Ccw silly mortals meet

Cuccinelli: UVA may not bar concealed weapons | VIRGINIA Magazine

ccw silly mortals meet

Explore Donna Partridge's board "Concealed Carry" on Pinterest. | See more The Well Armed Woman, Where the Feminine and Firearms Meet. Common. I've never met Nate before, but I know it's him (a) because I've seen his picture and (b) Open carry and concealed carry both serve this responsible use. .. but to her credit she didn't run out of the room screaming in mortal fear of her life either. She said, “Dad, that's silly, it isn't going to do anything.”. what to carry to 7/11, though some mortal combat may ensue there. It's a dual-use weapon, it works for urban assaults or low visibility concealed carry. .. The grip was made to be 9mm and not a 45 with funny magazines for 9mm. . guard meets the grip does a number on the skin of my middle finger.

Cuccinelli: UVA may not bar concealed weapons

You appear to be heading in the same direction. You have the room — have something shoulder mounted in there.

ccw silly mortals meet

I installed a locking Tuffy box under the seat of my Sierra and an AR, spare pistol, mags, mag carriers, holster, etc etc all fit in there nicely.

Will I ever need it? Man, I hope not. Why bother with the K gun in 9mm?

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You may need that rifle in a situation where the rule of law has broken down anyway. August 22, First, anyone who needs to engage bad guys and chooses a handgun over a carbine is a fool if a carbine is an option. CLEARLY, many of you have not been in serious life and death situations requiring fast thinking and hard decisions and if you think that hunter safety course and shooting rds a week at paper targets has you prepared — you better think again.

After reading these comments this is why I am a staunch supporter of serious mandatory firearms and legal training before anyone is allowed to carry a firearm outside of hunting. It terrifies me that some of you are running around with loaded guns. Some of you are overly meek — others appear ready and hoping for armageddon. Better to have a carbine than a handgun and it makes NO difference what you use when the chips are down unless your state has laws against it.

If they do get it or steal your vehicle, do you REALLY think your one carbine is going to make a big difference if bad guys end up with it? What if they break into your home and steal ALL your guns?

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What if, what if, what if???? Some of you should stay off these forums and just stay home. Preferably next to your cardigan and pink fluffy slippers.

Zero punctuation and spelling like a 1st grader? Take pride in all you do. Those are words to live by. Spoken like a guy who has never been and is bitter by those who truly have! It is a natural right for a person to defend themselves. The tyrants would make it so no one would qualify or they would make the right into a may issue and not a shall issue. That being said I have paid for firearm training.

ccw silly mortals meet

I have taken over eight days of classes for pistol and rifle in order to use them proficiently. Anyone that does not seek professional training with guns and owns them is unwise. Glocks are cool I guess, and cheap and all, but the 45 ACP ball round has a lot more punch than 9mm ball.

I seriously doubt that we will be still be using the same Glocks in 30 years like we did with the WWII A1s we never bought any more after as far as being a huge fan of Colt…. Evan marshal has books written on this subject read em. He is a expert if there is such a thing. Using a single handed quick shooting technique. Up close hand to hand combat. The is very effective in this role.

It is a big heavy powerful weapon in your hand. A devastatingly effective FMJ gram bullet, One shot on target and the threat is down. It has no doubt saved many officers and non-commissioned officers primarily an officer weapon in close quarter combat.

It is a proven combat weapon. Shoebox guns may or may not be around as long as but mine will always be my choice. Anyone want to volunteer as a target. Transitioned over to the 9mm. I would throw both in the trash if I had my weapons choice. Then move up to the But, the benefits of better accuracy, longer range, more knock down power out weigh these factors My experience comes from over 22 years in the Army actively using the 9 and 45 daily for my duty weapon and as a secondary for Embassy security, personal protection, executive protection and crowd control.

My CC weapon is a. I also carry a. A Gallup poll this month found 56 percent of Americans said the nation would be safer if more people carried concealed weapons. And remember, these are not illegal guns, but guns properly licensed for concealed carry.

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Guns are rarely used to kill criminals or stop crimes. That same year, there were 8, criminal gun homicides tallied in the SHR. Infor every justifiable homicide in the United States involving a gun, guns were used in 32 criminal homicides.

It also details, using the best data available on the national level, the total number of times guns are used for self-defense by the victims of both attempted and completed violent crimes and property crimes whether or not the use of the gun by the victim resulted in a fatality. The reality of self-defense gun use bears no resemblance to the exaggerated claims of the gun lobby and gun industry.

ccw silly mortals meet

The number of justifiable homicides that occur in our nation each year pale in comparison to criminal homicides, let alone gun suicides and fatal unintentional shootings.