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big hero 6 meet tadashi shoji

Three streams of red and black blood trickled down Tadashi's nose from a big splotch on his forehead. A seven-to-three inch scar had lacerated. Tadashi appears in Big Hero 6 as Hiro's older brother. Due to their . Shoji, Kaori (December 17, ). "Disney's 'Big . [1] Hamir brought his son Wong to meet the Ancient One, becoming one of his disciples in the process.[2] Hamir was. The Tadashi Shoji brand has expanded into new categories including bridal, Arts & Culture · Hero Complex · Movies · Television · Music · Gossip May 11, | AM spring, Shoji said he had yet to meet Paris Jackson (her gowns were pulled as lining, rather than rigid fabric lining like many big-name designers.

It's not his aunt's funeral that we're here for, now shut up and be respectful. Respectful as they were, Honey and Wasabi had nothing to say.

Wasabi just preyed in silence while Honey dabbed her eyes with a coal black handkerchief. After the pastor made his prayer, Wendy Wichel walked up to the front with Christmas Early's cameraman and held the microphone in front of Hiro's mouth. Hamada, any words for your late brother's demise? He just continued to stare at the coffin and could only lower his voice to a volume that only she could hear. A person who is bought up right. He told Wendy, "I've got the eulogy all planned out in my head.

Avoiding Tadashi's embalmed aroma of typical men's perfume, he stood in front of the pulpit, letting the priest stand by his right hand side in military fashion, and delivered his eulogy to the congregation without a single feedback from the microphone, unlike last night at the very showcase that changed his life for eternity.

And I say this not only on behalf of my brother, but the death of our future. Tadashi was the light that showed me the way out of bot-fighting and into the field of science and robotics where I truly belonged.

I had no other way to thank him for that other than the stuff we created in the past: She felt a strong heartthrob when Hiro's tone slowly began to carry a mean streak. Never again will I be able to feel love, but agony, and I'll be happy again-when I'm dead and buried next to my brother.

Tess and Lizz exchanged glances, thinking otherwise about the latter of Hiro's speech before the young Hamada continued. Wendy, the only one who didn't clap but held a mutual respect for Tadashi, turned to face Detective Tracy, who just glared at the upcoming thought of a controversial question that Miss Wichel had ever so adored in asking him about. Now why don't you be a good reporter and find someone else to pick on?

After Hiro's eulogy was praised for the iconic final line, she shoved the notebook into her leather handbag and stormed out the door. She had better things to do besides attending a disheartening funeral. When Breathless heard about the funeral from the morning obituary, she told Lips "I'm just going out for some fresh air" and he excused her. She swaddled into her black mink coat, and headed out the door, intent on walking all the way to the cemetery since her lavender colored sports car, a Auburn Speedster, was too bright and cheery for such a dour occasion and therefore would clash with those who were dressed in mourning.

At the very moment Breathless opened the club door, she received a shot of the cold air rain that came down upon her head. She brought an umbrella that matched the texture of her coat, shielding herself from more than just the cold, but her downtrodden emotions as well. Then she settled off on foot in the direction of the Sunset View Cemetery, pushing through a forest of crowds as the raindrops fell upon her face and began to smear her makeup.

Her mascara turned to blue water, her eye lashes became black paint and her red lipstick transformed into a trickle of blood that went right down the middle of her chin. Breathless didn't matter what was happening to her anymore, all she wanted was to get out of the vicious wind that stung her eyes.

She couldn't even tell the difference between a raindrop or a tear that was leaking down her left cheek as she walked, head bowed, eyes closed, without a single complaint as she practiced her prayers for the young man she would never have again. Everyone around her seemed too busy with their own lives to even notice a beautiful starlet, except for a pedestrian who admired the cover of her album I'm Breathless and took a quick shot of Breathless from across the street.

He had recognized her fur coat from a photo-shoot six months ago and were posted online on the photographer's portfolio website. Breathless was too far away to acknowledge the young fan, her head was entirely lost in thought.

