Chows gymnastics my meet scores mg

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chows gymnastics my meet scores mg

Learn More. related – her My Meet Scores page . She won this World Cup meet . To qualify . JUNIORS Norah Flatley, Cumming, Iowa/Chow's Gymnastics and Dance Institute Lauren Hernandez, Old Bridge, N.J./MG Elite. The official Gymnastics Roster for the Florida Gators Gators. Junior elite Laurie Hernandez of MG Elite dominated competition today at the Hernandez becomes a senior elite gymnast in , just in time for the Olympics in First year elite Norah Flatley of Chow's was close behind with a . at Classic meet or National Team members at Team Training Camp.

On day one she took a tiny hop to score Check out those execution scores!

chows gymnastics my meet scores mg

Highlights were a high straddled jaeger, pirouettes that all finished close to handstand and a nicely landed full twisting double tuck dismount. My favourite junior day 2 beam routine came from Amelia Hundley of Cincinatti.

2013 P&G Gymnastics Championships: My Favourite Moments

She had a slight mistake on bars the rotation before but not big enough to lose the bars title! She kicked off with a perfectly landed standing tuck full, followed by a switch leap to a split jump, which both hit degrees. She then performed a confident back handspring layout step out and a wolf leap to a front aerial.

Her front tuck was landed with the tiniest of wobbles and she finished with a side aerial, another excellent leap and a full spin.

chows gymnastics my meet scores mg

She dismounted with a back handspring - back handspring - two and a half twist, good landing, small step to the side.

All her tumbles were almost faultless, and her leaps were just as great.

Whitney Vs Annie - Gymnasts - Competition

Highlights were her double tucked arabian to stag jump, her stuck triple twist and her gorgeous switch ring leap. Her Amanar on day one was actually a tenth better than Maroney's, but Maroney's incredible 9.

Her difficult routine included a weiler kip usually performed by male gymnasts! Kyla Ross took the bars title once again with another stunning routine.

With execution scores like 9. Mykayla Skinner of Desert Lights fixed her mistakes from day one and performed a great beam routine, including an impressive back handspring to a tuck full. I also loved how she even managed a smile to the judges during two of her dance sections! This confident routine earned McKayla a She immediately grabbed the audience's attention with an insane double twisting double LAYOUT somersault, landed with a smile.

chows gymnastics my meet scores mg

She then shot back across the floor with a double tucked arabian to a stag jump. Her difficult double spin leg held at horizontal was well performed, as were her leaps, and her next crazy tumble: Skinner kept the crowd enthused throughout.

She scored a massive This score, combined with her McKayla Maroney proved she is still one of the best in the country, by winning both events she competed in. She's on track to make another world team!

chows gymnastics my meet scores mg

Click here to watch an interview with Ashley. Athletes are hoping to not only qualify for international elite status if they are new to elite competition but also looking to attain qualifying scores to advance to the Secret U.

Classic, held July 27 in Chicago.

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USA Gymnastics also offers a "Hopes" division which is a pre-elite level. Hopes athletes may qualify for the US Challenge, held in conjunction with the Classic. You can view a full breakdown of the qualifying standards below. Laurie Hernandez - MG Elite - Ashley Foss - North Stars - Norah Flatley - Chow's - Ragan Smith - Northwind Gymnastics - Christina Desiderio - Parkettes - Erin Macadaeg - San Mateo - Felicia Hano - West Coast Elite - Molly Frack - Parkettes - Kennedi Edney - Precision Gymnastics - Alexis Vasquez - Chow's - Abby Paulson - Twin City - Megan Freed - Parkettes - Hope Masiado - Girls Co-Op - Alonza Klopfer - North Stars - Bailey Ferrer - Orlando Metro - Alexandra Marks - Bart Conner - Grace Waguespack - Ace Gymnastics - Jazmyn Foberg - MG Elite -

chows gymnastics my meet scores mg