The haunted mansion 2003 ending a relationship

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the haunted mansion 2003 ending a relationship

Disney's film Haunted Mansion shares with Pirates of the Caribbean the common trait that both films were released in and are both filmic representations of But the similarities end there: Pirates would go on to spawn four . This relationship is not too far away from the teamwork and ambition of. The Haunted Mansion () – (c) Buena Vista Pictures Just before leaving, Sara receives a strange phone call requesting her to visit an old home called Gracey Manor, and . Sara and Jim then rekindle their relationship. End Facebook Pixel Code --> (Or maybe those who'll be purchasing McDonald's tie-in Haunted Mansion relationship initiated during some generally antebellum-looking moment (the.

Michael and Megan encounter a "ghost ball" which leads them to the mansion's attic where they find a portrait of a woman resembling Sara. Sara meets Master Gracey who explains that his ancestor's lover Elizabeth Henshaw seemingly committed suicide via poison, and his ancestor followed suit via hanging.

the haunted mansion 2003 ending a relationship

However, Jim encounters gypsy woman Madame Leotawhose head is encased in a crystal ball. After briefly being scared away, Jim and his children learn that all of the mansion's residents are actually ghosts, cursed to be trapped in the mansion until Master Gracey and Elizabeth's ghosts are reunited, and Master Gracey believes that Sara is his lover reincarnated.

In order to break the curse, Madame Leota sends the Evers family, minus Sara, into the mansion's cemetery and to a mausoleum to fetch a key. Jim and Megan locate the key but awaken all of the mausoleum's undead inhabitants. Thankfully, they escape unharmed, Michael rescuing them and overcoming his fear of spiders. Madame Leota points the Evers to a trunk in the attic, Jim finding an old letter from Elizabeth to Master Gracey with the promise of marriage, revealing that her suicide was false.

Ramsley appears and reveals that he murdered Elizabeth to prevent Master Gracey from abandoning his home and heritage. To hide the truth, he traps the children in a trunk and literally throws Jim out of the mansion.

Master Gracey reveals to Sara his ghostly self, and obsessively believes she is Elizabeth.

the haunted mansion 2003 ending a relationship

Ramsley approaches Sara and blackmails her into marrying Master Gracey for the sake of her children. During the wedding ceremony, Ramsley poisons Sara's drink with iocane powder so that she will die and return as a ghost and end the curse. As he passes each painting mysteriously changes into a different image.

the haunted mansion 2003 ending a relationship

At the end of the hallway are two marble busts that turn and look at him. They instead ask about the woman in the portrait to which Emma responds is a woman named Elizabeth. Emma also mentions something about the kids being involved in whatever is happening in the mansion.


When Ramsley approaches them in the attic, Ezra and Emma have the kids hide from him. She was specifically told to visit the mansion by herself. Leota commands the dark spirits to levitate them in the room, to which the spirits do.

Jim is ultimately chased out of the room by the spirits and he finds Megan and Michael as well as Emma and Ezra who reveal themselves to be ghosts. Leota sends Jim on a mission to find a key down in the mausoleum.

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To quickly get to the mausoleum, Ezra has everybody ride with him on his horse-drawn hearse. Of course, the horse is a ghost just like everybody else. They race through the graveyard where all of the ghosts are active and having a merry time, including three hitchhiking ghosts. He has them stand guard outside while he heads down to look for the key, but Megan goes with him anyway. They find the tomb with a skeleton holding the key, but touching the key brings the skeleton back to life along with other spirits locked in the mausoleum.

Jim and Megan race back to the door and Michael conquers his fear of spiders and is able to unlock it from the outside, allowing his father and sister to escape from the evil spirits.

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They head into the attic and find the trunk. The key unlocks the trunk, and inside of if Jim finds an old letter from Elizabeth. He reveals that it was him who really killed Elizabeth, making her death look like a suicide. Ramsley was concerned that Master Gracey was taking the wrong path with marrying Elizabeth, and doing so would abandon his home and his heritage.

Somehow the murder of Elizabeth and the suicide of Master Gracey created a curse on Gracey Manor, a curse that prevents the spirits from leaving and moving on in the afterlife. If Master Gracey can be reunited with the spirit of Elizabeth then the curse can be broken. He hints that she might be killed so that her ghost can interact with Master Gracey and the curse be lifted.

the haunted mansion 2003 ending a relationship

When Megan and Michael get angry, Ramsley uses his powers to lock them in the trunk. He then tosses Jim through a window and out of the mansion. Ramsley blackmails Sara into marrying Master Gracey with the threat of harming her children. Outside of the mansion, Jim grows depressed when he cannot break into the house to save his wife and children. Madame Leota is also out there and she talks some sense into him.

This works and he rushes inside and discovers his children locked in a trunk.

the haunted mansion 2003 ending a relationship

To get to them he has to first make his way past a dozen medieval statues that suddenly come to life. Jim is able to defeat the statues and rescue his children. Just as Sara is about to drink a cup of poison, Jim rushes into the room and stops the ceremony. When Gracey confronts Jim, Jim tells him the truth that it was Ramsley who really killed Elizabeth and staged it to look like a suicide. He then gives Gracey the old note from Elizabeth as proof of her love to him.

He then summons demons to kill everybody in the room. The fireplace then expands and open, showing an opening to Hell. A fire monster rises from the fireplace and grabs Ramsley.

The Haunted Mansion (2003)

As Ramsley is being hauled away he grabs Jim, and the two of them are hanging on the edge of the fireplace and dangling over the opening to Hell. Ramsley slips free and falls into Hell while Master Gracey helps pull Jim back into the house. After he does so the fireplace changes shape back to its original form.