Cogic god be with you til we meet again

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cogic god be with you til we meet again

A Wealthy Place COGIC | Spoken Word from Philadelphia, NY Bill Clinton Remarks to the Convocation of the Church of God in Christ in Memphis November God Bless You Mother/Prophetess/Pastor!!! R.I.P.! Until we meet again!!!. ️God be with you Bishop, till we meet again. #march31st # templeofdeliverance #memphistennessee #bountifulblessings #cogic # internalpresidingbishop. If God can bless you with the material things in life, can he not save you and fill you Taken from the COGIC Annual Commentary – Lord, help me to set aside time each day to meet with You alone. As I .. I have pursued mine enemies, and overtaken them: neither did I turn again till they were.

I believe that there are many sincerely saved Catholics, however I believe, as John MacArthur also expresses, that for many within the Catholic church, salvation is in spite of the actual teaching, encouragements and traditions of the Catholic Catechisms which the Catholic church claims at a minimum to be equal to the written word of God. Believe me there is no perfect church on earth, and my church, The Church Of God In Christ, is filled with issues, as I have mentioned readily on this blog.

The point is once again not to bash Catholics, however I felt important to highlight certain differences upon which the life and eternal destiny of many is predicated. I'll proceed with my 10 Questions: You were a Pentecostal pastor for number of years. What churches were you a part of and how long did you serve? Did you start your own church? My first pastorate was the church in which I was raised. I pastored that church from to My second pastorate was Maranatha Christian Church, a non-denominational church I founded in I pastored Maranatha for 18 yrs.

I know that Pastors are often the most isolated individuals within the church. I am interested to know, before you joined the Catholic church, what were your pastoral or ministerial relationships like? Did you fellowship or have close relationships with other ministers, and did that have any bearing on ultimately being a part of the Catholic church? By the way, three of the six pastors still meet with me twice a month for fellowship and relaxation.

They had absolutely no bearing on my decision to become Catholic. At first they struggled with my decision, but they never opposed or said, "What are you doing? When you joined the Catholic church you and your congregation made the decision to dissolve your former church.

cogic god be with you til we meet again

What was the rationale behind that decision? I mean was there ever a consideration to appoint a successor to carry on the work with the members who did not wish to leave, instead of closing the church all together?

Letters went out to everyone to meet with me for the purpose of determining what to do with the church's assets. I offered to sign the ministry over to anyone who wanted to carry Maranatha on, but only one of the five ministers that belonged to Maranatha showed up.

I asked those attending the meeting if they wanted to continue the ministry under the leadership of that attending minister.

They said no and decided to close the church and give the money to charity. I'd like you to speak to the critic for just a minute. One thing that is obvious is that the Catholic Church has less than 30, black members in your area out of an approximate 1.

God Be With You (Till We Meet Again) - Lyrics, Hymn Meaning and Story

Is your association with the Catholic church and rise to notoriety within it simply a marketing opportunity or scheme to attract more minority members? Catholics love conversion stories. There may be only 30, black Catholics in the Archdiocese of Detroit, but the largest black denomination in the Western Hemisphere is Catholicism!

In Africa alone there are over million Catholics. Making the transition to the Catholic church itself; in Pope Benedict XVI restated the views he fostered in the Dominus Iesus which stated that Protestant churches are unauthentic and are only mere "ecclesial communities" and as reported by The Gauardian. Com UKtheir ministers effectively phonies with no right to give communion. In fact here is the language of part of that document: Just as there is one Christ, so there exists a single body of Christ, a single Bride of Christ: That basically tells me that the Catholic church does not hold the work of Christ through even me or my ministry as being of Christ or authentic.

Do you think his commentary fosters or hinders dialogue between the catholic Church and other Christians outside of the Catholic church? Do your views matter? In a very succinct answer, the Cardinal was simply saying that there is only one Church built upon the apostles and prophets. It only follows that that church would grow from a small seed and become a great tree.

This tree is a visible entity that has four visible marks: Only the Catholic and Orthodox, both of which comprises one church divided by politics and culture, have these marks. The Catholic Church teaches the following on our separated brethren: All these blessings come from Christ and lead to him, and are in themselves calls to "Catholic unity.

