2007 march meet

March — Oelwein Public Library

2007 march meet

Brett Harris swept the stout Top Fuel field making him the other half of the first father and son combo to win the March Meet in its 49 year history. OF EWENW; FEBRUARY March , Lake County Fairgrounds, Eustis, FL. Swap Meet of Motorcycles and motorcycle parts that are 35 years old and. /em March 18th Nor-Cal Cycle & Hi-Performance Car Swap Meet, Motorcycles, New, used or vintage, race, antique. Also, motorcycles, bicycles, cars, trucks.

Macken will request a response from Larson Construction that they will cover the cost for repairs. When the one-year anniversary of the new building arrives, a final walk through of the building will be conducted.

2007 march meet

The board would like to have someone knowledgeable in building construction represent the library during the final walk-through. The board would like to express their appreciation to the city employees who did an impressive job in helping to solve the problem.

2007 march meet

Frazer will pick up the two rugs for the reading room. Rug pads will be purchased locally. The safety screen for the fireplace is supposed to arrive the first week in March. Leo reported that Connie Kerns will frame the Seuss lithographs. Greenery will be purchased to accent the Lion King figures. Frazer will ask Furniture Showcase for a catalog of canvass art. Peik showed the Norman Rockwell art for the meeting room.

Framing will be chosen by Frazer, Leo, and Ridihalgh. Artwork for the niches will be purchased from memorial money in honor of Jim Elliott. The signage bid from ASI was reviewed.

March Meet

Mary Jo Snitker and Don Frazer met to review the donor board. They checked for proper spelling of names and checked that each name was in the proper category and included in the proper category.

They have requested one more paper copy from ASI and Frazer will be contacting one donor that has not made payment. As the donor board is engraved, individual mistakes can not be changed. Leo moved that all of the signage from ASI, with the exception of the table tents, be purchased.

Leo made a motion to purchase the table tents from Demco. When the trees come into leaf this spring, a thank you will be placed in the paper for Erdelt for his donation of trees and help with the initial planning of the landscape. He will be added to the list of people to note at the Grand Opening. There is a large coffee stain on the meeting room rug by the counter top. As it is likely that this problem and other spills could occur frequently, the board decided to replace the carpet in front of the countertop with a row of the left-over tile.

Macken will get a bid from Walker and Conerd for laying the tile and for 3 10 X 13 rug pads. They also set up a phone line in the meeting room. Long distance calls are blocked. As the phone jack is located in an unhandy place, Macken will ask Schmitt if there is a portable phone available that does not require a jack but works from a base phone.

Furniture Showcase will be making the window treatment with black-out lining for the meeting room. After the fabric is chosen, they will take approximately six weeks to make.

Furniture Showcase would like to donate a flag picture to the library. We will wait until after the snow has melted to see if anymore covers have been broken. Final Long Range Plan goals were reviewed.

Leo moved to accept the goals. Peik and Macken attended the Hazelton City Council meeting on February 21, to present the annual report and request an updated contract.

Issue 73 Cold Fusion Debate Reignited During March Meeting Madness

The board has received no response from Hazelton. Peik will call the Hazelton City Clerk for an update and notify them that we will be sending a proposed contract which is to be drawn up by the Oelwein City Attorney. Cities without libraries are required to arrange for library services. Peik will be attending the Stanley City Council meeting March 12, about re-negotiating their contract with Oelwein Public Library.

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This increase affects our pages and some of our assistant librarians. Macken submitted 3 salary proposals for the board to consider. Dawson, Chair of the Cultural Education Committee, submitted the following written report: She reported on the status of each item in the legislative one-house bills. Both have included the Museum Education Act in their advocacy literature. About people visited the exhibit, some waiting up to hours in line.

Gallery Renewal A preliminary meeting was held with Gallagher and Associates to begin the development of a coherent master plan for the two new galleries. Gallagher and Associates will also kick off the formal planning process of the Natural History Gallery at the end of March. The Empire State and the Making of America" has been sent to more than 25 historians for peer review. OCE staff will meet with Dr. Jackson and a team of NY Historians to consider the peer reviews and revise the foundation document as necessary.

OGS is publicly advertising the specifications for property. Regent Dawson requested that the Regents receive a copy of the property specifications for the new facility.

March 31 Annual General Meet – omarcafini.info

The event is open to teachers, school administrators, school board members, students, parents, and others from the world of business and policy that support education.

Speakers include Tim Russert, U. The plan describes specific evaluation measures that will enable accurate evaluation of the success of the program and ensure effective use of LSTA funds and other resources. Regent Dawson noted that this discussion precedes the voting scheduled for May. Public Television, Public Libraries, and Early Literacy Your Committee heard presentations from two guest speakers whose work focuses on early childhood literacy. He also thanked all OCE staff who backfilled and provided support to ensure a smooth transition.

In its capacity as Trustees, Board members are responsible to the citizens of New York for the collections in the Museum, Library and Archives.

2007 march meet

Because the Board is appointed by the legislature, it is in a strong position to advocate for the three institutions. Regent Dawson requested that the Committee members consider items related to stewardship for the month calendar. To date that includes: Gallery Renewal Cliff Siegfried reported that preliminary talks with Gallagher and Associates spelled out certain requirements: There was discussion about the efficacy of keeping the Museum open during renovations, resulting in agreement that the facility would remain open.

Collection Storage and Research Facility Chris Ward reported that the proposed Executive budget includes sixty million in capital bonded dollars for the facility.

Funds cannot be expended until the CE Trust Board is in place and the budget passed. In the interim, however, staff are moving ahead on planning activities. George Webb reported on work with OGS to identify and select property for the facility. He also noted the possibility of expanding the existing Records Center at the State Campus. Further discussion of this issue will be taken up at the June Trustee meeting.

2007 March Meet, Top Fuel Jim Murphy

Stewardship in Contemporary Information Environments Loretta Ebert and Kathleen Roe discussed how the concept of stewardship is changing with technology. They noted that a very sophisticated computer infrastructure will be needed to manage the growing body of digital information and this has significant resource implications for OCE.

2007 march meet

Regent Dawson suggested we keep this item on the agenda for the future.