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account bank interest meet minimum national neopian

You can put your extra neopoints into the National Neopian Bank. The Bank Accounts are free, and if you deposit some neopoints in yours, you'll be able You can upgrade your bank acount as long as you have the minimum Interest Rates. I just want to be sure about these things before I get an account:) account type you have enough money to meet the minimum amount. As well, higher account types are better because they give higher interest rates. Be sure to pin protect your stock as well as your bank account! With the bank interest if you don't collect it, you will lose out on Neopoints. . your profit would not be as high if you have fewer shares purchased at the minimum 15nps a share . . The National Neopian Bank, National Neopian Bank PLC is one of the largest.

Rare and Restricted Species There are 12 restricted species that cannot be created normally. You may recall this from the create-a-pet guide.

Many people want to own restricted species because they look cute or are considered a symbol of rarity and status. Some are rarer than others. Listed here is information on how to get each species.

On the boards, they are often called Limited Edition or LE. What are the different rare species? Grundos are listed as a restricted species, but actually aren't.

Grundos can be made at any time; you just have to go to the Space Station instead of the create page. Grundos, unlike any other species, can be created in white or purple colors from the start. Tonus are the second most common rare species after Grundos. About 50 tonus are released to the create page every time the Giant Omelette is down in Tyrannia. This is usually a daily occurrence. To make a Tonu you must be fast since they are released in very small numbers.

Chombies singular Chomby are sometimes released to the create page in limited numbers on Chomby Day, March 22nd. You may be able to create one then, but otherwise you'd have to adopt one or use a morphing potion to turn an existing pet into one. Cybunnies singular Cybunny are sometimes released to the create page in limited numbers on Cybunny Day, April 27th. Like the others, Hissis are sometimes released in limited numbers on Hissi Day, May 4th.

You may be able to create one then, but otherwise you'd have to adopt one or use a morphing potion. Hissis are popular, so they are more expensive than other rare species.

Jetsams are sometimes released in limited numbers on Jetsam Day, October 16th. Flotsams, a very similar species, are a non-limited alternative. Kikos are sometimes released to the create page in limited numbers on Kiko Day, July 17th.

With some luck you may be able to create one then, but otherwise you'd have to adopt one or use a morphing potion to turn an existing pet into one.

Koi are sometimes released to the create page in limited numbers on Koi Day, May 25th. However, there is a relatively cheap way to obtain a Koi. Orange Koi Morphing Motion is a cheap morphing potion under 20, that was once given out from a game. Poogles are sometimes released to the create page in limited numbers on Poogle Day, September 19th. Draiks are very rare and often considered status symbols.

Any method of getting one costs well over 3 million NP. You must either buy a Draik Egg and hatch it or buy a Draik morphing potion. There is no cheap way to get one and Draiks are never released to create. Krawks are slightly less rare than Draiks. They cost well over 1 million as well. Either buy a Krawk petpet and take it to the caves at Krawk Island or buy a Krawk morphing potion.

There is no cheap way to get one and Krawks are never released to create. Lutaris are the rarest of all species, rarer than Draiks or Krawks, but less popular. They cannot be adopted or transferred.

account bank interest meet minimum national neopian

You can only make one on April 19th or morph one, because lutaris run away if you try to bring one near the pound. So how do I go about obtaining a rare species? There are three main methods to go about doing this. Depending on your budget and which species you want, you will have to choose to work towards whichever method suits you best. It is rare that someone will want to abandon a limited edition pet. If you are new, you can forget about this method for now because an account must be 4 months old to adopt any rare, limited edition, or expensive painted pet.

This is expensive, but it is the most common way to earn a rare pet. Items called morphing potions abbreviation: MP will turn an existing pet into a new species and color. Usually people morph to get the species then use a paint brush to change the pet's color. Potions are very expensive and can be found on the Trading Post. This guide can give you up-to-date prices on any morphing potion you happen to want.

These must also be found on the Trading Post. Magical plushies are the same as morphing potions in that they turn your pet into that species and color. Plushies are not as common of a method, but they are the better method if you want a Chomby or Poogle.

Don't be tricked into buying a regular plushie someone claims is magical. Painting Your Pet How do I make my pet a non-base color to make it more unique?

Making a Neopet a non-base color is the most common goal among all players. Using a magical paint brush is the most common way to do this. There are over 50 paint brush colors and a few more that are so rare they cannot even be obtained with a paint brush that can make your pet look more unique.

Most people want a rarer pet that isn't just red, yellow, green, or blue. The most common way to color a pet is with a paint brush. What is a paint brush and how do I obtain one?

