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The Hunt (Jagten) Movie Review: The hunt never ends around the same time he starts a relationship with one of the staff at the kindergarten. In the end, Vinterberg shows that perceptions, especially bad ones, are hard to. The Hunt (Danish: Jagten) is a Danish mystery drama film directed by Thomas Vinterberg and starring Mads Mikkelsen. The story is set in a small Danish. In The Hunt, Lucas is wrongfully accused of child molestation. . contemporary society, muddying the relations between adults and children.

It's not that false accusations like these don't occur in real life, they do, however the plot becomes more and more detached from reality as the film progresses. This leaves a hollow feeling, since any tension or drama is removed from what could have been a fascinating analysis of the topic. Firstly, there is no doubt in Lukas' innocence for the viewer - it's perfectly clear that he is innocent.

If there had been some doubt, then it would have provided more tension and intrigue. Secondly, the small girl, Klara, repeatedly tells people that she made her story up, however these people all seem to patronisingly suggest that she has blacked the event out. On the basis of these three points I almost stopped watching the movie, since the whole premise it is based around is unbelievable. The injustice suffered by Mads Mikkelsen's central character is so compelling that it may have you shouting at the tv screen in his defence.

It's a brilliantly subtle performance from Mikkelsen and the film is topical and very powerful in its execution. Young, poised, and a little unnerving, she's obviously less able than adults to make judgments, but she's also the one figure, apart from Lucas, who has a sense of what happened or didn't.

Klara tries a couple of times to retract the charge I"I just said something foolish"but once word is out, no adult can backtrack, can imagine an alternative story. These adults include Lucas' new and distinctly beautiful girlfriend, Nadja Alexandra Rapaport. Also an assistant at the kindergarten, she first resists the group pressure created by her and Lucas' mutual colleagues, then succumbs, at least in his eyes, when she asks him to confirm his innocence to her.

His misreading -- if that's what it is -- is not so acute or as consequential as that of his accusers, however. When Marcus arrives on his doorstep, Lucas welcomes the support, but otherwise leaves the boy to manage his own emotional upset, this especially when Lucas is dragged off in handcuffs.

The cascading hysterias here lead to one heavy-handed point after another, coming to a kind of head when Marcus heads off to Klara's house to question her, to make her tell "the truth.

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As they descend on him, the camera pitches from living room sofa to doorway to driveway, as one man after another pushes the boy about, in a bit of madness that ends when one father actually punches Marcus to the ground and they send him off to walk home down the same road Lucas once walked with Klara, bloodied and bruised.

The assault on Marcus is shot in a way that recalls the film's first scene, in which Lucas and Theo and this group of other dads are gathered in the woods, bonding over a deer hunt and other manly activities hiking, drinking, swimming naked. Friends have known each other for years, people know people on a first name basis, many have lived here for generations and Lucas, is just another face in this jolly, close-knit community — mellow, respected and well-liked.

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Immediately you can see that he is kind and caring because Lucas walks young Klara home, and chats with her father, also his best friend, Theo Thomas Bo Larsen. The two men share lasagna while fussing over pet dogs and hunting rifles. You acknowledge that Lucas has earned his place in this neighborhood and relationships are in complete accord.

Then the maiming of his middle-class existence begins. Klara develops a schoolgirl crush on Lucas, and puerile gestures are sensibly rebuffed.

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Nothing unpredictable or startling at this point. You have heard of such awkward incidents before. Soon after she causes harm, Klara attempts to recant the false accusation without success.