Where do the senate meet

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where do the senate meet

When and where do the members of the United States Congress meet to do their Both the Senate and House of Representatives meet in separate, large. Meeting added on 01/04/ at pm. Scheduled for Live Broadcast on 01/ 04/ at pm. pm -- State House, Senate Chamber -- Senate. A Joint Meeting takes place when the House and Senate agree to recess and meet with The Constitution states that the President will “give to the Congress.

The Senate not the judiciary is the sole judge of a senator's qualifications. During its early years, however, the Senate did not closely scrutinize the qualifications of its members. As a result, three senators who failed to meet the age requirement were nevertheless admitted to the Senate: Such an occurrence, however, has not been repeated since. In NovemberJoe Biden was elected to the Senate at the age of 29, but he reached his 30th birthday before the swearing-in ceremony for incoming senators in January The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution disqualifies from the Senate any federal or state officers who had taken the requisite oath to support the Constitution, but later engaged in rebellion or aided the enemies of the United States.

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This provision, which came into force soon after the end of the Civil War, was intended to prevent those who had sided with the Confederacy from serving. That Amendment, however, also provides a method to remove that disqualification: Elections and term[ edit ] Originally, senators were selected by the state legislaturesnot by popular elections. By the early years of the 20th century, the legislatures of as many as 29 states had provided for popular election of senators by referendums.

Term[ edit ] Senators serve terms of six years each; the terms are staggered so that approximately one-third of the seats are up for election every two years.

United States Senate chamber

This was achieved by dividing the senators of the 1st Congress into thirds called classeswhere the terms of one-third expired after two years, the terms of another third expired after four, and the terms of the last third expired after six years.

This arrangement was also followed after the admission of new states into the union. The staggering of terms has been arranged such that both seats from a given state are not contested in the same general election, except when a mid-term vacancy is being filled. This means a person can be a Senator for as long as they keep getting elected. Who can become a Senator?

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The requirements for being a Senator are described in Article I of the Constitution: The Senate meets in the Senate Chamber in the north wing of the U.

Each Senator has an individual desk. The desks are arranged in a large semicircle with the leaders sitting in the center of the circle. There is a visitor's gallery that overlooks the chamber. The Vice-President only votes on new laws in the case of a tie in the Senate.

President pro tempore - The Senate elects the President pro tempore who presides over the Senate when the Vice-President doesn't attend. Today, the Vice-President seldom presides over the Senate.

where do the senate meet

Majority Leader - The Majority Leader is elected by the political party with the most Senators today this is the Democrats or Republicans. The majority leader has significant powers in the Senate including setting the agenda and scheduling debates and votes.

where do the senate meet

Minority Leader - The Minority Leader is elected by the political party with the second most Senators. Whips - Each party also has an assistant leader called the party whip. Leadership of the "Upper House" is vested in the President pro Temporewho is chosen by his or her fellow Senators. When does the Senate generally meet for Floor Session? The Senate usually meets on Mondays and Thursdays. This is subject to change.

where do the senate meet

Please visit our online Senate Events to see the schedule. Yes, the public can watch a live Floor Session from the Senate gallery.

Can the public testify before a Senate committee?

where do the senate meet

Contact the committee you would like to testify in front of, or visit our Committees webpage for more information. What is the Daily File? The Senate Daily File is the agenda for all Senate business for each legislative day. Agendas for policy committee meetings along with what measures are eligible for floor actions are listed. Also, included are policy committee memberships, number of measures introduced, deadlines and a session schedule.

where do the senate meet

What is the Senate Daily Summary?