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watch meet the fockers 1 channel

Read Common Sense Media's Meet the Parents review, age rating, and parents guide. on DVD/Streaming · Best Movie Lists · Movie Reviews · Best TV Lists · TV Reviews · YouTube Channel Reviews . Watch or buy . I was OK watching this with my 13 year old daughter as suggested by this site, except for one scene. Read Common Sense Media's Meet the Fockers review, age rating, and Watch or buy Parents need to know that in the pursuit of laughs, Meet the Fockers. Meet The Parents is a brand new dating series hosted by Holly 1 of 8. Transmission (TX). Sat 15 Oct TX Confirmed: Yes Channel.

Meet the Fockers

Greg's over-exuberance in water volleyball results in an injury to his girlfriend's sister, bloodying her nose and giving her a swollen-shut black eye. While trying to catch Jack's escaped cat, Greg starts a fire, causing destruction to the site where his girlfriend's sister's wedding was to be held. An overflowed septic tank's seepage into the yard results in a truck getting stuck and spraying fecal matter on the characters with its tires.

Jack and Greg engage in reckless high-speed driving in one scene.

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Sex After Greg loses his suitcase by the airline, he is given the wrong suitcase; Jack pries it open and discovers a variety of sex toys. While trying to initiate sex, Greg uses a pet name for his penis as he begins to fondle the breasts of his girlfriend.

watch meet the fockers 1 channel

Greg inadvertently positions a nanny-cam so it's looking up the skirt of his girlfriend's mother. An ex-boyfriend of Greg's girlfriend tells him how she's a "tomcat.

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Frequent profanity, including "bitch," "s--t," "for Christ's sake. Thinking it's Greg, Jack starts making offhand references to different types of marijuana and makes a reference to quaaludes. Greg smokes cigarettes and tries to hide it.

watch meet the fockers 1 channel

There are breast-feeding jokes, "boob" jokes, poop jokes, fart jokes, and jokes and conversations about vasectomies, virginity, masturbation, circumcisions, and more.

Language includes multiple uses of "s--t" in various forms, plus "ass," "crap," "hell," etc. A baby repeatedly says "asshole" his first word. Some typical lines are: A former CIA agent administers sodium pentathol truth serum to an unsuspecting victim.

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What parents need to know Parents need to know that in the pursuit of laughs, Meet the Fockers stretches the PG rating in terms of subject matter and language.

There are frequent, vivid discussions about and references to: Language is coarse throughout, with mild swearing "s--t,""asshole," "crap," "bastard"toilet humor literally and figurativelyand constant talk of body parts and bodily functions breasts, farts, poop, breast-feeding, virginity, climax, and more.

The family name -- Focker -- is the source of an unending volley of puns and innuendo. In addition, the comedy tries hard to be both politically incorrect and to exaggerate all manner of stereotypes ethnic, occupational, gender-based ; it succeeds in these efforts. Stay up to date on new reviews.