Eccelsial communities simply means religious organizations that preach Christ, but remember, there is only ONE Church. This Church, constituted and organized as a society in the present world, subsists in subsistit in the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter and by the bishops in communion with him.

There are two things at work at the heart of catholic doctrine as displaced in Deacon Jone's retort, both of which are fallacious in nature and unsupported by scripture: Petros-a rock or stoneand upon this rock Gk: Petra- Large mountainous cliff or Boulder I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. If so, there's more wrong than the price of tea in China than we originally thought, as Peter was NOT the mountain of truth upon which the New testament church was built.

A quick look at scripture clearly displays that Paul was the most significant figure within New Testament Christianity especially as it pertained to the evangelization of gentiles. Paul's influence yet yet remains today. It is better understood that the ROCK upon which the New Testament church would be and was built was and is the declaration of truth that Peter renders just a couple of verses previous v: No one was saved by confessing Peter or his works, but all would be saved by confessing Christ Rom.

In order for it to stand it would need more than a man. It would need God himself. This misunderstanding hinges upon the first and creates a very dangerous and in stable house of cards upon which Catholic Catechismic tradition has been built. Joseph Ratzinger now Pope Benedict XVI wrote in his Theological Highlights of Vatican II, the schema on ecumenism was "a pastoral directive to Catholics to turn their attention to ecumenism," that is, to reach out to separated brethren in hopes of bringing them back into full communion with the Church" That's called the evangelization of other Christians who don't serve under the Pope.

In a previous interview you stated the following regarding the bible: The Bible is true, but not comprehensive. Scripture is the core of Christianity, but surrounding it and interpreting it is the tradition of the church, which includes development of doctrine, apostolic succession and the evolution of the sacraments.

cogic god be with you til we meet again

In the end, the Catholic church is the pillar and ground of truth, not the Bible. The church produced the Bible.

It does not require self sacrifice, discipline, humility; a zeal for souls and a fear as well as love of God.

cogic god be with you til we meet again

There is little guilt and no punishment and the payoff in heaven is virtually certain. The cost is low and customer satisfaction seems guaranteed remember the candy man makes the world tastes good. But that is not the idea we get from Jesus. He Jesus pointed us to a cross and not to a spiritual checkout counter. He said if anyone desire to come after me let him first deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it Luke 9: Christ died on the cross for our sins and not for our satisfaction.

He calls us to trust in him and then follow him with a life of self denial. That is to say: There has been too many victims of sexual abuse in our church. The Church of God in Christ has been inundated with all types of sexual misconduct; from molesting boys and turning out young girls.

The wicked struts when the vilest of men are promoted! The homosexual agenda is exactly what is happening — it is now working just fine in our church. They have slowly but surely changed our tolerance and now forcing our acceptance of their lifestyle; Thus, attempting to shut down the un-cut gospel. The whole priesthood of the Church of God in Christ can be fired! For the lips of a priest should keep knowledge, and the people shall seek the law from his mouth for he is the messenger of the Lord of host.

But you have departed from the way.

God Be with You Till We Meet Again

You have caused many to stumble from the way. You have corrupted the covenant of Levi says the Lord of host. Therefore, I have also made you contemptible and base before all the people for you have not kept my ways, but have shown partiality in the law see Malachi 2: What you tolerate you perpetuate. Babylon means compromise; when you have hot and cold coming together it causes lukewarm-ness which creates an environment for germs to fester.

Listen, when the church creates an environment for wickedness such as whoremongers, pedophiles and homosexuals including lesbians that is a Babylonian church. These homosexuals have invaded our convocation to the point where people do not even reverence or respect us anymore. They not only crept in but someone boldly invited them to come in and rule, reign, serve and participate in our holy services. What do I look like going into a Gay Bar and forcing them to change their environment and behaviors to suit my heterosexual beliefs and lifestyle?

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My message was not to the world really; BUT an indigenous message to the homosexuals that are a part of or member of our church. They are claiming salvation and hold leadership roles, serve in our choirs and praise and worship — my message was inclusive of these. I loved them enough to tell them the truth. If I were headed over a cliff hell I would rather someone tackle me and even bruise me to keep me from falling to my death hell.

God fires not only by death-but you can be fired and still on the job. For the leaders of this people cause them to err, and those who are led by them are destroyed Isaiah 9: