5 brothers meet baby sister club

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5 brothers meet baby sister club

Youth programs are a perfect way to help young children through mentorship. The Baby-Sitters Club (also known as BSC) is a series of novels written by Ann M . Martin and . Club position: Alternate Officer #, #, #, & #88; Treasurer In Hello, Mallory, Mallory meets Jessi, and they instantly bond and form their Logan lives with his parents, younger sister Kerry, and younger brother. Claudia "Claud" Lynn Kishi is vice president of The Baby Sitter's Club, Since some clients forget when the meeting times are and call during times when they' re not . Stacey moved from New York and the five main babysitters in the club are.

The idea for "The Baby-Sitters Club" came to Kristy when her mother was having trouble finding a babysitter for her younger brother, David Michael.

She felt sorry for David Michael, as well as her mother. Kristy formed the club with herself, Claudia, her best friend Mary Anne, and Stacey as founding members.

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Kristy usually wears jeans and a T-shirt in the winter, a turtleneck and, if needed, a sweatersneakers, and sometimes a baseball cap with a collie on it, in memory of the family dog, Louie, who was put to sleep in Kristy and the Snobs.

She loves sports and coaches a softball team for small children called Kristy's Krushers, which includes many of the club's sitting charges. Kristy comes from a large family, composed of her mother, Elizabeth, her stepfather, Watson Brewer her biological father walked out of her family when Kristy was six years oldher two older brothers, Charlie and Sam, her younger brother, David Michael, her stepsister, Karen, her stepbrother, Andrew, her grandmother, Nannie, and her sister adopted from Vietnam, Emily Michelle, who is two years old.

The family's pets include Shannon a puppyBoo-Boo a cattwo goldfish and, after Boo-Boo is put down, they get a kitten and name it Pumpkin. Japanese descent, long black hair, almond-shaped dark brown eyes Birthday: July 11 [9] Age: She is extremely creative in both her artwork and wardrobe. She is the vice-president because she has her own phone in her room, and she takes after-hours calls.

She is described as creative, talented, sophisticated, and trendy.

5 brothers meet baby sister club

Claudia loves to draw, paint, sculpt, make jewelry, and sketch. She is addicted to junk food and loves to read Nancy Drew mysteries. Claudia hides her Nancy Drew mysteries and her candy around her room because her parents do not approve of them.

She hates healthy food. Despite her diet, she maintains a good figure and clear skin.

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Claudia's mother is the head librarian at Stoneybrook Public Library and her father is a banker. She has one older sister, Janine, who is a genius. Claudia has an aunt named Peaches her real name is Miyoshiwhose husband is named Russ, and a cousin named Lynn. Claudia feels no one in her family understands her, except for her grandmother, Mimi, who passes away in Claudia and the Sad Good-bye.

Mary Anne Spier[ edit ] Club position: September 22 [10] Age: Her hobbies include sewing, knitting, watching classic movies, and reading. She and Kristy, her best friend, initially looked similar but had very different personalities until Mary Anne cut her hair and began wearing a little makeup in Mary Anne's Makeover.

5 brothers meet baby sister club

She also vowed never to get her ears pierced due to being traumatized by almost having her ears pierced by a fellow camper at Camp Mohawk. Her mother died from cancer when Mary Anne was a baby, and her father Richard who is a lawyer was very overprotective until he married Sharon Schafer Dawn Schafer's mother and loosened up. She is very sensitive, shy, is a good listener, and does not like being the center of attention.

In Logan Likes Mary Anne!


Mary Anne starts going out with Logan Bruno who looks like her favorite actor, the fictional Cam Gearyand she is the first member who has a steady boyfriend. Mary Anne has a stepsister named Dawn, a stepbrother named Jeff, and a kitten named Tigger.

In Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic she discovered that she lived with her grandmother and grandfather before her father raised her on his own. It was revealed that Ann M. Martin based the character of Mary Anne on herself. Blonde hair, blue eyes Birthday: April 3 [14] Age: She quickly became friends with Claudia because of their shared love for fashion and boys.

5 brothers meet baby sister club

They are known to be the best dressers at Stoneybrook Middle School Stacey is the more sophisticated dresser, while Claudia is more creative and original. Stacey has diabetesand has been hospitalized several times as a result; in Kristy's Great Idea, she tried to hide this from the others because her classmates in New York teased her because of it, but she eventually told them.

Stacey is the club's treasurer because she is gifted in math. Long pale blonde hair, blue eyes Birthday: February 5 [20] Age: Dawn moved with her younger brother Jeff and her mother across the country to Stoneybrook, Connecticut, where her mother, Sharon, grew up. Jeff had a lot of trouble adjusting to the move and soon returned to California to live with their father and stepmother, Carol. These types of clothes are Claudia's trademark.

Claudia's friends have never seen her with the same hairstyle twice. Stacey moved from New York and the five main babysitters in the club are featured in The Summer Before.

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There are stories about each of the members. It's revealed that Stacey has diabetes, and Claudia is a supporting friend of hers. They met at school sometime before Book 1 Kristy's Great Idea when Stacey dropped her notebook in the hallway, and Claudia accidentally stepped on it.

They became best friends instantly. She often calls Stacey "Stace. They knew each other since they were in diapers, and their families were friends.

5 brothers meet baby sister club

Claudia was growing up, wearing makeup, a training bra and becoming interested in boys which made Mary Anne and Kristy feel left out. Both of them noticed that Claudia was growing apart from them.

Even Claudia herself realized this. It was even a main plot. She even daydreamed about him. Claudia has gone to dances with many boys and has talked on the telephone with some of them or eaten lunch in the school cafeteria with them, but none of her relationships lasted long or were very serious.

Claudia's first major crush and heartbreak happened in The Summer Before. Family Janine Kishi - Janine and Claudia are very different, and it's hard to believe they're sisters. While they love each other, they often argue, although they have had some nice, heartfelt moments, such as in Book 7 Claudia and Mean Janine where Janine revealed that she was jealous of Claudia because she was social and had friends, and people liked her.

5 brothers meet baby sister club

Claudia admitted that she was jealous of Janine because she was always receiving awards and bringing home awesome report cards and she could always make their parents proud. Claudia wishes she could make her parents proud like that.

Claudia painted several portraits of Mimi because she loved her grandmother. She felt that Mimi was the only one who understood her in her family and that she even understood her better than her friends in The Baby-Sitters Club. Claudia went to Mimi for advice and knew that Mimi would comfort her when she was upset.