At the Sunset View Cemetery, Detective Tracy checked down the position of those who would be partaking in the funeral procession, his fellow officers Murphy, Mulligan, Milligan and O'Malley agreed to act as pallbearers.

They had known Tadashi on the day he and Hiro were caught and arrested at the bot-fight, which struck their hearts very hard when they heard about his death. Hiro, Sora and Cass went first behind the coffin, followed by Tadashi's club, then Tess, then Junior, followed by the Plenty family and the other mourners.

Tracy, the chief and his fellow Crimestoppers led the way in front of the coffin to a small hill where Tomeo and Maemi Hamada lay resting in peace. Sora motioned a very quiet and despondent Hiro over to the coffin and flat granite tombstone reading "Tadashi Hamada — " written in traditional Japanese script that was situated next to his parents on the left hand side.

At least he's with Mom and Dad now. Hiro thought to lift his spirits, but his heart sunk when he realized that Tadashi was the only person he believed to have had a true connection to his mother and father. Never again would he hear any more stories of Mom and Dad, the parents he could hardly remember, the two people he had been with for the first four years of his life who wound up being killed in an auto accident. He did not think about his aunt, he did not think about Sora, he did not think about anyone else but Tadashi and he still remained that until after the burial was finished.

He just stood there with Aunt Cass's left arm holding his right shoulder, emotionless, continuing to observe Tadashi's coffin being lowered into the grave until it was covered with dirt turned to mud from the rain. After the coffin had been completely covered with six feet of brown earth, the other mourners returned to their cars while Hiro stayed alone by the grave, resting his knees in the fresh mount and the caretakers didn't seem to mind at all about any ruin of the fresh tomb.

Why did you leave me? Hiro whimpered in his head. Fresh tears combined with the raindrops that fell upon his face and washed his wild hair could only describe a dark shade of loneliness in the pit of his heart. He remained there for at least seven minutes, clutching the tombstone like it was an actual person and a groundskeeper came up to him with a bouquet of white roses wrapped in transparent foil. Turning to face the groundskeeper, he asked, "Whose it's from?

It became clear to Hiro that he knew who it was: Breathless Mahoney was the only blonde in Tadashi's life who wore fur and Aiko Miyazaki was not seen with anything animal related on her person unless if it was plastic or linen. By the time Breathless had arrived at the cemetery, Tadashi's coffin was already buried and the mourners were leaving. A few of them looked up to notice her, Tracy apologized to her for missing the funeral, Sora looked at her with sympathy and Aunt Cass waved her left hand with a small and tearful "Hello.

She strode her way up the street where she was greeted by the blue neon sign of Club Ritz, glowing in the shower with a warm, friendly light. The dim lights sourcing from the third floor windows told her that Big Boy was having a meeting and she walked inside the showroom to see the band playing "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

Hanging her coat on a rack by the front door, she walked across the empty showroom and greeted the orchestra with a smile. Then she headed up the stairs to the conference room to find the others, hands clasped, eyes closed and heads bowed in a long moment of silence.

Nobody seemed to notice her and no one seemed to flinch at the mouse-like squeak of the door opening when she came in. All of the male criminals were dressed in black tuxedos while Crewy Lou wore a simple black lace dress and Texie Garcia wore her casual outfit with her red gloves, shoes and earrings replaced with black ones.

Taking her seat next to 88 on the left side of the table, Breathless copied his position very carefully and prayed for a long period of remembrance, but unfortunately for her, it did not last very long. After five minutes, Big Boy snapped out of mourning and slapped his right hand on the table to make his next announcement.

Put the word out! Tadashi Hamada and Robert Callaghan's territory is our territory now! Any invention of those who were working for him will soon belong to us! And everything that they owned Flattop and Crewy Lou, who were sitting next to each other on the right hand side of table, clinked their own goblets and took an extra sip.

