Anthony did flea high kiedis meet school

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anthony did flea high kiedis meet school

Anthony Kiedis and Flea and Red hot Chili Peppers performing live onstage, August Anthony Kledis will not disclose the exact location of the bridge. the band's original guitarist and a close friend since high school, . He just had this insatiable desire to meet all of the beautiful girls in the world. Kiedis will celebrate another homecoming with Saturday's Chili High School Sports · Weather AP file photoRed Hot Chili Peppers: Chad Smith, Flea, Josh Klinghoffer, Anthony Kiedis. He attended Brookside Elementary School. Late June, I trek to St. Louis to meet and interview Kiedis prior to. The band performed in costume for Halloween during a school assembly. The Red Hot Chili Peppers gave a surprise performance at the high school where kids school? We do!” You can watch a clip of the performance here: Flea wore a skeleton body suit whilst Anthony Kiedis wore shorts and a mask.

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anthony did flea high kiedis meet school

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