6 lug to 8 swap meet

15 Shopping Tips at Flea Markets & Swap Meets - What to Do & What to Avoid

6 lug to 8 swap meet

8 lug hubs from trucks use a 4 bolt pattern while 6 lug hubs is 8in up to the point where the rearend meets and it slips to 6 inches. The SOVREN Pacific Northwest Historics run this weekend, July 4–6, starting off the month of July . Apr 6–8 — Portland, OR; Portland Auto Swap Meet. Interchangeable Bolt Pattern and Wheel Chart for 3 lug, 4 lug, 5 lug, 6 lug, 7 lug, 8 lug and 10 lug Bolt Patterns for Cars, Trucks, Station Wagons, Vans, SUVs.

Wear comfortable, baggy, unfashionable clothing, such as a low-key tracksuit or off-brand jeans and shirts. Leave the jewelry at home.

Treasure Hunt: The Jcca Swap Meet

Haggling is commonplace at flea markets and swap meets, but many vendors are reluctant to entertain offers from decked-out buyers for whom money appears to be no object. Unless you have specific big-ticket items in mind, carry small bills only.

Wear Comfortable Shoes Flea markets and swap meets are sprawling affairs. The largest can occupy hundreds of acres.

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Ergo, comfortable shoes are absolutely necessary. Wear running shoes or tennis shoes with cushioned soles, perhaps with inserts if necessary. Eat Beforehand, Bring Snacks, and Stay Hydrated All that walking and standing is sure to work up your appetite and stimulate your thirst.

Before you leave for the market, eat a hearty breakfast and take in plenty of fluids.

6 lug to 8 swap meet

Take along a refillable water bottle too. They argue that the best deals are found just before markets close for the day, when vendors are looking to offload their remaining inventory at all costs.

6 lug to 8 swap meet

On good days, vendors may sell out well before closing time and hit the road. Even if they stick it out until the end, their wares are likely to be picked over by then.

Technical Details

On the other hand, I think I could easily find a way to put these Nissan L-series Webers to good use… Marchal lamps are long time favorites among the kyusha crowd. There were plenty of them for sale — both new and used.

Some sellers, like Revive Jalopy brought out piles of restoration parts. Here we see a set of S30 tail lamps with an S20 cam cover peeking out from the corner. The especially cool thing is that most of the sellers had a huge variety of stuff in one booth.

6 lug to 8 swap meet

And speaking of models, the selection of vintage kits was just as impressive as the aforementioned wheels. Many of these have been out of production for decades, so scale builders and collectors come out to the New Year meeting in big numbers.

In most cases, the awesome box art on these kits is worth the price alone. In the end, not really a financially smart choice. There are lug spacer adapters, but spacers are a terrible idea to begin with so no thanks.

6 lug to 8 swap meet

However, the HD still used a frame and so control arms would be similar and therefore mounting should be the same correct? The question is would that HD knuckle be compatible to a regular non-HD?

Does anyone by chance know if that would work? If it would work, then swapping a HD knuckle would allow the use of any 8 lug hub and therefore the front end would be swapped to 8 lug style. Feel free to call me insane, I'm just spit balling here.

  • 15 Shopping Tips at Flea Markets & Swap Meets – What to Do & What to Avoid

On one hand, I can see why it would, just so GM wouldn't need to make a whole different suspension setup on the s vs HD. On the other hand, since it is a HD, it could very well be that it is a different setup.

Interested just for the heck of it, lol This post looks pretty conclusive in hd vs hd comparison source Depending on the year, Besides GVW and Drivetrain options, both trucks are very similar.