When does the tennessee general assembly meet

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when does the tennessee general assembly meet

Meeting place. Tennessee state omarcafini.info Tennessee State Capitol, Nashville. Website. omarcafini.info The Tennessee General Assembly (TNGA) is the state legislature of the U.S. state of. The Tennessee General Assembly meets in Nashville each year beginning at noon on the second Tuesday of January. Each General Assembly meets The Tennessee House of Representatives is the lower house of the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee and meets in the state capitol of Nashville.

Membership in the legislature is best regarded as being a full-time job during the session and a part-time job the rest of the year due to committee meetings and hearings for which legislators are reimbursed their expenses and receive a mileage allowance. A few members are on enough committees to make something of a living from being legislators; most are independent businesspeople and attorneysalthough the latter group is perhaps no longer the absolute majority of members that it at one time comprised.

when does the tennessee general assembly meet

In keeping with Tennessee's agricultural roots, some senators and representatives are farmers. Lobbyists are not allowed to share meals with legislators on an individual basis, but they are not forbidden from inviting the entire legislature or selected groups to events honoring them, which has become a primary means of lobbying.

Members are also forbidden from holding campaign fundraising events for themselves during the time they are actually in session.

when does the tennessee general assembly meet

Leadership[ edit ] Each house sets its own rules and elects its own speaker ; the Speaker of the Senate carries the additional title and office of Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee. For over three decades, both speakers were from West Tennessee ; this caused considerable resentment in the eastern two-thirds of the state.

Wildera Democrat. Wilder was re-elected to the position even after Tennessee Republicans re-took the State Senate in the election. Layout of districts[ edit ] The General Assembly districts of both houses are supposed to be reapportioned based on population as determined by the U.

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This was not done between andresulting in the United States Supreme Court decision in Baker v. Afterwards, there were other lawsuits, including one which resulted in an order for the body to create a black - majority district in West Tennessee for the House in the late s.

when does the tennessee general assembly meet

Legislation[ edit ] The General Assembly is recognized by the state constitution as the supreme legislative authority of the state. It is the General Assembly's responsibility to pass a budget for the functioning of the state government. The General Assembly convenes on the second Tuesday in January of each odd-numbered year for an organizational session of not more than 15 calendar days. Thereafter, the General Assembly sets the date for convening the regular session.

when does the tennessee general assembly meet

The Constitution provides that the legislature can meet 90 legislative days in regular session over the two-year assembly period.

When the Legislature initially convenes, the first order of business is the swearing in of the members-elect. The two bodies meet in their respective chambers and the members take an oath of office swearing to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Tennessee and to perform their official duties impartially without favor or prejudice and to always to protect the rights of the people.

when does the tennessee general assembly meet

Each body adopts its rules of procedure to be followed for the next two years. The rules provide for orderly proceedings and determine how the Senate and House will conduct business. Frequently, a legislator will move to "suspend the rules" to speed the flow of business, but at least two-thirds of the members must agree to the suspension. The membership of each body then elects a presiding officer or speaker for a two-year term the lifetime of each separate General Assembly who holds that office until a successor is chosen at the initial convening of the next General Assembly.

No limit is placed on the number of times a member may retain the office of Speaker. The Speaker also appoints the officers of each standing committee and the membership of the standing committees.

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Once all organizational business is completed, the General Assembly then convenes in regular session and begins to act on legislation.

In general, the functions of the Legislature are to enact, amend, and repeal the laws of Tennessee. Some of the specific powers granted to the General Assembly by the state Constitution include: A quorum of two-thirds of all the members to which a house is entitled is required to transact any business; a smaller number can only adjourn from day to day and may compel the attendance of absent members. Legislative proposals can originate in either the Senate or House in the form of bills, resolutions and joint resolutions.

A bill is a proposed law and may be either general or local.

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A general bill has a statewide impact, and a local bill affects only a particular county or town named in the bill. This local bill is sometimes referred to as "enabling legislation. For a new law to be made, it must be considered and passed on three separate days considerations by both the House and Senate.

After second consideration, general bills are referred to committee for review. That is where most of the work is done in determining if the bill should be modified, amended, or not reported out of the committee. Bills which the committees do approve are sent on through the system so that eventually they may be voted on by the full house for the third and final time.