Brigade meet me at my funeral crash

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brigade meet me at my funeral crash

My experiences over the past 17 years have changed me. heard, and felt in that time have left me with new thoughts about life, death, and. A seven-year-old girl killed in a car crash at Yallourn North, in eastern as a " beautiful girl" as her local community raises funds for her funeral. "Just a horrendous event, and something we never want to see," "Everyone, be it from the ambulance, fire brigade and police who News in your inbox. In reality I was clothing myself in death. I thought it would make a great epitaph, as I was sure that I would see my friends and family Roleplay foR SuRvival A crash course on infantry structure is in order: • Four infantrymen are a team. A full brigade is made up of three infantry battalions and their attachments ( including.

I'm so grateful to them for finding them because the outcome could have been a lot different. Thank you for turning up promptly to try and stop a neighbours repeat offender escapist dog doing the same to someone else's dog or worse, to a scared child! And for understanding that a dog does not have to be aggressive but simply choatic to be dangerously out of control.

I thank you for trying to talk sense into the undeserving dog owner. Not only did they attend very quickly which was really appreciated, as this enabled the driver found in a nearby house and then subsequently arresting him.

A fantastic result getting a driver that is clearly a danger to the public. But throughout, they were both pleasant, calm, courteous and understanding. They explained everything that was going to happen and maintained their promise to update all. Which they did diligently. All traits that is expected of police officers, however, to get this service in a time of turmoil in a small village which had a huge impact was a true credit to the constabulary.

Tea and cakes available anytime you are passing. The only thing that could have been improved was PC Cautrills Beard needing a trim. Also noted was the lack of response from local cops. Clearly busy at the time. Kettles on when passing. We had a great relationship in the past with the Police and wish to do so in the future. It is good to see the Police back on early intervention and in the community. Tom Hyland, Beeston Just restored all faith in our police PC Faulkner is a credit to Notts police.

They pulled over a red car full of drunken men who threw bottles at other cars, both at the services, and on the M1. The men were also making vulgar remarks at all other nearby people. I thought that they were brilliantly efficient and caught the men very quickly. It was most pleasing to see justice being served. He was absolutely fantastic, he was calm, handled the situation with ease and was my knight in shining armour.

I would like to thank him most profusely, I was a wreck when he arrived and thanks to him was calm and collected by the time he left. Anonymous, West Bridgford Our house was broken into whilst we slept and our car, computers, handbags and purses stolen. PC Sanders and PC Dean immediately attended our property that morning when we called for help and supported us through the immediate aftermath. PC Copley has supported us afterwards in keeping us updated with the arrest and impending trial of a suspect as well as providing and offering other sources of victim support.

A huge thank you to them, and the entire police force, for such prompt and effective support. We were so impressed and humbled by how respectful, empathetic, attentive, supportive and authentically caring these three officers have been and PC's Sanders and Dean were at the end of their night shifts. This was a traumatic event for our family - but instead of feeling insecure and threatened we are left feeling blessed and fortunate to live in a community and society where security, personal property and safety are placed at such high value and treated so respectfully.

It is with a great deal of thankfulness and a degree of pride that, whenever I speak about this event, the first thing I can say is how excellent and supportive our police service has been.

This is because of who you choose to be as people and the values you represent together. My family cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us, what you represent and for what you continue to do for our community. Gareth Gibbon, West Bridgford August I ended up being stranded in Nottingham a city I have never visited before looking for somewhere to stay for the night due to my last train back home to London leaving some minutes before I arrived in Nottingham on a rail replacement coach from Derby.

Anonymous, Surrey After being assaulted, PC Fitzgerald handled my case and really helped me to bring it to a successful conclusion. All through the process I was kept fully informed and I would like to thank him for his understanding, time and patience in resolving the matter in a short time while still giving me time to think about my options.

Thank you for all your help, time and advice on resolving my case it was very much appreciated. Jack Thank you for taking the time to check my son was ok and for waiting with him until I arrived and explaining to me what initiative you were working on in Mansfield.

You were extremely courteous and helpful and a credit to the force - thank you for making Mansfield town centre a safer place for our young people. Louise Williams, Mansfield We would like to say thank you to all the officers who came out Monday 13th August when we found our next door neighbour had passed away suddenly.

