Cretins motorcycle club swap meet

Washington Motorcyle Club: The Cretins

cretins motorcycle club swap meet

Posts about cretins motorcycle club written by themotoworld. I met them back in when they hosted the LA Moto Film Fest, but this was the first time I Ride with your mates, share a pint or two, swap stories and carry on the tradition. Midwest Motorcycle Club of Indiana, Inc. All rights reserved. Proudly created with Our Swap Meet & Bike Show is scheduled for: April 13 & November 28 (Sunday) – Cretin/Norton Swap Meet: Naud St, Los Angeles. Call Motorcycle related Free for club members!.

The Cretins Club House. So, you pick a very cool building in an industrial area and make as much noise as you want. Inside the clubhouse is the requisite bar stocked with the required PBR and some other better beverages…all drank responsibly, really.

Inside there is all sorts of memorabilia from racing, rides, charitable events the Cretins are very socially consciousand good music. Talk about bikes, rides, races, politics, family and friends was everywhere.

Cretins Motorcycle Club

The club really is a family of its own. It was very interesting that the Cretins were invaded by two journalist teams The MotoWorld and Cycle World at the same time and none of us even knew it was going to happen. But the Cretins welcomed us all with open arms…or was it handlebars? At around midnight it was finally time to head home. I had had a wonderful night with the motorcycle club.

cretins motorcycle club swap meet

If all goes well this will not be my last ride with the Cretins. Ride with your mates, share a pint or two, swap stories and carry on the tradition. For this group, this is motorcycling at its best. To know more about the Cretins click http: While I was hanging around and checking out a couple of bikes, I saw a flyer tacked to the oak tree in the parking lot advertising a motorcycle film festival in L.

I took a picture of the flyer so I would have the info and headed my way down the coast. I showed Heather, my usual passenger and wife, the flyer and she agreed, I should go.

cretins motorcycle club | The MotoWorld Blog

Actually, I think she just wanted a Saturday night all to herself. Film Festival day came and the weather was looking pretty iffy for an outdoor event but I had faith it would come off no matter what.

cretins motorcycle club swap meet

For me, I had to decide to either ride or drive. Every now and then, style trumps practicality.

cretins motorcycle club swap meet

It was an easy ride to Downtown until…I got off the freeway. Without going into boring beyond words yet comical details, I was lost for a good half hour. I made more U-turns, asked more people in cars at a stoplight I had been through at least five times to roll down their window and tell me where the hell Sotello St. The last try paid off. As I rode up the driveway I knew all the frustration of being lost was well worth the price of admission…six dollars by the way. What a fantastic event. These guys, the Cretins, have it together big time.

The Cretins clubhouse is on the roof of a parking structure looking right into the LA night line.

Walneck's Motorcycle Swap Meet Springfield, Ohio

Picture this, a couple hundred motorcycles with skyscrapers for a back drop…too cool. But…this event, and as it turns out, pretty much everything they do is open to all riders.

As at any motorcycle gathering, we all walk around, look at bikes, talk to the owners, take pictures and start making wish lists.

cretins motorcycle club swap meet

Couples that rode in looking like movie stars on bikes that just came out of a fashion magazine photo shoot to guys riding on bikes that made you wonder how they made up the driveway. First, what is a Cretin? By Websters Dictionary definition you would think a Cretin is a stupid, childlike person full of pointless information that appeals only to other Cretins.

If you dig a bit deeper into Cretinism, you find that it is medical term from 18th Century France that describes a condition of severely stunted physical and mental growth due to untreated congenital deficiency of thyroid hormones. This condition was often attributed to stagnant air in mountain valleys and bad water. Blokes would gather at a pub, have a pint and then race each other to another pub and have another pint.

Cretins Motorcycle Club - This Is LA City

These were like minded riders just having fun on their motorbikes. And maybe they did terrorize a few motorists here and there. All in good fun…? Now, the truth about the Cretins Motorcycle Club: These are people that simply love the Cafe Racer motorcycle culture.

November 28 (Sunday) – Cretin/Norton Swap Meet

I had the opportunity to spend an evening with the Los Angeles chapter of the Cretins. This was not my first time with the Cretins. When we arrived we just pulled up onto the sidewalk parked our bikes and waited for everyone else to arrive. In just a short period of time the sidewalk was lined with bikes. The Cretins are an equal opportunity motorcycle club.

cretins motorcycle club swap meet

After a pint Pabst Blue Ribbon of courseit was back into the damp evening and off to the next stop. Picture this — a swarm of cafe racers riding in the wet like it was a warm sunny day at the beach.