Can siri read a web page to meet

How to Read Emails, Articles, and Webpages on iPhone/iPad Using Siri

can siri read a web page to meet

Everything you need to know about setting up and using Siri, You can use Siri to find anything you would normally type into a web If you ask very nicely, Siri will even read to your kids — or even you, we won't With those restrictions in place, you won't have to worry about your kids seeing web pages. Siri Shortcuts can also work with Zapier workflows (called Zaps) to Paste your Zapier Webhooks URL into that box, then tap Done. . Siri will run the shortcut then say Done so you'll know it's finished. . When he's not writing, he's likely reading a new book or exploring random streets in a new city. Follow. Here's how to use Siri to read you a webpage so you don't need to read it yourself. She can tell you the weather, launch apps and give you sport scores See also: 12 awesome Instagram features you're probably not using.

In the Photos app, for instance, you select some images, tap the Shortcuts icon in the share sheet, and then pick the workflow you want to send them to. This works in Safari, too, and pretty much anywhere else. The output could be photos saved to your camera rollan email, a message, a file saved to iCloud Drive, etc.

It could be a translation spoken out loud by Siri. Or it could be all of these at once. Also, shortcuts built on the iPad sync to the iPhone.

[iOS Advice] How To Make Siri Read And Reply To Messages

Turn on your lights with HomeKit. Play that soothing song baby likes. Send your wife a message to order dinner.

can siri read a web page to meet

First, a look at the Shortcuts app. This is a blank shortcut. Cult of Mac On the left are all the actions you can use. Finally, at the top, on the far right, is a little double-switch icon that contains the settings for your workflow — its name, and some other important options. The list of actions is not complete. It just shows you a few coming actions. To force it to reveal everything, tap into the search field at the top.

How to get Siri to read you any webpage

Do it like in the screenshot below. To find the steps, just type the first few letters of their names, and drag them onto the gray canvas: Cult of Mac When you run a shortcut, the actions are executed from top to bottom.

Some work alone, and some accept input from the previous action or actions. Actions that get input or send output are connected to their neighbors with little lines, like a flow chart. Turn on lights Shortcuts can run any of your HomeKit scenes. In this example, it runs my Arrive Home scene, which I would have set up to turn on the lights, and maybe start the baby-milk-heating device.

In theory, I could also have this start the soothing music, but I want to show you how that works in the app. Order dinner This one really shows the power of integrating Siri with shortcuts.

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First off, Siri speaks the text prompt I set up: See how these two actions are joined? Cult of Mac Then, the Dictate Text action listens to me. This is just like regular Siri dictation, only it is triggered automatically. The next part is the neat part.

can siri read a web page to meet

To add it to your message, just tap to insert it. Also, be sure to toggle the Show When Run switch to off. This will send the message in the background, without showing it to you first. Also, I find the message-sending action a bit buggy. Make sure to use the one associated with their iMessage account. Play soothing music This final section plays the playlist of your choice. Adding the shortcut to Siri Finally, we shall add this shortcut to Siri. Each shortcut has its own settings. Cult of Mac In here you can give your shortcut a name, pick an icon, and choose several other options.

For today, we want the Siri Phrase. Tap that, and you can record a trigger phrase. Set up a workflow, then tell Siri what to do, and it can send emails and save contacts and more for you automatically. It's the first time you can teach Siri how to do whatever you want. Siri Shortcuts can also work with Zapier workflows called Zaps to connect your iPhone or iPad with over 1, business apps.

What Are Siri Shortcuts? Working on your phone often means switching between apps, carefully copying and pasting the data you want from one into another. Workflow was designed to move data and automate tasks for you. It copies data from one app—a new screenshot in Photos, a new contact in Contacts, or even your location from Maps—then runs actions on it.

It could turn your videos into GIFs, copy your to-dos into a notebook, and more. That app has been redesigned as Shortcutsnow an Apple app tied it deeply into iOS.

How can I make Siri read text on my iPhone?

Shortcuts today can grab your location, turn Do Not Disturb mode on or off, and run workflows from Siri. And, you can add Zapier to Shortcuts to connect your phone to over 1, of the most popular online work apps.

can siri read a web page to meet

Zapier is an online automation app that connects hundreds of popular business tools, including Salesforce, Stripe, Slack, and more. Make a New Shortcut with Dictation, Input, Clipboard, or an App Typically, you want Shortcuts to copy some text—a new task, note, contact, project, location, or anything else—and send it to Zapier.

And then from there, Zapier can send that data to other apps you use. The first thing your Shortcut needs is an action that will get the text or other info you want to send to Zapier.

There are four actions that do that in Shortcuts: Want to use Siri both to start the workflow and to add text to Zapier with your voice? Dictate Text is the option to choose. It lets you dictate a single note to Siri after a short pause. You can set a preferred language or have Shortcuts ask you every time. Add multiple Ask for Input actions with questions to add detailed info, with options to type text, select dates, and enter numbers.

This is the simplest option—it grabs whatever you most recently copied.

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Get, Search, or Find Actions from apps. Want to add data from other apps to Zapier? Search the action options in Shortcuts for actions that start with Get, Search, or Find, choose the app you want, then set its details to find the info you want from the app Or get creative. Want Siri to trigger a Zap without any input?

8 Things You Probably Didn’t Realize Siri Could Do

You could start those workflows in Shortcuts without any input and skip to step 2. Shortcuts may ask for permission to access your microphone or app data the first time you set up a Shortcut workflow. Accept it when prompted to make sure your Shortcut works. Make a new Zap, and choose the Webhooks app and its Catch Hook trigger. When prompted, copy the Webhooks link from Zapier either using the Copy to Clipboard button or manually.

Shortcuts needs that link to send your text from step 1 to Zapier. Go back to the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad. ChoosePOST from the options.

Then tap the field on the right and select the Dictated Text or Clipboard or whatever other option shows up from your first step at the top of your clipboard. Or, if you used multiple Ask for Input dialogs or are copying data from another app, you can add as many headers as you want to copy all that info to Zapier.

In the screenshot above, I started with a new contact as the first step in the workflow, then added headers for the first and last name and email. Then, on the right side of the headers, I tapped the Contacts button above the keyboard, and Shortcuts let me select the specific detail I wanted from the app.

can siri read a web page to meet