They had to break in to confirm our fears. They were all very kind and helpful. Special thanks to the new P. Jackie Stirland, Mansfield PC Nicholls assisted in a neighbourhood conflict in Newark in an extremely thoughtful and dedicated manner. It is really impressing how hard-working and helpful police officers in Newark are. Anonymous, Newark July Thank you to the two police officers dealing with a vulnerable gentleman in Mansfield town centre at 9am.

They were very understanding and caring to the guy, who was heavily under the influence of something. Anonymous, Mansfield We arrived at Hickling Court to find our brother in law had died alone and probably a few days previously. PC especially showed such care and compassion to all concerned whilst performing the tasks she needed to.

She guided through what needed to be done, gently and reassuringly. Many Thanks for such help. Keep up the special work you do: Anonymous, Nottingham My son went missing Saturday night, the speed they attended to my house was phenomenal. The empathy, professionalism, speed in which they operated in helping me to keep me calm reasonably I was frantic was beyond words. The two officers were second to none in helping.

I believe they went above in beyond their job with their caring nature in helping. Luckily my son was found. Thank you so very much! You prevented what could have been a very different ending with my son and his safety. Tracey Crosby, Mansfield Woodhouse Both call handlers were very reassuring when I called to report a dog left in a car at Morrison's, Netherfield.

The Officers were with me in minutes and called me back to assure me they had made him delete the photo. Thanks for the prompt, efficient service and for reassuring me as I felt quite vulnerable. Anonymous, Gedling My wife and I were, along with many others, trapped in the tailback on the A1 following a fatal collision. We were there for approximately five hours in high temperatures. Despite the very difficult circumstances, we were very impressed with the way your staff dealt with the welfare of those delayed for so long.

The information provided by air support and on social media was very helpful and went a long way to calm a minority who were becoming agitated.

The distribution of water by officers was carried out efficiently, with good humour and also providing us with information.

Those involved should be proud of how they dealt with this incident. Anonymous, Cambridgeshire I tried to contain burglars inside neighbours house until police arrived but got attacked with a machete.

A police car took me to hospital. The officers arrived very quickly including a dog handler and dog, all of the team were fantastic and professional as well as sympathetic to our needs. We have been kept in the loop as to what is happening. Anonymous, Hucknall Lucy attended the sudden death of my mother and must be commended on the way she carried out her duty at a sensitive time. She was caring polite and professional and all the family would like to say thank you.

Alec Hoyland, Retford My car was broken down on the A46 slip road they drove past and then immediately came back to assist me. Moving my car and making it safe for not only me but other road users. Keeping me calm at all times and handling the situation with such professionalism and care and keeping, dare I admit, an old lady safe and secure.

Not only did they do this they knew that I had been waiting for the Recovery for over an hour and a half and was still some hours away.

brigade meet me at my funeral crash

They then out of the kindness of their hearts changed my tire for me something more than I ever would have expected. One of the poor officers cut his hand whist doing this but never moaned or complained and carried on. I was so worried however he just carried on and told me he would be ok. Once they changed the tire they then advised me of all the things I needed to do and then made it safe for me to carry on my journey. Linda Davies, Nottingham There was an incident were as I got into a friends car and accidentally banged another car.

The man said I damaged his care.

brigade meet me at my funeral crash

PC Bostock was fair, understanding and fully investigated the situation. So thank you officer. Anonymous, Bilborough June Thank you for your help and kindness at an upsetting incident for my wife, dog and myself. Could not have done more. Keith Wright, Newark I reported my 87 mother-in-law who suffers from demetia, missing. Within half an hour I received a phone call saying she had been located at Mansfield Bus Station.

PC Williams attended to check on her welfare. I want to say what a proffessional and caring attitude she displayed. I would also like to say thanks to the other staff involved, from the call handler to the sergeant who instigated enquiries.

Everyone was really helpful. The police get so much negative comments these days, it was refreshing that my experience was very different. Anonymous, Newark I would just like to commend all the officers involved in the search for Ryan Evans at Westport Lake over the past few days. I do not know Ryan or his family but as a mother, you automatically feel their pain when you know what the outcome is likely to be. Heartbreaking but thankful he has been found and now his family have the closure they need.

Wallet contained 2 bank cards, driving licence and railcard amongst other things, although the bank cards had been cancelled getting the other items back was a great relief and so, many thanks. Patrick Wilkins, Southampton I witnessed your amazing police officers trying so hard to save the life in a lady knocked down by the coach I was on today.