The two smiled at each other for the successful robbery even though Flattop's mind was preparing on a confession to Crewy for making her ride in the trunk, while she was thinking the same thing. Big Boy, in the meantime, just sighed and began to wonder about what he was going to say next: His following comment sparked a conversation on his ultimate goal.

But you cannot intend things the way you want 'em to be. Smirking, she said, "You didn't think this up? A game of 'wrongfully accused'? They, along with Alistair Krei, were a part of my secret outfit to rebuild the Apparatus when I told everybody I was reformed.

A project on residual payment of the workers union that I like to call 'the people's silent partner'. Every time some citizen bought a pound of hamburger, we got a nickel and we gave it them. Every time some guy got a haircut, we got a dime and we gave it them. And every time someone donated his blood to the hospital, we got a dollar and we gave it to them. All by controlling unions.

It's sorta like a backwards deposit. They were like my own version of the rotary club and the Chamber of Commerce. But it was not their deaths last evening that ended my involvement with 'em.

It was lot earlier than that. So do Lips, Breathless, 88, Spaldoni and Texie. I didn't know what Callaghan's problem was, but all he ever said was that the criminal network was all thoroughly a cheat in life. For some reason, he and Hamada never spoke to me again and I thought that it was unjustified to leave us-invalids in our time of need to fit into this oh-so perfect society of American and Japanese combustion.

Or, so I have been told. The kind of enterprises we understand. I gave the secret outfit what they wanted, whether it was protection from bullying or a fund to the American Cancer Society.

But it was a big mistake on my part, so I wrote a serious demand to make them think twice before crossing the line with gangsters, but they never answered me and I did not hear from anyone else about them ratting off on my enterprise system. Lips and I were still makin' profit-" He trailed off to observe the stolen documents which were locked away in the safe. Their turncoat behavior along with Tracy putting an end to my old business preyed upon my mind and created a vision: A new San Fransokyo where everyone is completely imperfect.

Public is like all of us; ugly, discriminated and twisted," Big Boy said. It seemed to me the best way to do it-and to free you all from the same burden of social outcasts-was to get us all face to face, make our business with the rogues of this nation, wage war on the law, confront Dick Tracy and his Major Crimes Squad, detract him of his rights and punish him along with the rest of everyone who's been so mean to you. Even if it was a bomb.

His wife died of cancer and he had a daughter, didn't quite catch her name, who um I was at the movies when it happened. Big Boy's reply was irreverent. Now that they have accepted the big sleep, we can just move ahead and carry on with the plan.

A while later, Breathless was alone in her dressing room, gazing at the bulb-lined maquillage mirror and observing the portions of her makeup that was smudged by her tears and raindrops from being in the deluge for two hours. As she stared at her guilty facade, she thought about Tadashi. Her face seemed to harden, almost bursting into tears at any moment.

She heard the door open and knew that it would be 88, about to comfort her with sweet nothings into her ears, but this time he did not. I didn't even get to say goodbye. All she said was, "Jealous much? At first, she thought that serving her best meals would be enough for the rainy afternoon as the skies grew darker with shades of black and grey, but halting the business only justified in disrespecting the dead or so she thought. Someone up there has got it in for me, I think it's fate.

Her jade pendant which represented protection from evil seemed to have failed her, and when Tadashi's research team comforted her with a cup of hot chocolate courtesy of Honey Lemon, the warm liquid consoled her throat and her bothersome stomach, her stress eating mood having calmed down. Surrounded by Honey, Go Go, Wasabi and Fred, she made peace compared to Hiro, who was sitting at the top of stairs, jacket removed and too depressed to speak to anyone else as he listened to the various comments and statements about Tadashi that resonated from the living room.

He heard Chief Brandon's voice, almost sounding as though he was talking with the Crimestoppers as he said, "The worst thing about this is that Tadashi will never get to be at my retirement party. When my father died, Mother and I had to mortgage the deli. Tess continued to ramble. Sora's voice was broken. It'll help with the pain.

