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Bandaranaike International Airport is a minute drive away. Villa Shade has been welcoming guests since Apr 17, Maris Stella College . Kids' club; Water sports facilities (on site); Bikes available (free); Cycling Off-site; Hiking Fax/Photocopying; Business center; Meeting/Banquet facilities. Neighbours. Ratnavali Balika Vidyalaya was two doors next to us. SD Bandaranaike was then the sitting MP for Gampaha for many decades. From decorating office spaces to exchanging gifts, with. December – September 10 months -Member of Sports council (/11, /12, /13). Bandaranayake College Gampaha '06 The service will provide the automation that Sinorbis needs to scale rapidly to meet growing demand from its clients.

Kularatne as an offshoot of Ananda College Colombo and was registered as a separate school on 1 November Mettananda was appointed as principal of this institution which was called as Ananda branch. Governor Gregory Thompson laid the foundation stone for a building to have 16 class rooms. Out of 16 class rooms he has used two rooms for the principals office and staff members another two rooms for the laboratories and balance 12 rooms for the classes.

Three hundred and thirty students of Ananda were transferred under L. The new school was given its motto Apadana Sobhini Panna, and the school name Nalanda also proposed by Ven. Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Thero. Gunapala Mallasekara as principal of the Nalanda College and transferred L. Metthanada to Ananda College as vice pincipal. Nalanda was fortunate in having its second principal, Gunapala Piyasena Malalasekera. Malasekara launched several projects, making plans for the collection of funds for the construction of buildings, later commenced a bulletin titled "NALANDA".

Rules exist to minimize the risk, and safety equipment is used to protect the lab user from injury or to assist in responding to an emergency. This standard is referred to as the Laboratory Standard.

Under this standard, a laboratory is required to produce a Chemical Hygiene Plan which addresses the specific hazards found in its location, the CHP must be reviewed annually. Many schools and businesses employ safety, health, and environmental specialists, such as a Chemical Hygiene Officer to develop, manage, and evaluate their CHP. Additionally, third party review is used to provide an objective outside view which provides a fresh look at areas.

An important element of such audits is the review of regulatory compliance, training is critical to the ongoing safe operation of the laboratory facility. Educators, staff and management must be engaged in working to reduce the likelihood of accidents, injuries, efforts are made to ensure laboratory safety videos are both relevant and engaging.

Sport — Usually the contest or game is between two sides, each attempting to exceed the other. Some sports allow a tie game, others provide tie-breaking methods, to one winner. A number of such two-sided contests may be arranged in a tournament producing a champion, many sports leagues make an annual champion by arranging games in a regular sports season, followed in some cases by playoffs.

Hundreds of sports exist, from those between single contestants, through to those with hundreds of participants, either in teams or competing as individuals.

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In certain sports such as racing, many contestants may compete, each against each other, however, a number of competitive, but non-physical, activities claim recognition as mind sports. Sports are usually governed by a set of rules or customs, which serve to ensure fair competition, winning can be determined by physical events such as scoring goals or crossing a line first.

It can also be determined by judges who are scoring elements of the sporting performance, records of performance are often kept, and for popular sports, this information may be widely announced or reported in sport news.

Sport is also a source of entertainment for non-participants, with spectator sport drawing large crowds to sport venues. The worlds most accessible and practised sport is running, while football is the most popular spectator sport. The word Sport comes from the Old French desport meaning leisure, other meanings include gambling and events staged for the purpose of gambling, hunting, and games and diversions, including ones that require exercise.

Rogets defines the noun sport as an activity engaged in for relaxation, the singular term sport is used in most English dialects to describe the overall concept, with sports used to describe multiple activities. American English uses sports for both terms, the precise definition of what separates a sport from other leisure activities varies between sources.

They also recognise that sport can be physical, primarily mind, predominantly motorised, primarily co-ordination. The inclusion of sports within sport definitions has not been universally accepted.

Whilst SportAccord recognises a number of mind sports, it is not open to admitting any further mind sports. According to Council of Europe, European Sports Charter, article 2, other bodies advocate widening the definition of sport to include all physical activity. For instance, the Council of Europe include all forms of physical exercise, in competitive events, participants are graded or classified based on their result and often divided into groups of comparable performance 6.

Vesak — Sometimes informally called Buddhas Birthday, it commemorates the birth, enlightenment, and death of Gautama Buddha in the Theravada or southern tradition. As Buddhism spread from India it was assimilated into many foreign cultures, in India, Vaishakh Purnima day is also known as Buddha Jayanti day and has been traditionally accepted as Buddhas birth day.