You responded quickly and worked exhaustively with the other emergency services and doctors for over an hour to save her but, as you know, she sadly did not survive her injuries. You are incredible people. Natalie Hickinbottom, Newark Whilst I was away from my property,my tenant reported a late night intruder, he described the police response to me as "almost instant"The house is large with extensive grounds.

A number of highly equipped officers were deployed and conducted a thorough search of the immediate area. This is particularly gratifying and reassuring when there is so much pressure on local forces and I wish to express my appreciation to all concerned.

My brother was reported missing yesterday and the officer I spoke to I'm so sorry I didn't write his name down was kind and helpful and took great care not to alarm me while also letting me know that the police were taking his disappearance seriously. You found him on a roundabout in Gamston, I think, in the early hours of this morning.

Thank you for finding him. Sarah Ingram, Cambridge I would like to pass on my thanks to the officers who attended the road traffic incident at lunchtime today. Their care and consideration for them helped to make a very difficult experience far less traumatic than it might otherwise have been. Both are now recovering at home. Anonymous, Newark Thank you for helping my dopey mother after she had managed somehow to get herself stuck in her bedroom, I am sure this probably isn't within the police budget or job description.

Mind you it could have been worse as 3 days before she got herself stuck in the bath. That would have been too traumatic for the officer, I am still traumatised from that sight. I swear that is the only 2 times she has ever been stuck somewhere she doesn't make a habit of it. Anyway thank you again for coming to rescue her. Jane, West Bridgford I would like to thank both officers who attended to me when I was going through a mental health breakdown.

Thank you so much for your help and humanity that I was shown by your officers. Anonymous, Nottinghamshire I wanted to show my appreciation to the great work you are all doing every day in what is currently a very difficult and dangerous time we are all living in. I saw a video earlier on Facebook with a police interview regarding the Nottingham shootings over the last few days and was sad to see so many negative comments. I unfortunately have had to use your services over the last couple of years due to a violent ex partner that contiunely breaks his restraining orders.

Every time I have needed the police you have been there quickly and have helped me feel safer again. Your all doing a great job and just wanted to say thank you for being there! Anonymous, Nottinghamshire I would like to thank all officers on duty at the ceremony. Their attitude, behaviour and care was exemplary. Several, especially those who were armed officers were subject to verbal abuse by members of the public. All of whom continued to carry out their duties in a discrete, efficient and professional manner.

As a family member of a serving Royal Navy Reservist I have attended many military events, ceremonies and parades in towns and cities, including the capital. This has provided me with much experience of the support these events have from local constabularies across the country.

I have come to realise that this support is highly valued and and the use of all ranks and branches of the police force, including armed officers is now absolutely necessary. I took the time to thank several officers including a PC who took the time to have a conversation with me on the day, Sadly I cannot remember his collar number. As I feel that the public are very quick to criticise and slow to praise, please accept my gratitude for the support of each and everyone of the officers on duty.

These events could not go ahead without your support.

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Anonymous, Derbyshire May Can you please express my appreciation to everybody who was involved in this incident. Particularly the operator and the two officers who attended my daughters house. Fortunately a good outcome and, as her father, I really appreciate the effort of everybody concerned and would be grateful if you could pass on my personal thanks. Anonymous, Nottingham A PC and colleague assisted us after a road traffic accident, we would like to thank them very much for their care, attention.

Thank you for the way you handle the situation with care and compassion. A WPC had attended a call and unrelated to the call she found that the householder had no electricity on one of the coldest nights.

During the course of her enquiries she nipped out to a shop and topped the man's electric card from her own pocket. Can I just say, she and all you guys are heroes and we in Britain are lucky to have you all.

Best wishes to all on the Force and keep up the good work. Your officers were friendly; they smiled and said "hello" to us which was very much appreciated. I travel all over to support my beloved Luton Town F. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated.

Gale Walker, Rutland April On 23 April these officers visited me and sat and spoke to me during a very difficult time after receiving a notification from my brother that I may be in jeopardy.

They showed great patience and empathy and I and my brother are very grateful for this. I feel that went beyond the normal call of duty and consider them a credit to the Notts Police force.

