5sos ashton meet you imagines

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5sos ashton meet you imagines

Bad Boy Ashton's Tutor - Ashton Imagine - Requested Masterlist Requested Just you “I wanted to see you, and we're going somewhere. Being an assistant stylist gave Ashton a chance to see you There was a silence before Luke spoke, “Calum's a lucky bloke, can you imagine what it's like Luke: You were staying with 5SOS in their London flat while they. Read Meet Cute//Ashton from the story 5SOS IMAGINES //FROM TUMBLR// The sun caught his profile perfectly and you took a photograph of him impulsively .

Drumsticks, new drum kit, and even some new clothes to wear. You couldn't wait to see Ash's face when he saw what you had bought for him. With a huge grin you squeal lightly before engulfing him in a hug. He laughs in response and returns the big hug. Smiling you hug him tighter before pulling him toward the bathroom to try on his new clothes. As he modeled them for you, you couldn't help but to steal kisses in between snapping photos of him. After all, technically you still had your high from the honeymoon.

You'll get too sweaty. But they still get to see the light of day in between shows. He giggles in response before holding you to him. You can feel his fingertips brush against your hip as he does this. Smiling you say, "I love you, Mr. Today had been a bad day for Calum. The fans seemed to completely block him out as they swarmed their favorites.

He had become a void in the line up and it felt as though his existence had been wiped from the earth.

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You as his fiance had become used to days like today. Thankfully they didn't happen often but they did happen and when they did, you knew what needed to be done. You sat in front of him resting your hand that adorned your sparkly ring, atop his and squeezing lightly.

He scoffs at you before tossing your hand to the side and walking over to the window of his hotel room. You sighed in response watching him put his hands in his pockets while staring off in the distance. Today must've been really bad for him to be so upset. Slowly you walk over to him and lay your back against the wide window, staring off at the room in front of you.

He shakes his head at you saying, "You know you're supposed to look out the window, right?

You smile in response replying, "Nah. I like the view from here better. I mean where out there, are you going to see cracks in the ceiling and carpeted floors?

5sos ashton meet you imagines

He gives a small smile and lets out a sigh. You reach your hand out to him and wait for him to reach across the small distance remaining. Hesitantly he holds your hand leans against the window with you.

He nods in response and clears his throat while looking up at the cloudy sky above you. Smiling in response you nod before walking the small distance between you and wrapping your arms around his neck.

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Holding you to him he breathes in deeply and kisses the top of your head. Nor are you alone in this world. I would fade into nothing if I didn't have you. Seven am the next morning I just got up and started making breakfast for when the other boys woke up, distracting myself unsuccessfully — I kept burning my wrists and I even managed to set the fire alarm off in my sleep deprived state.

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This was the point where I sat cross legged in the middle of the kitchen floor opposite Luke trying not to cry. I nodded, agreeing whilst absentmindedly scratching at the burns.

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We both got dressed and ready in less than five minutes and Luke drove us to the hospital. When we arrived we were told that Ash should be up any minute now and they were okay to take off the bandages as soon as he was ready. I ran through to his ward, hearing Luke mutter something about coffee. His expression was so neutral, so peaceful and quiet — no hint of pain.

Luke also spotted me and ran with two coffee cups in his hand.

5sos ashton meet you imagines

I sat back with Ash; the nurse ran through some usual checks and then turned to me expectantly. Luke was stood behind me, his hand reassuringly on my shoulder because he knew I was as scared as Ash was.

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He held my hand tighter — I could feel the slight shake in his fingers — but he nodded. There was painfully extended moment where we saw his eyes — the skin red raw and evidence of stitches. But then, slowly, his eyes blinked open. There was something different — instantly I could see an awareness that had never been there before.

His face broke out in this enormous grin and tears welled in his eyes. I burrowed into the bed falling asleep. Come on, just a kiss goodbye and then you can sleep. Once I accepted getting up, I realized how utterly like crap I felt. I winced when I felt how completely sore I was. Ashton leaned in and kissed my forehead.

Let me get the thermometer. I just closed my eyes and rested back into the pillow. I opened my mouth and he gently slid it under my tongue. I held it while he left the room. He came back with cold medicine, cough drops, a cool cloth, another blanket and set it all at the foot of the bed before the thermometer beeped.

I just closed my eyes and listened. Then he walked back into our bedroom with a mug of tea and a bowl of oatmeal. My head pounded with pressure but I ignored it.