Cat lovers meet

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cat lovers meet

Sep 21, Here are seven of the top social networking sites on the net for cat lovers like us. This is a great site to go to meet other cat lovers just like you!. Dec 31, So where can you go to meet all these pet people? Even dog and cat lovers who don't have pets at the moment might be there, getting their. Here are seven of the top social networking sites on the net for cat lovers like us. This is a great site to go to meet other cat lovers just like you!.

How to Meet and Date Cat Lovers

Here are some ideas —some tried and true, some unusual, but all guaranteed to put you where the pet lovers are. Go where the pets are One of the best ways to meet people who share your love of pets is to volunteer at your local pet shelter or rescue group.

One volunteer option available through some organizations is working at local adoption events.

cat lovers meet

Adoption organizations participate in community adoption fairs in places that have lots of foot traffic. Pet lovers stop to check out the adoptable cats and dogs, ask questions and spend time with potential pets. After all, dogs need to spend time outside, and their people go with them.

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Spot a dog outside, and look — a dog person is attached, or at least close by. The easiest place to find dogs and their parents is a dog park. The fun setting can make for a more relaxed conversation.

If you have a particular type of dog, your area might have dog meetups — gatherings of dogs of specific breeds or interests, usually in a dog park or an open space, like a waterfront.

cat lovers meet

Walk your dog in different neighborhoods. You never know who you might meet.

cat lovers meet

Make a trip to the pet-supply store and visit the cat toys. If you are an avid cat lover, here are a few ways you can meet and date someone with a feline passion.

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Frequent pet stores Which is the first place that springs to mind that all cat lovers must drop in at, sometime or other — the pet store naturally? But if you have been discounting the socializing potential of this venue by imagining it as a small, chaotic and smelly place, hold on.

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These days pet stores are swanky hangouts where pet owners and their pets can browse for hours picking up specialized pet food, clothing and a whole variety of pet accessories. Other than that there are spas and salons all ready to indulge your Persian princess or Bengal tabby with a whole range of grooming services.

cat lovers meet

All these places could prove effective meeting points with other cat owners. Who knows while networking, you may get to meet friends of friends who are single and cat lovers or you may pick up a useful tip on a store which offers heavy discount on pet food. Essentially, the wider your circle of friends and acquaintances, the greater the possibility of their introducing to someone who is single and shares your passion for the felines.

Sign up with a dating site The internet is an incredible resource, not only for information and business, but increasingly for socializing.

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Sign up with a dating site which caters specifically to the relationship needs of cat lovers or generally pet lovers. Even a general dating site will do where you can mention your love of cats and clearly state that you are looking for someone with similar interests.

However be specific about the geographical area since a cat owner from the other end of the country or another continent would hardly be of use if you are looking for partners to date in real life. Similarly social networking sites can also bring you in touch with singles who share your love for pets in general and cats in particular.

Drop in on cat shows One of the best ways to meet single cat lovers is to attend pet shows and other events centered on similar interests. These are usually day-long events with games, competitions and prizes for different categories like the best performing dog or the best groomed cat which will be more suited to your socializing purposes.

Scour the local newspaper and radio stations to find out what animal-based events are being held in or around your city. Sometimes pet food companies organize promotional events which has its share of fun and games for both pets and their owners. Even general festivals and holidays held during the summer attract a healthy share of dog and cat owners who find it a good time to hang out with their furry companions.