I thank them for their patience and understanding and wish them well for the future Anonymous, Nottingham My housemates and I would like to say thank you to the lady police officer who came to our house on Saturday morning to assist with a domestic disturbance. Your cool, calm and collected manner was greatly appreciated and your professionalism did not go unnoticed!

Thank you very very much for helping us out of a pickle! Anonymous, Nottingham The officer helped me to find my mobile phone that someone had stolen from Nottingham Forest Park and hid it in another park. Many thanks to the officer and I appreciate all the help you gave me. Also, thank you to all the officers at Oxclose Station Lane. Osama Ahmed Ismail, Derby Last night we had a problem with The Stage Hotel and i would like to say thank you to the two police officers who attended and helped us in finding alternative accommodation.

Without their help we would have been stuck, they were both invaluable to us and so thanks very much, we really appreciate the help. He was really friendly and put me at ease, and I really appreciated it!! He called at our home to take details of the incident. My wife was extremely upset with recent events and the officer dealt with the matter in a sympathetic and humane manner. This was to detract from the fact he had only come to see my wife and thereby avoid any embarrassment to her.

I believe this was beyond the call of duty. Thank you PC for the way you dealt with my wife. You showed a level of understanding and sympathy that my wife needed.

She realises that she had acted stupidly and you could have been harder on her but you took the time to understand her recent problems and acted accordingly. Your actions have confirmed to me what I have always believed, that we have the best police force in the world and this country would be in a sorry state without the police to protect us.

Once again, please accept my sincere thanks. Anonymous, Nottingham March PC and his partner attended the scene of my accident yesterday on the Newark round-a-about on the A They were there straight away and removed my car out of danger, and reassured my friend and I.

I was really impressed by the way they dealt with everything and am so grateful they were there. Many thanks for your assistance and kindness. You do a brilliant job. Kay Howard, Northants When walking home I noticed two police officers playing football with some kids on Arkwright park field.

Anonymous, Meadows I found a man's wallet and although it was not an emergency, whoever I spoke to helped find the man and reunite him with his ID, personal bank cards and business bank cards.

Thank you so much: I think you do a fantastic job, very varied, very random and extremely difficult at times. Marie Annan-Forson, Bulewll I was watching day time tv and a lady was promoting her book about supporting domestic violence. One of her comments was how much help you got from the local police force depended on your area. I did not realise this, I assumed it was a national way of dealing with it. I want to say a huge thank you as you have helped me to help my husband who has been to counselling and is a far better person and thus would not have been achieved if I did not have the backing of Nottinghamshire Police who take the issue in hand.

Thank you x you have helped me quite a few tines with this matter xx Anonymous, Nottinghamshire February We were stranded on the A1 for almost three hours.

We could not stop to thank the officers involved, but I have told many people how brilliant they were. I hope their contribution can be recognised. They did a great job. Thanks for making a difference and being so professional in handling a very difficult situation Stella Peace, Bedfordshire Just wanted to say thank you to a lovely Officer that stopped for me when my car broke down on University Boulevard earlier on tonight. He was so nice and made sure I was safe and was very helpful and friendly.

Well done, I am very grateful for your help. Karolina Kozak, Nottingham What a credit to the police force this lady sergent help us get safely off the A1 hard shoulder on Saturday night at The officer went out her way to be extra helpful"" Well done Nottinghamshire police. A lorry drifted from lane 1 clipped me in lane 2, spun me and pushed me about m down the motorway. The whole team were so professional and helpful and took control of the whole situation - I was in shock and could barely remember my name.

Their assistance gave me so much confidence and calmed me down completely. Special thanks to PC who was only on her 2nd shift and did a brilliant job of driving my unfamiliar car that was manual not the automatic she usually drives off the motorway and to safety. Many thanks from myself and my whole family. Keep up the great work, you are valued and appreciated. Cara, Essex I wrote a letter of complaint to the police back in Septemberas I didn't believe the offence against my son was taking seriously.

However, action was taken afterwards, and PC Porter did a great job and the supposed carer was found guilty of assault by beating. Thanks to the professionalism and commitment of PC Porter vulnerable adults are safer. Kathy Davies, Retford On 23rd January mid morning, I called to report a suspicious van and occupants knocking on doors and opening gates, the police car arrived whilst I was still on the phone and I was extremely pleased as it had made me very nervous, the operator was brilliant and to see the police car within minutes was a huge assurance that a great job is being done by these officers to keep us safe.