Tadashi's room was all that was left to him, now that his brother, his dreams and their future had vanished overnight. He looked at the journal on his desk and flipped to his latest entry with weak loathing and strong denial, writing slowly, "I'm gonna go celebrate with Tadashi and his friends. I can't wait to start classes! Preserving it as a sign of what almost was, he turned to the next page and violently scribbled a black void of emptiness to represent the emptiness, sorrow and acrimony in his heart.

After purging the two pages into darkness, Hiro went to the next page and placed a few items in the last moments he had with his brother: Tadashi's obituary from the Tribune, and a violet rosemary from the funeral to symbolize the essence of remembrance.

It was pressed and wilted with tape as he placed it on the new page, writing underneath it: I just can't believe it. He was sitting at the foot of his bed when Aunt Cass came in an hour later after everyone else had gone home. Why did he have to go in there? Why couldn't he stay with me? We can't all be immortal. If there was a way to be immortal I would find it like the genius I'm supposed to be! Tadashi and I could even find a cure to stop people from dying of cancer.

If I just held on a little longer…he would still be with me. Cass could hardly believe what she was hearing as he sobbed quietly, forming small, indescribable tears. After she left the room, a newfound thought and motivation came into Hiro's mind. He turned back to his journal and wrote an additional eleven words under his last entry: Guests from high estates were greeted by the round faced mustached bouncer who wore a bottle green uniform as a waiter in a red jacket trimmed with black and gold parked a limousine near the periphery of the private garage.

For the kitchen staff, it was one of those nights where the orders were frantic and they did their best to cook whatever food was already prepared in the stove, fridge and oven, not having that much of a capacity since the opening night many years ago. The showroom of the club was decorated with a black marble dance floor, with a stage for the band, a red carpet floor surrounded by glass and chrome fittings, three lanterns, cream white walls, a bar table on the left and a red ceiling.

A caravansary of fifty-eight people played roulette and blackjack games in the back, losing money over a charity fund for the two victims of the fire and a revolving wall with a table for two on one side and a 21 table on the other appeased two socialites for its functions.

big hero 6 meet tadashi shoji

Cigarette girls passed out chips and cigarettes with trays that could easily be flipped without spilling the contents and a slot machine located on the right was also attached to a revolving wall.

It was the perfect place for a modern day speakeasy. The orchestra, consisting of two saxophonists, two trumpeters, a drummer and a guitarist with 88 Keys leading on the piano, were warming up for Breathless' upcoming performance with an instrumental rendition of "Cocktails for Two", followed by "I Get a Kick Out of You".

Breathless, on the other hand, had been sitting at the mirror in her dressing room for ten whole minutes, applying her red lipstick and face powder for a ghostly complexion. Her hair shimmered with a pinch of glitter and so did the sequins on her skintight backless black gown. She had been practicing and memorizing her new song for almost four hours, making sure that not a single lyric was to be missed, all the while feeling like she was about to make her farewell performance.

big hero 6 meet tadashi shoji

She frowned and pouted at her reflection in the mirror, scraping at it with her right index nail, but did not leave a permanent scratch, assuming that Big Boy who had gone home with the other criminals to their apartments would not approve of a lounge singer trying to undertake the beauty of a film actress.

Despite this, she put on a strong face for Tadashi and when 88 came knocking on the door saying "Five minutes to show time," Breathless stood from her perch and strode her way to the dance floor.

There she was bathed under an ocean blue spotlight and gazed out at the unrecognizable faces that were either too busy gambling in the back to notice her or were fixated on her appearance. She almost had stage fright as she stopped for second before the bandstand, having second thoughts as she saw Lips at his favorite table like always, eating a plate of oysters with small slurps that turned loud with cringe-worthy efforts. Keys handed the DPA microphone over to her as he set up his own mike, a portable one, for the radio broadcast.

When Breathless reached the center of the stage, he tapped the microphone sitting on the cover of his piano and made the announcement as he always did. The crowd went silent as feedback from the tapping attracted their eyes and ears. Then, ever so smoothly, poured the hurtful lyrics into the microphone. Lost in thought, she remorsed on the depressing background of her torch number.

