When did lewis and clark meet the nez perce indians

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when did lewis and clark meet the nez perce indians

A sketch of two white men and a dog meeting three Nez Perce males. Lewis and Clark met the Nez Perce in September of They saved. for the Lewis and Clark Expedition · The Lewis and Clark Expedition Meets Medical and The Indians discovering Lewis and Clark by Charles Marion Russell. The Nez Perce, who considered killing the strangers when they first staggered I called to them that I would shoot them if they did not give me my horse and. Lewis and Clark navigation, Nez Perce Indians Twisted Hair and other chiefs met for council with Clark and with Meriwether Lewis, who had by then arrived.

Fortunately, the Nez Perce had their own reasons for wanting to forge a friendship with the Americans. Once that was settled, a round of trading began. Lewis and Clark needed horses and guides in order to recross the mountains, and the Indians more or less cleaned them out of their remaining trade goods.

Beads might have cut it for dried salmon and camas bread, but for valuable horses and services the Nez Perce wanted knives, kettles, blankets, and metal tools.

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Because of the lingering snow in the mountains, the Corps stayed among the Nez Perce from early May to late June, plenty of time for visiting, music and dancing, and romance. Nez Perce sweat lodge. Even more important for both trade and goodwill were the services of one Dr. Back in the fall, the fatherly Clark had taken an interest in the eye problems probably caused by a dietary deficiency and other maladies common among the Nez Perce.

when did lewis and clark meet the nez perce indians

Just as the Corps had dreamed all winter about the Nez Perce ladies, apparently the Indians had dreamed all winter about the red-headed medicine man. Clark even performed surgery on a severe abscess and spent days treating the mysterious paralysis of an elderly chief.


For decades the Nez Perce would recall how Clark nursed the old man from the expedition medicine kit, fed him broth, and administered sweatbaths. By the time the Corps had to leave, the old man had regained the use of his arms and hands and had sensation again in his legs and toes. The first white men of your people who came to our country were named Lewis and Clark. They brought many things which our people had never seen. It was a real corroborative effort because we came up with a good piece of work.

The initial meeting between the tribe and the expedition could have gone either way but ended friendly. Do you think it would have been different if the warriors had been there rather than warring with the Shoshones? I think it would have been a little different. There would have been more debate about should we kill them or not. A map we found showed an ambush site at Weippe.

Lewis and Clark

They had things we needed and wanted. It would make our lives easier. What would happen if we killed them all? We knew that east of the Mississippi there were tens upon tens of thousands of these same kinds of creatures. Twisted Hair told them which tree to select. Many of the tribal people stepped in and showed them the correct way to do a dugout canoe out of ponderosa pine.

Old Chief Looking Glass and several of his friends rode down the riverbank ahead of them most of the way, stopping at villages and telling them these guys are coming.

Lewis and Clark Through Nez Perce Eyes

I would say so! The Indians offered food and valuable advice about geography.

when did lewis and clark meet the nez perce indians

The Nez Percewho considered killing the strangers when they first staggered out of the mountains, provided aid at a time when their help was critical to the survival of the expedition members. For payment, Clark obtained two horses. However, encounters with Native Americans were not always favorable.

when did lewis and clark meet the nez perce indians

Lewis, in a political blunder, informed a band of Blackfeet warriors that Americans would give guns to Blackfeet enemies who agreed to a comprehensive peace plan. Under the cover of darkness, the infuriated Blackfeet warriors attempted to steal guns from the expedition.

Fields as he seized his gun stabed the indian to the heart with his knife the fellow ran about 15 steps and fell dead. I called to them … that I would shoot them if they did not give me my horse and raised my gun, one of them jumped behind a rock and spoke to the other who turned around and stoped at the distance of 30 steps from me and I shot him through the belly, he fell to his knees and on his wright elbow from which position he partly raised himself up and fired at me, and turning himself about crawled in behind a rock which was a few feet from him.

What are the acute diseases of the Indians? Is the bilious fever attended with a black vomit. Is Goiture, apoplexy, palsy, Epilepsy, madness…ven. Disease known among them?

when did lewis and clark meet the nez perce indians

What is their state of life as to longevity? At what age do the women begin and cease to menstruate? At what age do they marry?

when did lewis and clark meet the nez perce indians

How long do they suckle the Children? What is the provision of their Childrn.