Wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep video

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wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep video

While they clean the windows of a wool shop, Wallace meets and falls in love Wallace, Shaun and the other sheep rescue Gromit from prison and they hide. Shaun is a small sheep featured of the Wallace and Gromit short A Close Shave. He also stars in the spin-off television series Shaun the Sheep. Shaun first. Shaun the Sheep is a British stop-motion animated television series. The series stars Shaun Shaun the Sheep's first appearance was in Wallace & Gromit's third short . A series of 15 1-minute 3D shorts were released on Nintendo's Video . as meet other characters from the Aardman filmography including Wallace and.

Preston locks Wendolene in the lorry with the captured sheep and drives away. Wallace and Gromit, who have been spying on the scene, give chase on their motorcycle.

A Close Shave The Birth of Shaun the Sheep Wallace and Gromit

The sidecar Gromit rides in separates, rushes down another road and off the edge of a foot cliff. Gromit saves himself by activating the sidecar's ability to turn into an aeroplane, and flies after Wallace's motorbike and the lorry. Their attempts to catch Preston fail, and Wallace instead gets himself trapped in the lorry.

The captives are transported to Preston's factory, where Preston has used the stolen blueprints to build a giant replica of the Knit-o-Matic machine. The captives are loaded into the wash basin, with Shaun escaping, and Preston pulls out the nozzle to suck them into the shearing machine. As they fight against the suction, Shaun activates some neon signs, revealing the factory's location to Gromit, who then flies in and attacks Preston with the porridge gun.

Shaun then pulls the nozzle away to suck Preston into the Knit-o-Matic, which Gromit programs to give a "Close Shave". Wendolene reveals that Preston is a malfunctioning "cyber dog" built by her father, that has "turned out evil". Preston breaks out of the machine with his fake fur ripped off, revealing his robotic form. Unable to see after being dressed in a jumper knitted out of his fake fur, Preston accidentally loads himself and Gromit onto the conveyor belt of his "Mutton-o-Matic" mincing machine.

wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep video

He thus routinely causes trouble for Shaun and the flock, as also seen in "Shaun the Farmer" and "Saturday Night Shaun". The Bull is belligerent, powerful, and easily provoked by Shaun's antics and the colour red. The Ducks make frequent appearances. In the first series, a single duck suffers collateral damage due to Shaun's exploits in "Off the Baa!

Sometimes he is seen with his lady friends. In series two there are two ducks; in series three, they have once again been replaced with a single, pure white duck.

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They are green and have one large eye on the top of the head. Despite their clearly advanced scientific technology—which frequently causes trouble for the farm animals—they exhibit human-like behaviour and generally jovial personalities.

The Granny is a short-tempered, short-sighted old lady, appearing in "Takeaway" and "Save the Tree". She also appears in "Two's Company", holding a cart and "The Big Chase", forcing the pigs to give her a lift in their car.

She is renowned for hitting people or animals with her handbag when they annoy her by mistake. The Pizza Delivery Boy is a young man who rides a moped which Bitzer often "borrows" to chase after the sheep and works in the local pizzeria.

wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep video

He also works as a postman in "Saturday Night Shaun". The Farmer's Girlfriend appears for the first time in Series 2. She appears to be adventurous and an animal lover, patting Bitzer and Shaun and offering food to Timmy.

  • A Close Shave

She appears to be a fan of horses and causes irritation to Shaun, Bitzer and the flock. The Farmer's Niece is also a spoiled brat, as she screams and wails every time things don't go her way.

A Close Shave The Birth of Shaun the Sheep Wallace and Gromit - Dailymotion Video

She is also one of the few humans who know what the flock are up to. List of Shaun the Sheep episodes The first two series consisted of 40 seven-minute episodes each, and the third 20 episodes.

Shaun receives his finishing touches. Jonathon Williams All this is about to change — is set to be his watershed year in Britain, starting with a feature-length film, opening next month, called Shaun the Sheep Movie. A DVD of the film will follow. And we have a whole range of merchandising around the event, with 15 companies involved already.

wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep video

But the truth is, everything has just aligned itself really well. StudioCanal Shaun's Star man The rise and rise of Shaun the Sheep may look like Aardman undergoing a changing of the guard, after decades of fame and success spearheaded by Wallace and Gromit. To the outside world, since Peter Lord and David Sproxton founded the company in and hired Nick Park nine years later, this trio have been the public human faces behind its inspired animation output. A decade ago Richard Starzak started to see the potential for Shaun, and devised and directed the TV series that finally launched his career.

How Shaun the Sheep became a global phenomenon: behind the scenes at Aardman

A reserved man who does not waste his words, Starzak is a legend within Aardman. Metal 'joints' help with subtle manipulations of the figures' movements.

wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep video

Jonathon Williams Starzak and Burton devised a story that takes Shaun and his pals into a big city. It begins with Shaun feeling irritated with his humdrum life and being constantly bossed around by the farmer. There is also a pantomime horse, an appealing orphan girl and a food fight.

wallace and gromit meet shaun the sheep video

But can the film attract audiences beyond the very young?