Child bride swim scene from meet

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child bride swim scene from meet

File:Child Bride ().webm movie is perhaps best known for the topless and lengthy nude swim scene by year-old. Check out Child Bride () - Standard DVD edition by Shirley Mills quality but may not meet the same high quality as other productions we distribute. . All other nudity in that scene shows Jenny swimming naked. Child Bride, also known as Child Brides, Child Bride of the Ozarks, and Dust to . The movie is perhaps best known for the lengthy nude child swimming scene, . in exchange for meeting Elvis with Currie Grant, a married, year-old man.

It was reissued as "Child Brides of the Ozarks" in what has been described as a censored version. So it is possible that this film was a target of the Hays office, but was independent of the studio system, so it usually only had to worry about local censorship. So Babb would just skip cities that he knew were tough.

child bride swim scene from meet

The fact that this print is uncut is simply indicative of the fact that some uncut print survived. Most distributors swipe these PD films from their competitors all the time. So it is likely that this cut was copied from and Alpha Video or Something Weird DVD and one probably swiped from the other so its likely the same exact print either way. There is some dispute as to how old Shirley Mills actually was when this film was made.

Most sources claim that she was 12 and post her birth date. But, Shirley herself has claimed that she was actually much older. She does come across as an older actress playing 12 to me.

She certainly has a mature voice and seems more sophisticated. So, as I watched this film fro the first time I really didn't think about whether or not I should be watching it or if it is child porn. I was under the impression that I was seeing an adult.

A lot of actors and their agents lied about the ages and birth dates of their actors, so anything is possible. Another film to raise eyebrows in more recent times was American Beauty, in which the two under age stars did nude scenes.

So it's still something to think about. I think that Child Bride is quite underrated. Some of the situations are so strange that it is hard to relate in It is a true product of its time, and should be viewed as such. The acting is pretty good and I found Miss Mills to be very charming, both in and out of her clothes, and I firmly believe that censored versions, such as TV cuts probably don't subtract from her performance.

I'd go so far as to say she is pretty adorable and found her horror convincing. One sequence implying rape and incest left me really quite shaken, in that "wanna reach into the screen and clobber that pervert" sort of way.

Child Bride

As for the premise; This sort of thing is still going on today. Overall, a pretty good exploitation film. If it doesn't make you uncomfortable, as it is designed to, then you need CPR.

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Worth A Watch This movie is about the practice of child marriage in what looks like the Ozarks area. But there is more to this movie than just that. I think that it also tries to show the struggles that were faced by the people that lived in that time and place.

The acting is pretty good although a little stiff. The plot is fairly well written but, could have been better. There are certain things about this movie that some will find disturbing.

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All and all it is worth a watch. Dthis could have been effective without the nudity The message is ostensibly useful, and there's lots of pathos, but the child nudity in the swimming hole footage could have been edited out.

Good message, overall, but it reinforves the notion of hillbillies being child molestors and I can't really scene where 4 minutes of a pre-pubescent girl swimming naked serves anything but to tittilate them.

Perhaps it was thought effective in that era. Wetdog - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 13, Subject: My 2 Cents I haven't seen this film yet, but I will be interested to see how the characters are handled having come from an area that would have been considered the setting at the time it was made.

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Lastly, I'm glad that the people associated with archive. Her campaign raises the ire of some local men, led by Jake Bolby Warner Richmondwho one night drag her into the woods and tie her to a tree, with the intention of tarring and feathering her. Before they can do this, however, Angelo the dwarf Angelo Rossitto and Mr. Colton George Humphreys arrive with a shotgun to save the day. When her father dies, Bolby decides to take advantage of the opportunity to blackmail her mother into letting him marry the girl, threatening that otherwise he will see her hanged for murder.

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After he "courts" Jennie by giving her a doll, the two are married. It later turns out that this ceremony was illegal, as child marriage had been banned several days prior, but this point quickly becomes moot. Before Bolby can consummate the union, he is gunned down by Angelo. Jennie leaves his house with Freddie Nulty Bob Bollinger. She would go on to appear in many films over the next decade, mostly in supporting roles. She quit acting in her twenties to become a singer.

child bride swim scene from meet

This was Bob Bollinger's only film role. According to Mills' website, now offline, the two young actors became friends, and Bollinger later asked her to marry him, which she declined. Whether he has died or not is unknown. Angelo Rossitto had a long career in movies, stretching from the s to the s. He is perhaps best known for his role as Master in Mad Max: The film then cuts to a lengthy long shot showing Jennie and Freddie, both topless and separated by a stand of trees, as they discuss how these changes will affect their relationship.

Freddie asks if he can still kiss Jennie; she replies that he can but only when she is wearing her clothes. Jennie then removes her dress entirely, runs naked through the woods and dives into the water.

The next two minutes consist of shots of Jennie swimming nude and frolicking with her dog. Jake Bolby appears on a ridge above the pond, and watches the naked girl. An old woman sees what Bolby is doing, and says to him, "Purty, ain't she?

child bride swim scene from meet

She asks Freddie to bring her clothes to her, without looking at her. He uses a long stick to pass her the dress. She pulls the dress on, unseen to the camera, and climbs out of the water. Some prints and screenings of the film have cut out the topless scene, leaving only the long shot nude swim sequence.

Production[ edit ] Child Bride was the first film produced by noted exploitation film producer and promoter Kroger Babbwho marketed it as an educational film and who would reissue it under various titles, including Child Brides, Child Bride of the Ozarks and Dust to Dust.

The movie is perhaps best known for the lengthy nude child swimming scene, which Allmovie described as "completely gratuitous" and "obviously Child Bride's main selling point and the reason for its longevity on the exploitation circuit. The censors also objected to the murderer never being punished for his deeds.