The sims 2 castaway stories meet villagers

The Sims Castaway Stories

On the sims castaway stories,on meet the villagers how to do you get Orama to Update 2: I dont know how to get the singing stone for her and its also for mac. Appendices. These are the characters in The Sims: Castaway Stories. Ahio Heimata: One of the villagers at the Village Harbor. He is Rainui's younger brother. For The Sims: Castaway Stories on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Help Me Meet The Villagers PLEASE!!". canada21 10 years ago#2. click on them and you'll see "receive gift" after they give you a gift.

One of the villagers at the Village Harbor. He wants to have a jar of fireflies to use for a light at night.

the sims 2 castaway stories meet villagers

He is Rainui's younger brother and needs a hand in spearing fish. She is Ahio's bossy sister and wants someone to push her on the swing. She has a bad memory and is longing for a Singing Stone from Scavenger Fields.

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She wants the main character to light the trash pit for her. She doesn't know how to play an instrument and wants the main character to play something for her. Solomon Queen[ edit ] Hugh Bailey: A survivor from Solomon Queen. Greedy and manipulative, he takes over Shady Lagoon, the main character's secondary residence, without hesitation.


She seems to have a slight interest in Hugh and is very homesick. She is portrayed as a ditsy and daring young lady. He loves to have fun constantly. If he could, he'd push her off that swing and off to the other side.

You are my friend now. I will do you no harm… unless you ask. I am Akolo Mamanu. Everyone in the village knows my name!

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Here, I would like you to have this. With my looks and popularity the night is never boring. I can see a small part of myself in you. If I had a jar of light, I could gaze at my reflection in the water until sunrise.

You are a true friend. We could make a great team. Empathizing, he walked up. I found this while I was fishing and I would like for you to have it. It is funny how much time we can waste looking in the wrong place for the wrong fish, when all along the right fish may spend a lifetime swimming directly at us, only not to be noticed or caught when it arrives.

the sims 2 castaway stories meet villagers

This is -really- annoying as there's really no reason for it and you're out so often on other lots many of which have leaf piles or hammocks or beds you can sleep init's irritating to have to go home and go the pretty far distance to get to the actual house on each of the lots just to gain a couple points in something. Not that you really -need- the skill points for anything but your job, but I guess it's a fairly easy way to gain food and resources every day but I just don't get the point.

The Sims Castaway Stories -- 15 -- Village People

You have to choose a job to continue the story, so why not just do occasional chance cards without having to have your sim wander off-lot for several hours and just give us a couple more ways to gain resources and food? Also, the hours are in exact times and you have no exact time meter. Constant orangutan neediness - OMG I just gave you a banana two minutes ago, and there's a tree right over there you can get your own!

Buying stuff from the catalog - I know, it's the way the game works, but I'd prefer in story mode having to go to a shop in the village to buy new things. You still have to do it for clothes, why not for objects too?

No castaway type hair - So your clothes are all ripped to shreds and filthy Not one new hairstyle!

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A bit too easy - The tips tell you -everything- you need to do which is sometimes helpful when it's not obvious, and sometimes too much info and while there is a difficulty slider, it doesn't seem to -do- anything. Only one way to play - There really aren't any points where you make choices in the game, besides who to date and I don't think that really makes much difference.

Being able to make some minor choices that wouldn't effect the ending but would change a few things about how you get here would have been nice. Performance - During rain I get -huge- lag just like with Seasons - also near the waterfall in the lagoon. Which is even more annoying when my performance is -otherwise- so nice I just have to sit and wait for rainstorms to end.

General weirdness - Sometimes during conversations where I'm getting the popup dialogs, my sim will be interacting in someone in a -completely- inappropriate way