Inthe United Nations resolved to observe the day of Vesak at its headquarters. InVesak is celebrated on 13 May in Myanmar, Singapore, devotees may bring simple offerings of flowers, candles and joss-sticks to lay at the feet of their teacher. Devotees are enjoined to make an effort to refrain from killing of any kind. They are encouraged to partake of food for the day.

Some devout Buddhists will wear a white dress and spend the whole day in temples with renewed determination to observe the eight Precepts. Devout Buddhists undertake to lead a life according to the teaching by making daily affirmations to observe the Five Precepts.

However, on days, notably new moon and full moon days. Devotees are expected to listen to talks given by monks, on this day monks will recite verses uttered by the Buddha twenty-five centuries ago, to invoke peace and happiness for the government and the people. To this day, Buddhists will distribute gifts in cash and kind to various homes throughout the country. Devout Buddhists also vie with one another to provide refreshments and vegetarian food to followers who visit the temple to pay homage to the Enlightened One, tradition ascribes to the Buddha himself instruction on how to pay him homage.

Just before he died, he saw his faithful attendant Ananda, the Buddha advised him not to weep, but to understand the universal law that all compounded things must disintegrate 7. Inthis school established as Henarathgoda Seewali Buddhist School at the place where Yasodara Devi Balika Maha Vidyalaya located at present, charles Samarasooriya was the first principal of the school.

Inthe school transformed as Henarathgoda Senior Secondary School, when school was established at the current location, Jinadasa Munasinghe was the principal. In this school was promoted as a First Grade School and it had been a mixed school up to s. On 25 Maythe school was advanced to the level as. The students are divided into four houses, Gamunu Parakrama Tissa Vijaya The names are derived from distinguished past kings of Sri Lanka, the houses compete annually in all major games to win the respective inter-house games.

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Sport is a part of Bandaranayake College, with over 25 different sports played. Other sports played at College includes, Some of these are 8. Lecture hall — A lecture hall is a large room used for instruction, typically at a college or university.

Unlike a traditional classroom with a capacity normally between one and fifty, the capacity of lecture halls is typically measured in the hundreds. Lecture halls almost always have a floor, so that those in the rear are sat higher than those at the front. The importance of lecture halls is so significant that some schools of architecture have offered courses exclusively centered on their design, the noted Boston architect Earl Flansburgh wrote numerous articles focusing on achieving efficacious lecture hall design.

Experimentation, group work, and other contemporary methods are not practicable in a lecture hall. A microphone and loudspeakers are common to help the lecturer be heard, the acoustic properties of lecture halls have been the subject of numerous international studies, some even antedating the use of electronic amplification. Auditorium — An auditorium is a room built to enable an audience to hear and watch performances at venues such as theatres.

For movie theatres, the number of auditoriums is expressed as the number of screens, auditoria can be found in entertainment venues, community halls, and theaters, and may be used for rehearsal, presentation, performing arts productions, or as a learning space.

The audience in a theatre are usually separated from the performers by the proscenium arch. The price charged for seats in each part of the auditorium usually varies according to the quality of the view of the stage.

The seating areas can include some or all of the following, Stalls, orchestra or arena, balconies or galleries, one or more raised seating platforms towards the rear of the auditorium.

In larger theatres, multiple levels are stacked vertically above or behind the stalls, the first level is usually called the dress circle or grand circle. The highest platform, or upper circle is known as the gods, especially in large opera houses, where the seats can be very high.

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Boxes, generally placed immediately to the front, side and above the level of the stage and they are often separate rooms with an open viewing area which generally seat only a handful of people. These seats are considered the most prestigious of the house. A state box or royal box is provided for dignitaries. Each size is unique, with specific guidelines governing row size, row spacing, basically, a multiple-aisle arrangement will have a maximum of chairs per row with access to an aisle-way at both ends.

In a continental arrangement, all seats are located in a central section, here the maximum quantity of chairs per row can greatly exceed the limits established in a multiple-aisle arrangement. In order to compensate for the length of rows allowed, building codes will require wider row spacing, wider aisles.

Although it would seem like more space is called for, a seating plan is often not any less efficient than a multiple-aisle arrangement. In other countries, sports venues have luxury boxes, where access is open to anyone who can afford tickets, auditorium Building List of concert halls Music venue Noise mitigation Smoking ban Concert hall acoustics on-line exhibition Gampaha District — Gampaha District is one of the 25 districts of Sri Lanka, the second level administrative division of the country.

It is the second most populous district of Sri Lanka after Colombo District, the district is administered by a District Secretariat headed by a District Secretary appointed by the central government of Sri Lanka.

The capital of the district is the town of Gampaha, negombo is the largest city of this district.