Describe what want to meet

describe what want to meet

Describe a person in the news you would like to meet. You should say: who the person is; why s/he is in the news; why you would like to meet. Pop culture has painted a very particular picture of birth and the moment you meet your baby. Exhausted, sweaty, yet somehow glowing and. 11 Compliments That Always Make People You Meet Feel Super Amazing Of course, you don't want to go overboard, or risk sounding their extra help at work, for example, and explain why it meant so much to you.

Wayne is a rising supermodel in Singapore and recently he has been covered by news and other media.

describe what want to meet

He is on the news for his manly figure and attitude. He has also starred in a movie that will be released shortly.

describe what want to meet

I would like to meet him for some particular reasons. I want to know about the way to keep a good health. In fact, he was a gym instructor before his debut in media.

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Farah Yasmin is a popular Egyptian writer. She is on the news at present for her outstanding contribution to Egyptian literature. So, I would like to meet her. I have some questions for her too. I would like to know about her writing skills and how she develops the outstanding plots.

She is also on the list of 10 influential writers in the city. This is another reason to come in touch with this great personality. Zikri is a teenager of interest from the Malaysian media now. He has been covered in news for his special achievement in a completion held for teenage. Zikri took part in an international competition and achieved the first position in mixed martial art.

So, I want to meet him and know about the mixed martial art strategies.

describe what want to meet

In fact, I also have other things to know from him. I would like to know about his inspiration, regular practice duration and more.

Sophia is a popular humanitarian activist. She is covered in the news in the USA recently for her achievement of a reputed prize for her contribution in establishing peace in different parts of the globe. I would like to meet her to know about some specific matters. I would ask her about the matters that are causing troubles worldwide. I also would like to know from her that how she did everything. Moreover, I want to get some pictures with this national icon.

Christiana is a middle-aged lady, and she is on the news for her extraordinary recipes. She runs a restaurant here in Greece and took part in a reality show. She prepared a delicious and traditional Greek recipe that won the first prize. So, I want to meet her in person. I have few questions to ask her.

It might feel easier to compliment the things that are obvious, like physical appearance or style, but if you feel up to it, make it something a little more personal. Compliment their work ethic, creativity, insightful comment, compassion, or great laugh.

Explain what you love about it and why it moves you.

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These kinds of genuine, perceptive compliments are the ones that stick with us. And moving beyond the superficial can make people feel seen and heard in ways that really foster connection and friendship.

Usually, the more you give, the more insincere they can start to feel. And ideally, most of us want friendships that are based on balance and equality, not adulation. Offer help One of the main things that separates good friends from casual acquaintances is the ongoing emotional, practical, and social support.

6 Ways to Approach Someone You Want to Be Friends With

Sometimes, offering tangible support or having a concrete goal in mind can make it easier to approach someone in the hopes of becoming better friends. It actually has very little to do with impressing someone else and everything to do with trying to make both of you feel more at ease.

Sharing a lighthearted comment or joke, your penchant pun-chant?

At the very least it can be a helpful litmus test for seeing whether you can bond over your sense of humor! Be upfront This last strategy is the one that can make us feel the most vulnerable. But when you feel like you have the most to lose, you most definitely have the most to gain.

I really enjoyed our conversation!

describe what want to meet