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Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV; Crossovers; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics I know whatever I have done is not forgivable. Arnav - I don't want to understand anything right now Khushi. She personally wanted to go somewhere with him, far away from. Remember Arnav and Khushi's first not-so-happy meeting? She unintentionally spoiled his fashion show and he locked her up in a room for the. Khushi spent a long romantic night giving again a joy to live to Arnav and this morning . Arnav goes to see his wife followed by Nani, Mamiji Anjali and Payal.

He had finally won over Khushi in all sense of her, mind, body and soul. It had of course been difficult; life is seldom easy for him and Khushi. But this week she had given him everything and finally he felt more content then he had in a long time. She insisted, now that the truth about Shyam had come out, that the truth about their marriage be revealed to everyone too and of course he had complied. I need to tell you all something very important.

Please come to the living room immediately. It's going to affect both families. Before they could start up another interrogation, Arnav gave them a look that shut them up. Not before long the Gupta's arrived asking similar questions. He sighed heavily before beginning and all throughout the explanation Khushi had been by his side holding his hand. After he had finished, all he received was shocked faces and silence and that only lasted a minute before everyone erupted in outrage.

Khushi you're coming home with us right now. Her contract still isn't over yet.

And if she want to go after that I'll let her but right now she is still my wife and a Raizada bahu, so she will remain here for the time being. Before he could speak again Khushi intervened. And maybe even after that if you'll still accept me. There was still hope for them. After this fake marriage ends, you'll come straight home and then we'll go back to Lucknow and away from this man!

Arnav felt dejected that Auntyji had not called him Damadji but soon recoved, she had the right to feel angry at him. If he was in her position, he'd do a lot worse. The Gupta's had refused to leave without Khushi but after a private conversation, Khushi had managed to convince them to go home. Akash had refuse to talk to him after that unless it was business related and NK still refuses to look at him, let alone be in the same room. Even Mamiji looked at him in disgust. The only people who were talking to him was Nani and Di and even they have a hard time looking at him the same way.

Everything will be fine, he thought, it had to be. He let him mind wonder to Khushi's slightly odd behaviour for the past two week.

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He hadn't noticed it at first because he was mostly in AR when she went out but soon he had began to pick up on it. It's ok, Arnavji, I don't want to disturb your work and I can take the car if it makes you feel better. Arnav had continued to work until he heard the front door close. He then grabbed his keys and followed his wife to see why she didn't want him to accompany her. He had managed to follow her undetected to a roadside dabba and what he saw made his blood boil.

There was his Khushi hugging a strange man! Not just any man, a handsome man that could easily make her smile. He forced himself to stay calm. The last time he had judged Khushi it had been disastrous. He chose to drive away not being able to bear the sight of them two being so happy. He would let Khushi tell him herself about the little rendezvous' she's been having with this man. No matter how hard he tried not to think about them two he just couldn't and soon began to panic.

What if Khushi was in love with this man and because of the contact she couldn't be with him? What if she had loved this man all this time and him and Shyam were only thorns on their love? Just because she said she didn't have an affair with Shyam it doesn't mean she wasn't in a relationship. And then came the thought that destroyed the great ASR; he had said he loved her but she hadn't said it back.

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Waiting for Khushi to come back home was agonising. By the time Khushi had finally got home, he restrained himself from grabbing her and demanding some answers. Arnav had prepared himself for all kind of worst case scenarios but now that the time had come, he didn't know what he was going to do.

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He motioned for her to continue. I'm sorry Ar-" But before she could finish he had engulfed her in a hug. Arnav smiled at the memory. He still couldn't believe how he had over reacted seeing Khushi with another man. Arnav was interrupted in his thoughts when he heard the poolside doors side open. He turned to see his young wife holding out a glass of milk to him. He quickly drank the milk and pulled her into their room.

Remember Arnav and Khushi's first not-so-happy meeting? She unintentionally spoiled his fashion show and he locked her up in a room for the whole night.

Here's Why Arnav And Khushi's Love Story In Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Was Far From Ordinary!

It all started on a note of hatred. And with hate started their never ending bitter banters. From humiliating one another to irritating the hell out of each other, we all wondered how would they ever even fall in love!? Yea, the beaten-to-death cliched scene Aur phir ASR ko kuch kuch hona shuru huaaa And just when you thought things will start getting lovey dovey between them, Khushi entered his house much to his discomfort.

And as you'd expect it, it was the beginning of the aankh-micholi subtle romance ; some more Remember when you saw the khadoos angry young man ASR smiling for the first time? Yea, thanks to Khushi.

Keeping your distance, an iss pyaar ko kya naam doon?/इस प्यार को क्या नाम दूं fanfic | FanFiction

And then they started growing close. Only to soon break each other's hearts. But circumstances tried to bring them near to each other once again but of, course while they brought their very-much-in-love siblings together.

And with the wedding preparations also began their much awaited romance! What followed after was months long of family's emotional and taunting drama And a few more months of nafrat, torturing, loathing, compromising and insulting each other.

And hell broke lose when the truth unfolded.