Thank you very, very much. Great response with speed - Thank you for keeping our neighbourhood safe. Anonymous, Mansfield Whist attending as an away fan to match on Saturday I slipped fell and bumped my head at half time - causing some bluefing -I was a little drunk. Two of your officers came over my initial thought been I was in trouble for been drunk I couldn't have been more wrong, sorry, they treat me with a dignity I maybe did not deserve and organised medical care to clean wound and to stem bleeding.

It was much appreciated, I'm sorry I can't remember their names, all I can remember is that they were both youngish a white taller officer and a black shorter officer both male. If you know who they were please thank them for me. Paul, Hull January On the afternoon of 25th Januarymy daughter and two granddaughters were involved in a road traffic accident near McDonald's, Bulwell, Nottingham. It was quite an impact and my two little granddaughters were understandably upset, one of them hurt, but not badly, thank goodness.

A fire officer stopped to help and phoned for the police and ambulance, who arrived quickly to deal with the situation. There weren't any major injuries but obviously it was quite a shock and upsetting for everyone involved. We dont know the officers names but my daughter said they were amazing, especially with the children, calming them, getting them something to eat and distracting them with a cartoon on the phone whilst dealing with the formalities.

I think they went over and above their duties and I am truly grateful to them and the fire officer who stopped to help. Their professionalism and most of all their kindness really should be commended. I rang not expecting much and was told to speak to a specially trained officer and I was offered an officer to come to my home that evening. I chose to go to the police station where the PC reassured me and calmly took my statement.

The policework which took place since then catching the man, arresting him, collecting evidence was all really good and I've been regularly updated since. It's not over yet but Nottinghamshire police have truly been wonderful and so kind.

Please tell the officers invloved in my case that I am really grateful for all their help and consideration. Anonymous, Nottinghamshire Thank you to the two officers for your help and continued support who responded quickly following a burglary at our home.

May the fond memories live on in our hearts until we all meet again I will never forget you Bill Worked and drank side by side throughout the Mediterranean ports. Got back in touch with him in the last couple of years after a 45 year " leave ". Can't believe you are gone. I will always remember you My heart is broken.

brigade meet me at my funeral crash

I will always hold in my heart all the love you and Joe showed us. You were our best friends. Thankfully the last few Saturday evenings we were able to spend time with you.

Meet Me at My Funeral

May her memory be a blessing. I will always cherish your kind words that you shared with me. I can only imagine what it's like to be with the almighty Lord and his angels in the Heaven above, the beautiful clouds and rainbow skies. Enjoy and fly high my beautiful Aunt. Sending you love and peace Artie would always say Hilda was a pioneer, a woman who was strong and determined all while being loving and kind. I pray for strength for Beth and Noelle during this difficult time.

May Hilda rest in peace and let her light continue to shine on through her children and grandchild. Very soon Jesus Christ will resurrect both the righteous and the unrighteous Acts I love and miss you and wish I was by you. I just couldn't be there. My heart hurts but I have to know you are at peace now.

I will miss our conversations and laughs, I know that you know I will miss you. These past days have been hard for me I wanted to be with you but it would be too hard to say goodbye. And I won't say goodbyewe will all be together one day. Love you kiss Lorretta I know you are both happy now. So many people will be with you Momma will be so happy and Josie and all family and cousins and you meet your Dad. What a celebration that will be.

You also left my beautiful neices and newphew and his family. You left a great legacy, I Love you, Your sister Grace and of course Vic also know the great man you are You will always be in my heart.

I love you both, I have always been proud of you. Mama made an unbelievable soul. You have left a wonderful legacy with your children and grandchildren. I am so sad at this moment, I only know you are where you are suppose to be. We will all meet again. I love you deeply and will see your pictures and then I will feel close. You are in peace now, this was your wish and it has been given. The only hard thing is I can't hear your voice anymore. I have know Hilda for over 58 years and during this time she was such a sweet and kind woman.

Her daughters and grandson were always the love of her life for when she spoke of them she was happier than ever. My sincere condolences go out to Noelle, Elizabeth, Joseph all who knew and love her. May you find comfort in your memories together and in God and his word the Bible. She helped me out so much when my Mother was sick, coming to visit as well as bringing Communion.

She was a sweet lady. She will be missed by many.