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Description. CGAC Jingle Bell Classic. November , HOST: Center Grove Aquatic Club (CGAC). LOCATION: Center Grove High. Yd Breast, , 13, 11/16/, IN CGAC Jingle Bell Class 10/6/ , 12, , B, , Brownsburg Swim Club, IN ACST Fall Classic. IN CGAC Jingle Bell Classic Invitational results, teams, top swims, personal best, latest news and more. Center Grove Aquatic Club logo. Center Grove OH Swimming LC Senior Championships (Tim Meyers), 7/27/

What are some of your favorite things about working with artists and arts organizations? I feel proud, and I like seeing them feel proud of the fact that people are connecting with their work.

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Press releases, even if you write a really, really well thought out or beautifully descriptive one, are still relatively dry. Another thing is sometimes artists are so busy trying to have the press release convey their feeling and their art that they may not be direct or clear about the most important pieces of information.

Evan Nitka

What would you say is the most important thing for artists to understand about either writing or sending press releases? I think the important thing is to not expect the world to move from a press release. However, a press release does not specifically ask a press person to write about or interview you — that is the function of a pitch.

A pitch is a direct request for press.

Critical and creative views on media culture

Imagine a press release is like an ad for cabbage. You see the ad and you can be like Okay, I may or may not need cabbage. Now imagine a pitch is like a detailed recipe.

The press release is like just saying Cabbage is on sale down the street.


Data and Public Space lectures by curator and researcher Judith Bihr, writer, editor and podcaster Charlie Clemous and Professor of Public Innovation Albert Meijershowing that the battle of claiming, intervening and uncovering power structures of augmented public space already started ineven showing some examples of augmented vandalism. Influenced by his previous projects and how it occurred to him that we have hardly any agency over the decisions institutions make, Cirio started to think of a political philosophy that could become a global democracy.

Global Direct, according to Cirio, turns globalisation and technology into an opportunity: On the official last day of the festival, open source research collective Bellingcat represented by founder Eliot Higgins, took over, showing its civilian service to investigate the truth whatever this may mean in this post-truth era through open source online resources, putting transparency and accountability up for discussion but also showing how journalism can adapt to this new conditions and even prove to be of high value to certain law cases this is also very much reflected in the work of Turner prize candidate Forensic Architecture.

Where former keynote speakers formed critical views pro or con technology, Metahaven is working right through it with their stream of associative images and texts, not giving a lecture on digital power dynamics and post-truth worries but going right through the middle of its alienating workings, an unconscious stream of internet, full on in the experience of the digital condition itself, visually being the sum of everything previously discussed without any judgement, or is there?

The festival is not merely the presentation of digitally oriented artworks and talks but moreover the discussion and buzz it creates in between the combination of all of its programs, actively inviting different views, whether positive, negative, provoking or traditional. Never judging on its presenters or artists but still carefully selecting its guests and above all always expecting more from its audience than only to listen, urging them to think and speak up.

With a new edition of the festival coming up in where critical thinkers will gather around once again and Impakt expanding their program of exhibitions this year, I feel safe to say political network developments will not go unnoticed.

IN CGAC Jingle Bell Classic Invitational

We need a much bigger Impakt. The Utrecht-based organisation is known for its critical view of contemporary media and technology at both cultural and a social levels.

Higgins will give a lecture about his research methods at the festival next Saturday. Originally a graphic designer, she now makes artworks focussing on artificial intelligence and databases.