Paint brushes are items that will make your Neopet a rare color. All paint brushes can only be used ONCE, so be careful if you happen to come across one. There are a few methods of getting a paint brush: This is your best chance. Most paint brushes are very rare and must be bought from other players who were lucky enough to obtain them but didn't want to use them.

Depending on the color, paint brushes will cost anywhere from 50, to 6, Neopoints. To buy a paint brush, search for it on the Island Trading Post.

It is usually polite to Neomail a seller telling them an offer that matches their trading wishlist before offering on the trade. The "In Your Dreams" Method: There is a ridiculously small chance that you will find a random paint brush in a random event while browsing the site. A character named Jacko the Phantom Painter appears and gives you a paint brush.

The chance of this happening is about. It could be a basic colored paint brush, or it even could be a color as rare as Maraquan. The downside to this is that it's random and you don't get to choose the color. Most people will never get this event during the entire time they play Neopets. This is another ridiculous chance, though the odds are perhaps slightly better than that of finding a paint brush.

The daily activity Fruit Machine has about a. This paint brush is guaranteed not to be a base color. The Underwater Fishing game has a chance to give paint brushes, though only a handful of people have reported ever winning them.

Various other chance games have a chance to award paint brushes, but the odds are so low they're barely worth mentioning. What colors are available to paint my pet? Check out This list at the Rainbow Pool for brush colors. If you want to see all the available colors for each species of Neopet, check out this page. You can waste so much time looking at the pet colors. What colors are the cheapest? Base color red, green, yellow, blue paint brushes are usually underNP. Christmas Paint Brush is given out yearly to every person in December.

If you want a Christmas pet, you should wait until December when they are free.

account bank interest meet minimum national neopian

If you want to buy one during the year, they only cost about 50, NP. Second cheapest is the Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush, which was once given away in mass quantities. These usually cost underNP. In third place is Cloud Paint Brush, which was also given away and reduced.

These are usually in the mid ,s and can be found on the Trading Post. If I get a paint brush, where do I go to paint my pet? Head on over to the Rainbow Pool at Neopia Central, then select the pet.

Are there other ways to color a pet besides using a paint brush? You can purchase a morphing potion to turn your pet into a specific color and species. These are not a popular method for obtaining colors. More people use them only to obtain rare species, as described previously. Here is a pricing guide.

account bank interest meet minimum national neopian

Again, magical plushies are another alternative that can be used to transform a pet into a new color and species. Unfortunately these are too pricey and usually are not worth it. Stick to paint brushes and save your Neopoints. Rare random events described in this section can turn your pet a different color. There is a random event that turns your pet any random color, as well as an event for baby, invisible, and even base colors.

The Lab Ray Described in a great guide herezaps pets and can turn them into random colors and species. You must purchase a very expensive map to use the lab ray, and the results are completely random. Here is a great pricing guide in case you wanted to buy it. Converted What does it mean when people talk about "converted" pets? A while ago, artists redrew all the Neopets.

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The art for the pets changed so that all colors of every species were in exactly the same pose. This allowed for clothing to be drawn in one position so it could easily fit all colors of a species. When the pets were redrawn, wearable clothing was introduced on the site. Examples of converted and unconverted pets can be seen on the left. Unconverted pets retain their unique artwork, while converted pets have to be in a default pose.

What colors of pets remained unconverted?

Neopets neopoints and item hack. Note: Read description.

When the conversion went into effect, people with rare colored pets had the option to keep the original artwork or "convert" their pets so they could wear clothing. If you had a royal, faerie, grey, robot, baby, or any other rare colored pet that had artwork that made its pose somehow different from base colors, you could keep it the way it was. All base colored pets and pets created after the conversion will have the new artwork.

How does a pet become converted? The only way a pet can become converted is if the owner of the pet chooses to convert it. Pounding or transfering a pet will not convert it. If you have a converted pet, this can be done from the quick ref page. How do I get an unconverted pet? Unconverted pets are truly rare since there is no way to make new ones. The only way to get unconverted pet artwork is to adopt an unconverted pet.

You can never get an unconverted pet if your pet is converted. Wearable Clothing What is wearable clothing?

Stock Market

Wearable clothing items, or "wearables" as people call them, can be found throughout Neopia. These items can be worn by most pet species and colors and will change the appearance of your pet all over the site to show it wearing that item. Where do I get wearable clothing items to buy with Neopoints? Clothing stocks at the Clothing Shopbut you have to be very fast to buy anything there. Most people use the Shop Wizard with an item already in mind. This lets them search for users who are selling that item.

If a clothing item is rare and there are none on the Shop Wizard, there may be some on the Trading Post for overNeopoints.

