their teammates.

The first team to have all the other team's boxes knocked over wins. Partners must dive into an Olympic swimming pool and take turns moving a ring along a series of pipes.

The first team to figure out the puzzle and remove the ring from the pipes and return it outside of the pool wins. Similar to Twisterplayers must hold themselves between two walls with colored pegs. They must move their arms and legs to the corresponding colored peg that is called out. If players stop touching a peg, they are eliminated, and the last player remaining wins for their team.

Similar in style to the "Die Hard" Gulag from Cutthroatteams must move a large crate across a beach, where one player lifts and moves the crate, while the other balances on top of the crate. Once at a certain mark, players must then open up their crate to find letters for a puzzle.

the challenge rivals 2 meet cast of dance

The first players to solve the "Millennial Crossword Puzzle" wins and earn a spot in the final challenge. In the final challenge, the teams participate in four stations. After each station is complete, teams must collect a coin and deposit it to their "Miz Bank" before moving on to the next station.

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Teams must use shuffle sticks to push a tire off an elevated ramp while standing on a balance beam. If a player falls off the balance beam, the team must start over. Teams must use a hoverboard to collect block puzzle pieces. Once all the pieces are collected, teams must then assemble a block wall puzzle with the faces of all the cast members.

Teams must use star poles to move five balls into a bucket. After each ball is deposited, they may then select a food item. Once all balls are deposited in the bucket, the teams may then eat their selected food items.

Teams must unwrap, untie, and unchain several layers around a giant box to complete a slider puzzle inside.

the challenge rivals 2 meet cast of dance

Challenge games[ edit ] Opening Challenge: Half the cast is buried underground in caskets in a graveyard, and their partners have to dig them out. The partners who are above ground have to use walkie-talkies and the voices of their below-ground partners are disguised, so the digging partner is not sure who their partner is until they are unburied.

The buried teammate must instruct their teammate where they are located in the graveyard. The last two teams to dig their partner out are automatically eliminated, while the winning team has to eliminate one additional team.

The competitors' teams are split into two roles: The contestants are harnessed on top of a circular platform suspended in midair. The Pusher must push the Swinger off the platform for them to collect rings hanging in the middle of the platform, which they then must hand back to the Pusher. The team that collects the most rings in the shortest amount of time wins.

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This is a purge challenge where large replicas of steaks with climbing holds, and ropes, are hung over water about 40 feet. Teams must jump from the platform onto the steaks, and from the steaks to ropes, alternating until they get to the other side of the platform. If one of the teammates falls, they are both disqualified and their score only counts how far they made it.

The team that gets both members to the other side the fastest wins, and the team that falls soonest is sent straight to Redemption. Teams must go in rounds finishing an obstacle course on top of a moving train. First, they must cross the balance beam, by using each other to balance and walk across the single beam. Next, they must walk across a tightrope each while balancing on each other, using lifelines to grab onto as well.

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If one teammate falls, they both lose. The team to successfully complete the obstacle course the fastest wins. The paired teams are separated into two large groups randomly.

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The two groups are then put into mine shafts, and must solve 3 puzzles before being able to dig themselves out and race to the finish line. The first paired team to finish within the large team that finishes first, wins. The paired teams are separated into two large teams and must play a game of rugby. The girls may only take girls and guys may only tackle guys on the opposing team. Players must retrieve the ball from their opponents end zone, and fight through an obstacle course in order to return it to their own end zone and score a point.

The first team to score two points wins, and they then select the pair within the team that was the MVP. This challenge is played in two phases. The first phase, one member of the team must be dunked into water by a crane with their arms tied, while the other player controls the crane. Players must move disks from one circle to the other in an allotted amount of time.

The number of disks transferred corresponds to the number of dishes the team is allowed to eat. In the second phase, the player that controlled the crane now must eat as many dishes as possible.

the challenge rivals 2 meet cast of dance

The team that eats the most dishes in 15 minutes wins, while the team that eats the least is purged straight to Redemption.