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central texas vape meet

Explore Joey Seminara's board "VapeMeet Inc." on Pinterest. Favorite Vapors is located in north central Cincinnati in the heart of the Clifton Business district. . Mongoose versus Cobra – Houston, Texas – We'll admit it: we'd be tempted to. Vapor Dynasty Expo, The Ultimate business and consumer Vape Expo, Dates- Nov. th, San Antonio Event Center. SA, Texas. Sign Up Today!. I recently joined the Central Texas Vapors, and had the pleasure to attend my first vape meet with them. Have you ever been to a vape meet?.

Lumsden explained products to his soon-to-be family with skill and expertise. The couple flew back to Virginia, and they woke up the next morning to a text message from her mother asking if they would consider moving to Texas and opening a vape shop. Lumsden and his stepson took off on the half cross-country adventure and started looking for commercial real estate.

It took him about four months to find the space that he wanted, and he was going for a unique, higher-end look. He had the idea of a prohibition-themed shop before the got to Texas, and he found a location that was actually two businesses in one, prompting having to tear a wall down.

They were on a month-to-month lease with square-feet, and I signed a five-year with 1, square-feet. He started joining Texas vape Facebook groups, scouting and seeing what was going on with local shops.

Lumsden sent him a message, and before he even left Virginia he said that Quinn was helping him with information about San Antonio. Lumsden said that throughout the entire process, Quinn was integral of getting everything up and running.

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We consider our customers family. There are no high-pressure sales. My business partner there is former Army; my employee is former Marines.

We review omarcafini.info slurm ejuice!

Back at Exclusive Vapes, Lumsden said that he only carries products that he believes in, through testing and purchasing products for the shop that he has personally used. The shop does carry higher-end stuff like Limitless Mods and Manhattan v2s, rotating in high-end items once every one or two weeks. However, Lumsden admits that higher-end products are not his best sellers. Top sellers currently are variable voltage box mods where people can drip and tank and switch the wattage and get the perfect vape for them.

Exclusive Vapes also carries three e-liquid lines, including 18th Amendment, themed after the prohibition-style shop. The e-liquids she started creating in their lab at the time were better than almost any other e-liquids Lumsden had tried.

central texas vape meet

The first line was capped, so she created an additional line called Philosophy E-Juice. Then an employee went into that juice lab and began making cereal flavors, also better than any cereals that Lumsden had tried.

This is just not in their wheelhouse and is way too risky for any bank. I have seen the situation you are in before and want to help. Developing a pro-forma the financials is a waste of your time, BUT you should do one for YOU to guestimate what you reasonably project to get out of it.

central texas vape meet

ALL the material available on-line is generic which is why I developed forms and strategies specific to the Vaping Industry. I can help you flush out a Business Model and the pricing is on our site. Your city may be another story so tread carefully. We teach you how to craft that conversation. George Opened just over a month ago, barely made any sales online what so ever. Not making enough to even stay in business, only making enough to pay the bills.

If something does not happen really soon, my doors close really soon. I have gone to the swap meet in my local area twice, the last time is what made me the money to pay the monthly bills. No money left to get other products in. I am thinking that a brick and mortar shop would be better, but have no funds to do so at all. I need some serious help, as at the swap meet I killed the 2 other shops that had spaces their.

Do you have a business model or business plan? What kind of help can we offer? All 3 sale their own juice from 4. There is a nice retail space for rent on one of the busiest intersections centrally located for Could I compete using a nationally recognized juice I have been in smoke shop retail since 96 started as clerk eventually ran 9 stores at one time but never an owner currently have 34, total savings with the wife and myself free for the many hours needed per week we have no debt minimal bills no mortgage so should I move closer or run like hell thanks Jim admin Move closer.

central texas vape meet

In my world there is No Competition even though you may have competitors. Truly this space is large enough and even though it is getting more crowded, the strong WILL survive. Of the thousands of shops throughout the nation most are run by young, inexperienced operators and since I get a nationwide view I can see the tide shifting towards more experienced entrepreneurs.

I found a lot of Vape shops in Sac. What you may need is some guidance, which is where we excel. I am more than willing to learn more about your services and seminars to help point me in the right direction.

I could not get any of the links to work on the blog. I see the potential i am just looking for the right person to help me out and get me started with funds also the know how.

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We are new to the vaping world, but would like to offer our hometown a dependable, professional vaping experience. We would love to learn more about your services and seminars to help point us in the right direction. Here is the link to our programs: Are you looking for money or guidance, both or?? Jason Hello,my wife and I have 20k and were currently searching our area for a retail location. We are in N. We have found a e liquid distributor but we have not found a distributor for any other products.

We are hoping to open our doors in the next 90 days ,giving ourselves time for up-fit of the store we find. We are hoping to link up with someone to help us along. If you can assist us and perhaps you may have some in-sight as to which distributor s would work well for us,we are would be prepared to meet face face in the very near future. The money you have to work with is marginal since it is imperative that you keep something for reserves until you get started. We can help you with juices since we are opening a state of the art, fully automated FDA approved lab and will be operational in June.

WHAT is my business about? WHO is my customer? This space is getting competitive and most jump into stage three before they ever flush out stage one, which is to develop your strategy. So I was thinking of starting at a swapmeet until I could get enough experience and capital to open shop in retail.

What should I start with?


Ashli Weatherby I am wanting to open up a Vape shop in a small town on the outskirts of a larger city. I am wondering if it is possible to start a small business with that amount of money or if it is extremely unrealistic.

I have no idea what vendors to buy from but I am wanting something cost effective and good quality, I am looking into organic or natural liquids. I am ready to make this dream happen! The reality is, you may not be ready…yet. The amount of money is not enough and if you read the special report on opening a Vape Shop without money, one of the options is to work at a Vape Shop and gain as much experience as possible.

If you feel comfortable with knowledge and gain confidence you can then approach potential investors and partners to make your dream come true. Bryan I am a current vapor. I am interested in starting my own, but dont have the funds or the credit to do so. I want to do a lounge where people can buy mechanical mods as well as E-cigs kits, batteries, etc and have vape contests, a tasting bar and coil building bar.

I have it all thought ouot but no way to get funded. You can open a shop without money or credit—there is a special report on this site that address that- plus another that addresses lounges specifically.

You cannot run a business just with sales experience and we can help you along if you wish. We both have been vaping for a couple of years now. We have a lot of knowledge about vaping ,but we are not sure where to start. We need to secure the funds needed.