Are all clothing items wearable? You need to be careful when buying clothing items. There are many clothing items that can not be worn by any pets and are basically useless. If an item is wearable, it will say so on your inventory page once you buy it. But then how do I know if an item is wearable before I buy it? It can be difficult to tell, but this petpage guide is a valuable resource.

It lists every wearable clothing item that can be purchased with Neopoints. It allows you to browse and preview clothing items. If you come across an item in a shop and you are not sure Can all species wear all wearable clothing items?

Can all pet colors wear all wearable clothing items? Due to their unique body shapes, mutant, Maraquan, and baby pets cannot wear clothing. Fruit colored Chias also cannot wear clothes.

These pets can wear accessories and backgrounds, but not clothes. What about paying real money for Neopets clothing? This is also an option. Some people choose to spend money on Neocash, currency used in the NC Mall to purchase animated clothing and accessories.

You can get Neocash for free just by visiting the mall, so be sure to visit and get a free item. Neocash is completely optional, but if you really want to customize your Neopet with those items you can buy a card at Target stores in North America. The only benefit is seeing your Neopet's appearance change. Clothing does nothing special and is only decorative.

Some people prefer clothing as a cheaper alternative to paint brushes. You can make your pet unique by giving it clothes instead of splurging on a very expensive paint job. Pets for Neopets What is a pepet?

Does it serve any purpose? A petpet is a pet for your Neopet.

account bank interest meet minimum national neopian

If you look at the lookup of a Neopet with a petpet, such as mineyou will see the petpet underneath the picture of the pet. Petpets are purely for decoration on lookups, though they have some very minor functions in a handful of games. For example, you must have a petpet attached to your pet to do the Symol Hole daily.

The Neopets Neopedia

So how do I get a petpet? You get petpets the same way you get any other items. Click here to browse all the petpet colors. Once you have a specific petpet in mind, use the Shop Wizard to find it and buy it from another player. If you cannot find a petpet with the Shop Wizard, that means it is rare and costs overNeopoints. How do I put a petpet on my pet once I buy it? Simply go to your inventory page and click on the petpet. When the item window pops up, select "Give to pet" from the dropdown menu.

From there, go to the quick ref page to name your petpet. Unlike pets, petpets have no naming restrictions, so they can be named anything regardless of whether or not it's unique. Can a pet refuse a petpet? How do I fix this? Pets can refuse petpets.

Sometimes they are just incompatible. It has nothing to do with species or color, it's just your pet's preference. If you really want to attach a petpet to a pet that refuses it, try scrolling down to the bottom of the page and changing the site language to one with characters like Chinese. For some reason this changes item settings and may cause your pet to accept the petpet.

Are there colors and paint brushes for petpets? Just like pets, petpets can be painted. The brushes for petpets are generally much less expensive. What does it mean to match a petpet? Many people like to give pets petpets that resemble their species or color.

A Fungree looks a lot like a JubJub. Here is a nice guide that explains various ways of matching and this guide is a great way to match petpets to pets. What are some cheap petpets? If you are on a budget, there are petpets to fit all price ranges. Try an Altachuck, Angelpuss, or Ghoti if you want a petpet that costs around Neopoints.

The Chain Continues Yep. What function do petpetpets serve? They are basically useless. All they do is show up on your pet lookup if you have one attached. Where do petpetpets come from? Petpetpets can only be found from rare random events. These random events require you to have a petpet on your pet. The event will say something like " Petpetname has found a petpetpet name in its mouth!

Are there colors and paint brushes for petpetpets? It doesn't go that far. Should I attach a petpetpet? Some people like to attach them so they show up as decorations on pet lookups, but you can usually get a good amount of Neopoints for a petpetpet. How do I attach a petpetpet?

If you have one in your inventory you must refresh until it hops onto a random petpet on your pet. What are the different kinds of petpetpets and what do they look like? This page has a nice list if you're interested. Feeding Your Pets How do I feed my pets? Simple question, simple answer. If you have a food item, go to your inventory page and click on the item. When the window pops up, select "Feed to Petname " from the dropdown. How do I get food items? Food items can be bought for 1NP, but you don't even need to spend that.

Feeding four pets daily should cost you absolutely nothing. If you have under 3, Neopoints, you can go to the Soup Kitchen to get unlimited free food every day. Regardless of how many Neopoints you have, you can go to the Giant Omelette daily and get free omelette to feed your pets.

What if I want to pamper my pets and buy them special foods? You're certainly free to feed your pet nice foods if you want, but it's unnecessary. Most pets will be perfectly fine with daily omelette and don't require anything special. What kinds of foods does my Neopet's species like? Food has nothing to do with species.

All neopets will eat all foods, unless they are picky. Compared with European option can only be exercised specific date.

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