The power of her voice was growing stronger with emotion as she continued with the lyrics. But the path I seek is hidden from me now There was no way he could bring Tadashi back through scientific means, and he knew that whether it be cloning or robotics, was futile.

Or at least that was what he thought, because now he was on his own, in the night, the second night without Onii-chan to comfort him. But by putting his thoughts to focus on the positive side of his energy, remembered back to the times when he and Tadashi were carefree and happy. Doing things like, observing the Tech showcase from afar, building that bouncy bed or even building rocket boots for Mochi.

I let you down This only proved to be half correct, as Tadashi was the one who turned Hiro's bad dreams into good ones. Onii-chan was very strict, but very loving, which how he ended up at the institute in the first place.

If he hadn't gone there in the first place, Tadashi would still be alive but his words was firm that he do something with his brain and it was his intelligence that paid the price.

big hero 6 meet tadashi shoji

No hope, no future…" Hiro, lost in darkness with no energy or motivation to live for, saw nothing in his life but gloom and doom. Then he went unhappily to sleep in the comfort of his room as the raindrops vanished away from the windows. But I can't see another way. I can't face another day…" Finishing her song with a strong exhalation of her lungs, Breathless gave a standing ovation and an applause from the patrons, the staff and the band members.

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To them, it was her best performance yet, despite the short nature of the song. She walked across the dance floor over to Lips' table and sat down on his right side where he slurped the last oyster.

At least she would not get to see him eat loudly this time, she was more interested in the 14 karat gold case of cigarettes that he had been saving for her on the table. The case was already open with eight cigarettes placed on each side and she grabbed the first one on the left. Relaxed, Breathless inhaled and blew a smoke ring over her hair.

Lips found it classy while she herself appeared uninterested, remembering that Tadashi was one of those "anti-smoking activists" who never had a weed of tobacco in his life. After Big Boy pulls this job off with the benefactor, I'm gonna get you a movie deal. You'll be a lot happier on the big screen where they can see you and it'll make you a lot famous than you are now.

After Big Boy turns this burg into our haven for the invalids, the mutants and the outcasts. For now, we've just gotta lay back for a few days after the dust settles, hire some new recruits and we'll be back in business. After three seconds of silence, Breathless asked, "You mind if I go to bed? Gogo was prone to twisted ankles and wrists from getting a bit too fast on her magna-skates. Honey got scrapes and bruises from getting close enough to fight hand-to-hand rather than with her chem bombs.

Wasabi had had his blades turned on him once or twice before Hiro came up with a failsafe to shut the lasers off.

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Fred had, in true Fred fashion, managed to burn himself on his flamethrower and sprain his ankles from landing poorly after his "super jumps". Baymax usually just had to deal with battery shortages or the occasional slight tear in his vinyl exterior still fixed, as he originally did, with tape. But Hiro seemed to get the brunt of it all.

In the course of just six months, he'd been kidnapped, had broken bones, been knocked out several times, had to get stitches for various lacerations, and just generally kept Baymax very busy caring for his health. All their enemies, all the people who decided to commit crime in San Fransokyo, had seemed to learn, very early on, that attacking the youngest, smallest member of Big Hero 6 would cause the others to panic and become either too distracted to fight back or super focused to try to keep Hiro safe.

And Hiro usually came out of it worse for wear. Standing no chance to win but, We're not running, we're not running "Gogo, any chance you've got an extra disk I can borrow?! And being a target for bullies and villains alike. And not thinking straight when in the middle of a battle or when adrenaline was running high. Case and point, he was now falling into a recently-exploded building. Luckily with Baymax, unluckily without working suits. Just before the bomb went off, Baymax's wings had been disabled okay, so Hiro didn't realize just how badly ice can screw with wings and they'd begun to fall.

