Clara meet 2014 iba zambales beach

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clara meet 2014 iba zambales beach

In Maguindanao,the safest places for foreigners to enjoy our beaches are Davao Try traveling the Zambales coastline and also head up to Baguio and the Further north in Iba along the South China Sea is safe and magnificent country. .. I met a girl online from the lives in cebu and i heard cebu is a nice. Santa Clara is one of the trinity of patron saints of Obando. According to the history . book for primary grades]. Posted by Lib Ramos at 5/31/ PM. The festival culminates in a beach party and fireworks display. .. had to dance the pandanggo in Obando in order to bear a child who was Maria Clara. semblance between the statue of St. Paschal in the altar and the peddler whom they met. . Description Paynauen Festival in Iba, Zambales which commemorates the.

Naquem.: Formal education in my old hometown, San Narciso in Zambales

Abiva allowed a group of prominent town citizens to operate the school, renamed San Narciso Cooperative Commercial High School. Ramon Magsaysay after his death. The Columbans acquired MMI in This was the first of the Catholic schools that the religious order established from Olongapo to Sta. Inthe high school was incorporated into the Magsaysay Memorial College MMC with the addition of the elementary and college department. The curricular structure of the elementary and secondary schools has transformed into the K program, which added two years—the senior high school—to old system.

These additional years provide pre-college tracks for the students to choose from: Other tracks enable the students to work after graduation: Secondary education is offered by the private Zambales Academy and Magsaysay Memorial College and the public national high schools of La Paz and Namatacan. While MMC provides viable collegiate courses like education for high school graduates, the Philippine Merchant Academy PMMA beckons to those who are inclined to pursue careers in marine transportation and marine engineering.

Today, there are fifteen public, and four private and sectarian, elementary schools. Three public national, and two private, schools offer secondary education. High school graduates of the town and other municipalities go to MMC for collegiate courses, or to PMMA if they pass the rigid entrance examinations for maritime studies.

Education has brought Narcisenians to prominence here in the country and in foreign lands. Their contribution, in many ways, have brought changes in the social, cultural and economic fabric of San Narciso. Posted by Lib Ramos at. Beach resorts can be stringed from Subic to Sta.

clara meet 2014 iba zambales beach

Busloads of beach lovers from Manila and nearby provinces usually stop at the Subic resorts. Zambales takes itself as a major surfing area in the country. The almost linear beaches are wont to be rough during some months of the year, creating big waves that surfers love to ride on.

Surfing tournaments have been held here. In the Crystal Beach Resort of San Narciso, surfing tutorials have attracted a growing clientele of this water sports. The hub of cove explorations is Pundaquit, the fishing barangay village of San Antonio town whose coastal boundary turns around Sampaloc Point, the western tip of the terrestrial arc of Subic Bay.

Between them are Talisayin, now privately-owned, and Nagsasa. The boatride to Anawangin is 30 minutes; to Nagsasa is roughly one hour; and to Silanguin almost two hours. We have gone on a family trip to Nagsasa, going around rocky formations to get there, and getting a distant view of the white sands of Anawangin and Talisayin coves set against verdant green forests, predominantly of agoho trees, on the low mountain sides.

According to the Aytas who manage Nagsasa, there was no sandy beach before Mt. Pinatubo erupted in The lahar that deposited on Nagsasa and other coves became their white sand beaches. The coves were in fact forbidden territory before when there was the US naval facility in Subic-Olongapo, and a US naval communication center in San Antonio.

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The mountainous stretch along the coast was the target practice area of the US armed forces, and it was dangerous even for fishermen to come near the shore during military exercises. Pinatubo hastened the termination of the US bases in Subic and Clark, but it created new touristic coves along the coasts of San Antonio, Zambales.

clara meet 2014 iba zambales beach

Except for variations in their terrestrial structures, the coves are very pristine: In Nagsasa, there is a very shallow stream that curves as it flows to the sea, thus breaking the monotony of the white sandy shore. The coves do not have the amenities one expects in places like Boracay or El Nido. Hence, petals and confetti will literally rain on the processional route around Poblacion, starting 2 p. At the town plaza where the revelry culminates, the groups in their most exotic costumes will each do its own interpretative dance presentation, on the theme sabuag sampaga, naturally.

Judges coming from the arts, culture and tourism sector will proclaim the winners. Tomas is known as the casket capital of Central Luzon, if not of the whole country, having at one time supplied funeral parlors throughout the whole archipelago and even nearby Asian countries. Drawing full support from the local government unit led by Mayor Lito Naguit, nothing is left to chance in the debut of the Sabuaga Festival.

Sabuaga at this early already promises to be a fitting climax to the Holy Week celebration in the province. The raw material which grows on mountain terrain and forest land is used to weave a variety of useful products and ornamentals like hats, placemats, fans and even native dress - all made of Sabutan. The exclusive art of weaving Sabutan is handed down from one generation to the other. The festival features native dance presentation among school children, trade fair, cultural shows and exhibits.

Sabutan belongs to the family of Pandan, its scientific name is Pandanus sabotan. It is a screwpine plant 2 to 4 meters high. Its full-grown leaves are fine in texture, 2 meters long and 6 centimeters wide.

clara meet 2014 iba zambales beach

At present, sabutan is found growing in abundance in a semi-wild condition in Aurora. It can be propagated by suckers, and its cultivation can be extended advantageously to any part of the Philippines having moist but well-drained soil. Sabutan weaving is one of the traditional crafts of Aurora. The tedious process involved in the preparation of raw material rendered the product truly special to the weavers.

In the preparation of the fiber, the spiny margins and midribs of the leaves are removed. The leaves are partly dried in the sun, and divided into strips of the desired width by splitting with a comb-like instrument.

The fibers are boiled for about 15 minutes either in fresh water or in water mixed with a little vinegar, lemon, or tamarind fruit. Excess water in the fiber is squeezed out by drawing the strips tightly around a piece of wood. The prepared fibers are then coiled in bundles and for a period of 24 hours are placed preferably in running water; if in stagnant water, the liquid must be changed frequently. The fibers processed are washed several times in fresh water and spread out in the sun to dry.

The primary use of sabutan is in the production of fiber for manufacturing hats. Such headwear made of sabutan are strong and durable and its texture resembles that of the Panama hat. The unbleached hats are light green-gray. The chief objection to the craft is that they do not bleach readily. Good sabutan hats command a high price in the Philippines. In the early 90s, sabutan fiber bleaching, dyeing and color matching was introduced.

This spawned the development of new and trendy hat designs, and new products like bags, placemats and novelty items. The inherent craftsmanship of the weavers transformed the hats from being a functional product into a high fashion accessory that immediately became a hit in the export market. Over the years, through various skills training, technology transfers, and product development programs, new product lines and designs are developed.

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These included colorful hats in various styles for ladies, men, and children; mats in round, oval, and rectangular shapes and weave patterns, bags in various styles. Also produced in less quantity were boxes, decors, and trims.

Recent additions to the sabutan product line are the upholstery and throw pillow as component and accessories, respectively, in the wood-based home furniture products. On the other hand, demand for mats is increasing. Domestic buyers convert the sabutan mats of excellent quality further in their natural or dyed shades into bags, footwear, and other novelty items for the domestic and export markets. There are also demands from foreign buyers for loom woven mats.

The mats were the rectangular, diagonally woven type in single, twin or queen sizes.

clara meet 2014 iba zambales beach

Sabutan is also an excellent material for cushions and is good for making handbags, picture frames, and other fancy articles. In return, the wife of Macabulos showered the Cross with Sampaguita garlands.

Testimonies of countless favors and miracles associated with the Cross gave way to the construction of what is now known as one of the oldest churches in the country, Saint Augustine church.

clara meet 2014 iba zambales beach

Cruz where people are bound to offer Sampaguita flowers which are quite abundant in the area. Activities during the occasion includes Farmer's Day celebration, Sampaguita garland-making contest, Agri fair, street dancing, awards night. Sinukwan Festival Date December Venue City of San Fernando, Pampanga Description The Sinukwan Festival relives the Kapampangan spirit with a weeklong calendar of cultural revivals capped by a grand street-dance parade in the City of San Fernando, with some 21 towns outdoing each other to the tune of "Atin Cu Pung Singsing", It features hordes of gaily-dressed and gaudily crowned Pampangenos, native music and rituals.

Organized annually by the Save Pampanga Movement, the festival memorializes Aring Sinukwan, an ancient mythical god, who is the epitome of Kapampangan culture. Activities include photo contest and exhibits, food and arts showcase Lutong KapampanganKapampangan singing competition, serenata and beauty pageant.

Barreto Description The name Sibit-Sibit was derived from the name of small paddle-driven bancas used for fishing during the early days when Brgy. Barreto was yet called Sitio Maquinaya. During fiestas, fisherfolk hold banca race using pure human strength to win the competition.

Today, the festival competition includes motorized banca race and sail boat competition to add fun and excitement to the activity. In the summer ofthe idea came to mind when then barangay Kagawad Carlito A.

It was held yearly but later was shelved for various reasons. The event was revived by the city Government under the leadership of Mayor James J. Description This 3-day event is an annual city affair that aims to reminisce the glorious saga of Olongapo as an ancient fishing village while at the same time promoting a friendly tourism alternative. The name Sibit Sibit is derived from an ancient term called "small paddle banca" used for fishing, as the city was born from being one of the ancient fishing villages of the country.

Highlights of the event are: In conjunction with this, the annual Singkaban Festival is held. Singkaban is an acronym for "sining at kalinangan' art and culture. It celebrates also the anniversary of the first Philippine Congress established on September 15, at Barasoain Church.