Wanna meet the scruffs review

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wanna meet the scruffs review

Thirty years after their revered power pop debut, Wanna Meet the Scruffs?, the Scruffs return with an admirable, adventurous effort worthy of. Wanna Meet the Scruffs (CD) / Recorded by: Scruffs ; ; Pop / Rock, Music. you know when it becomes available. Details; Customer Reviews . Wanna Meet the Scruffs? CD. More by Scruffs. Bonus Tracks. 5 out of 5 stars 1 Customer Review when this product is available. See our policy statement.

During the late s, Burns moved for a time to Glasgow, Scotlandwhere he hooked up with local musicians to release Love, The Scruffs and Swingin' Singles.

wanna meet the scruffs review

Although now principally living back in the United States, he continues to work in, variously, Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as Memphis. This has resulted in several further releases five in all by The Scruffs from around the turn of the millennium right up to datemany of which have received favourable reviews.

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Many of these more recent releases have been heavily influenced by Scottish-based if not exclusively Scottish born musicians. Ina new Scruffs album, was released entitled Pop Manifesto, which received many favourable reviews. Following this, inthe Scruffs reconvened, first in Glasgow and later in Memphis, to record a new album, called "Conquest. Encouraged by this, The Scruffs reconvened in Edinburgh, Scotland in early to commence rehearsals for their forthcoming release "Kill!

The release date is to be confirmed as at February Other groups An Australian rock group with a similar power pop and jangle pop based style also used the name The Scruffs.

wanna meet the scruffs review

They released some material in the mids, later made available by Not Lame Recordsbefore folding. Though " Wanna' Meet the Scruffs? If anything, the album is as close in sound and spirit to the band's British punk contemporaries the Buzzcocks -- another band playing mid-Sixties Beatles-style songs with more agitated, sugar-rush tempos -- as it is to Big Star.

Wanna Meet the Scruffs?

Burns acknowledges this connection to the punk scene. So we were very aware of all that," he says.

wanna meet the scruffs review

And I was a big Nick Lowe fan. Everything [we did] was faster, but with the melodies on top. We knew we were speeding up [that Big Star sound], in some cases making it angrier and harder.

The Scruffs - "Break the Ice" - 1977

But at the bottom the songs and melodies are what people like about it. But it is different from Big Star. We get the comparisons because we were both Anglo-pop-type bands from Memphis, which was unheard of at the time. But what may have sounded a little too extreme to some local listeners at the time sounds almost classic now: What " Wanna' Meet the Scruffs? It's a sound that, like Big Star's, has won its share of younger converts, something Burns found out when he traveled with Big Star founder Alex Chilton to Glasgow, Scotland, at the turn of the decade.