So, he tried to find a way to fix it, knowing Gogo was the closest and that he could chip at the ice with the disk. Unfortunately, she did not take this well.

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After she disconnected her comm, Hiro found himself and Baymax, thank Kami for the robot's ability to soften falls crashing through the top floor of the building, along with floors ten to four, finally landing on floor three. Hiro shook himself off, trying to calm his racing heart, then turned to check on Baymax.

Run an internal scan. I do not think, I know. Kami, I should make you a chip for that…. Gogo stormed in, taking a quick glance around for blood before locking eyes with the teen. Sure enough, she confirmed that his ankle was fractured and turned to Baymax for ideas on making a splint. Gogo started hunting around for materials, even as Baymax continued, "I would advise moving to a safer place before—" "No time," both humans bit out, Gogo annoyed and Hiro starting to really feel the fracture.

The fire from the explosion was beginning to spread. The elder finally found a few flat metal pieces and laid them against Hiro's ankle, demanding gauze from the robot and wrapping everything up. She stood up, hands on hips, and nodded after studying the teen once more. Now, what's up with the walking marshmallow? The robot blinked at him, but nodded. It didn't take a genius to realize that the combination of the explosion, the fire, and the impending collapse of the building they were in was causing Hiro to flashback to the showcase.

Gogo spun for a moment, taking in the entire floor as fast as possible, before pointing. Another echo, this time recognizable as a thud, sounded, even closer than before. Wide-eyed, Hiro and Gogo shared a look. In the smiles we cast each other, My sister, my brother Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and Fred were outside the building, still trying to find the last few bombs while the police began to rope off the area, when the explosion went off.

All three spun towards the noise, eyes widening when they spotted the purple, red, and yellow streaks arcing towards the destroyed building. She pointed at the burning building. Given this guy's placed his bombs very strategically…. Honey continued, "He's trying to force an earthquake.

Baymax steadied the two just in time, scanning both them and the structure they were in. He stood among the flames, wearing a special suit to keep from getting burned, along with a helmet that kept the heroes from knowing what he looked like. Hiro caught on to what he meant. You could level the city doing that! And what do you gain from that? They could tell from his tone that the man was smirking.

You really shouldn't be surprised any more by the things people will do to fulfill their goals. The man seemed to lock his gaze on the younger. Without Gogo's support, his bad leg gave out on him, leaving him trapped where he was until either Baymax or Gogo could come help.

But given the flames now between them, it'd take some time before they could get to him. Even worse, the man was coming towards him. The man was close enough now that Hiro could see through his mask. He was rolling his eyes. Or deafening the police in her worry. Although we have no obligation to stay alive A tremor shook all four of the people—well, three people and a robot—in the building.

Gogo and Baymax were knocked to the floor, Hiro winced when his arms gave out and his fractured ankle hit against the ground, but the man who'd planted the bombs appeared almost unaffected. In fact, he lunged forward with the shaking and snatched Hiro by the shoulder, pulling him up to a stand.

Or, a lean, really, as the young teen still couldn't balance on his own. The man chuckled, tugging Hiro closer. If it weren't for the man's hold on his arm, Hiro likely would've been thrown by the explosion, small though it was, due to how close it struck. The floor between them and Gogo and Baymax was gone. The two heroes were nowhere to be seen. On broken backs we beg for mercy, we will survive Hiro was given no time to panic, to mourn, to process what had just happened.

His eyes were still wide, locked on the spot where the floor, his friends had been. The man pulled him along, and he fumbled after, trying and failing to get his feet under him or keep weight off his fractured—likely closer to broken, now—ankle.

It was the pain that jolted him back to the present. The man didn't even break his stride. Sadly, he simply had to keep tripping after the man. The hell I'll stay out of—! Didn't anyone ever teach you begging's a sign of weakness? You're just dragging those other so-called 'heroes' down, aren't you? Just humoring you, aren't they? The man's smirk grew, and he leaned in close to hiss, "Then save yourself for once.

