Dan andriano revival tour meet

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dan andriano revival tour meet

Revival Tour featuring Brian Fallon, Dan Andriano, Chuck Ragan, for more solo tracks and Brian's help on 'Meet You In the Middle'. View the statistics of songs played live by Dan Andriano. Have a look which song was played how often on the tour The Revival Tour !. Check out On The Bow by Chuck Ragan (Featuring Dan Andriano And Dave From the Album The Revival Tour Collections Meet You In The Middle.

How weird is that?

dan andriano revival tour meet

Chuck is the mastermind of the whole thing and I think he really thinks long and hard about who he invites to be a part of it. We all wanted to do something special and different and it was all about touring and making friends and bringing something into the world than it was trying to make money and be rock stars. It seems kinda pointless. Also itsyou can go on iTunes and make your own greatest hits record just by picking the songs you like.

Interview with Dan Andriano, of Alkaline Trio and The Emergency Room

That was exciting to us, to think about stuff we could do. Once we were in the studio, it became more of its own album, less of a greatest hits rehash of the songs.

I like to think of it as a thirty or forty minute piece rather than song after song. Then everyone left the stage, I would stay up there and do an acoustic song by myself then Matt and Derek would come out, then we did some of the stuff from Damnesia, the way it was on that album. It was kinda cool, we had a good time.

dan andriano revival tour meet

We love going up there, we always have a really cool time in Dublin and I really want to get to Belfast. He can pretty much play anyone. And it's all about playing music with your mates and having a great time, and this thinking shines through during this show.

Interview with Dan Andriano, of Alkaline Trio and The Emergency Room | News

The plan is they play together all at once of just a few at a time, solo and with help from some very accomplished musicians, the absolutely stunning fiddle work of Jon Gaunt, and extreme double bass playing from Joe Ginsberg. Turning up slightly late and having to queue forever to get in, we miss the first collaboration featuring all the artists. Dave Hause is the first guy back up on stage to play solo and with a little help from his friends.

Chuck Ragan takes to the stage next to thank everyone for backing this project, and allowing them to strip it back and bring a more personal show to the crowd. With many of the members here having taken a wee break and releasing solo albums it is a way to plug them but in a marvellous way.

dan andriano revival tour meet

How often do these punk heavyweights get together? Rarely we are told, which makes it all the more special. Next up is Alkaline Trio's Dan Andriano. Brian Fallon gets a huge cheer from the crowd, but I believe all the artists here are legends.