I won't be left here, Behind closed doors Gogo coughed as she stumbled to her feet, bracing against a wall. There was too much dust to see, though she certainly tried, blinking and squinting through the rubble. He was staggering, deflated entirely in an arm and leg from tears, and his head wobbled more than usual. One finger on his intact arm rose. Still, she quickly spotted an open window and noticed the drop was safe in their gear.

Hiro's probably outside already. She complied, rolling her eyes, as the robot tottered over the edge and bounced a few times upon landing. Baymax glanced back up towards her. She finally pulled away, looking Gogo over for injuries before another thought came to mind.

Wasn't he with you? He didn't meet up with you guys?! We thought—I thought that he had already gotten out. He couldn't see anything around him; the room he was in was pitch black, so he went to stand. When he brought his arms back down, he attempted to feel out how big the room was, but the most he could manage was right angles at his elbows. He felt like one of those street-performer mimes, locked in an invisible box.

But this box was real. Solid walls, on all sides of him, and he couldn't seem to find the door handle at all. Even worse, he could still smell the smoke from the fires just outside. Oh, god, there was smoke coming in and he didn't have much room and was it getting harder to breathe? It can't be getting harder to breathe, it's been barely a minute since he was locked in here, right? So he's probably fine, right, just—just panicking and he should really stop panicking but he couldn't get his breathing regulated and he was gonna breathe in too much smoke and weren't you supposed to get as low as possible with smoke or is that cold air no it had to be smoke smoke is warm and warm air rises and maybe it works for both?

Hiro tugged at his hair, squeezing his eyes shut and trying to shut up his stupid, panicky brain. But it just wouldn't stop. For all the room he didn't physically have, his thoughts were taking up way too much of it. Oh, man, now he wasn't even making sense with his rational thoughts. He was so screwed…. Flames dance on crashing waves, Guiding ships who've gone astray "Ay, dios mio! And the same old officer came up to them. The officer wouldn't budge. Gogo rolled her eyes.

The other two and Baymax quickly followed, all five ducking behind a nearby building before Fred let go of his hold on Gogo. It had come down to either her, Baymax, or Wasabi, but they decided that Baymax would not be able to lie effectively and Wasabi is just a terrible liar that the police, even the asshole cop, would be able to see through in, like, two seconds.

Why they didn't choose Fred, given his propensity towards being distracting, was because he was the only one, other than Baymax, that could get up to the third level.

Since Baymax would, frankly, probably be too heavy to be held by the burnt and damaged floors, it was decided that Fred would head up and let down a rope or something for Gogo and Wasabi.

Baymax would remain on the ground as their lookout if Honey couldn't keep the police occupied. Surprisingly, their plan worked well.

Fred got inside, found something to toss down for them to climb, and they began hunting through the third floor. Like he did with all of your projects! Lost teen to find? But no one thought to check the tiny closet door, even as they each passed it in their search.

Than talk in circles, run in place, Answers are inches from our face Hiro couldn't control his breathing. He couldn't hear anything but his pounding heart and failing respiratory system. He couldn't think of anything but his impending death by suffocation or smoke inhalation or bad concussion, given how his head was still throbbing from earlier. And, oh, God, his ankle. He couldn't feel it any more, and he had a terrible feeling that that was a bad thing and that if he looked down, it'd be gnarled and twisted and mangled beyond repair and he'd never be able to walk again.

If he even survived. He was going to die locked in a closet. An itty, bitty, filled-with-unnecessary-amounts-of-cleaning-supplies janitor's closet that was musty and probably hadn't been used in years before this jackass locked him in here. How'd he even get a key for this stupid closet, anyway?! Like, really, is someone just handing out skeleton keys to anyone, or just to insane villains-to-be?! Shouldn't the police be on this and stopping all this obviously dangerous key-swapping?!

Way to drop the ball, cops. Hiro'd be talking to Sergeant Gerson about this one, that's for damn sure. And, dammit, now his breathing was even worse, hitching in places where previously it had just been wheezy. Yeah, seems suffocation's pulling ahead in the race for how he'll die. Where was back-up when he needed it? Although we have no obligation to stay alive "Seriously, you're starting to become a nuisance," the very annoyed, very unhelpful officer was groaning to Honey as she continued to blather away.

It was so hard not to laugh. It's likely that the bomber mixed his own chemical blend for his explosives. That tint isn't normal, even in home-made bombs! Maybe he didn't remember his chemistry lessons? Nope, he was just trying to find another reason to arrest her. Maybe next you'll tell him exactly how often you blow up our school lab, where dozens of unwitting students are at any time of day? All her explosions were contained to her individual section of the lab, which every student had been informed to avoid unless wearing the proper personal protective equipment!

Gonna answer me any time soon, or will I need to take you in for questioning? We've all looked into home-made weapons after that near-fatal frag attack last month.

Still, you're gonna have to evacuate like the rest of your team. I'll be there in a moment. Thanks for listening, though! Either way, no one was focused on the building her friends were all in. On broken backs we beg for mercy, we will survive His leg was definitely destroyed. He could totally see bone. Oh, God, he was gonna throw up. He was gonna vomit in a tiny, non-ventilated room. He was gonna die in a pile of vomit with a completely wrecked foot. This was not how he planned to go out.

Sure, it was something he and his brother had only ever talked about on the anniversary of their parents' deaths or when nightmares got particularly bad or when they'd had a scary movie marathon. And maybe he'd had a few too many of those types of thoughts since Tadashi died. And yes, Baymax was trying his hardest to keep Hiro from going down that particular train of thought lately, but still. Things happened, the brain makes connections we don't want it to all the time.

He'd always thought he'd have some big, public, impressive death. A robotics project gone wrong, maybe, or, before Tadashi died, an explosion, and there was always the chance of an earthquake getting him, or even the BART or trolleys, especially with how he tended to race through the streets without really looking.

But, no, he was hidden away, going out with a whimper instead of a bang. He wanted a bang, dammit. Well, no, what he really wanted was for his damn rescue squad to come find him like they'd done so often in the past. Really, what was the use of having friends if they didn't come to help you in your worst, scariest moments?

Tadashi was totally wrong about them. Okay, no, no he wasn't, but still, they should've found him by now. Sure, his comm was shot, and his tracker was fried, and he didn't have Baymax nearby, and Baymax sometimes had trouble scanning through walls or doors, but still. How hard was it to find one teenager? Something shook his tiny room. The roof was starting to cave, dust and debris dropping down on him and starting another coughing fit, but his voice was so shot from his ragged breathing that he could barely hear it himself.

Hiro blinked at that thought. Oh, God, that was why no one had found him, wasn't it? Because he couldn't call out, and who'd think he'd hide in a tiny closet, they all knew he preferred larger areas. He lunged forward for the door again, trying to bang against it, but he landed on his bad foot and took a tumble to the ground, whimpering and sniffling in pain, not even able to lift a hand to bang on the door.

He was going to die here alone. I won't be left here, Behind closed doors "This sucks, guys," Gogo grumbled. She brought a hand up to run through her hair, but merely brushed against her helmet before growling and slamming a fist into a nearby wall.

Wasabi and Fred glanced over at her, both looking concerned, though for different reasons. Wasabi was obviously worried about the stability of the building they were in, that the place was gonna come down on top of them and that's if the fire didn't get them firstwhile Fred was more anxious that Gogo would wreck the place before they found their little leader. Hell, he probably got snatched by the bastard that blew this place up!

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I mean, this—this is Hiro. He'd—He'd figure out a way to get free, right? Sure, their leader was a genius, a certified robotics expert, and likely miles ahead of everyone else as far as academics came, and sure, he had crazy street smarts from his years of working the underground bot fighting scene. But he was still a kid, and he still got in trouble, and every villain they've faced has taken advantage of his small stature and his negligible weight.