Did eisenhower really meet with aliens

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"President Eisenhower had three encounters, set up meetings with aliens, However, I would say millions of people worldwide have actually seen the real thing. According to a number of authors, the former US President Dwight Eisenhower allegedly signed in , a secret agreement with an. Apparently at this meeting Eisenhower was forced into an agreement with one So where did the Eisenhower rumours stem from? John S.D. Eisenhower, and asked if there was actually an alien encounter with his father.

About the Author Dr. He is currently researching methods of Transformational Peace as a Researcher in Residence in the Center for Global Peace and directing the Center's Peace Ambassador Program which uses transformational peace techniques for individual self-empowerment.

He is the author of Exopolitics: He has organized a number of international workshops involving mid to high level participants from these conflicts. He has an academic website at http: According to UFO researcher, William Moore, all this was quite unusual and suggested that there was more to the one week visit to Palm Springs than a simple holiday.

did eisenhower really meet with aliens

Second, on the Saturday night of February 20, President Eisenhower did go missing fueling press speculation that he had taken ill or even died. The local dentist was introduced at an official function on Sunday February 21, as "the dentist who had treated the president". Consequently, Eisenhower was missing for an entire evening and could easily have been taken from Palm Springs to the nearby Muroc Airfield, later renamed Edwards Air Force base.

A meeting with extraterrestrials may well have been the true purpose of his visit. Light was a well-known metaphysical community leader in the Southern California area. The alleged purpose of him and others on the delegation was to test public reaction to the presence of extraterrestrials.

Light described the circumstances of the meeting as follows: The report is true -- devastatingly true! When we were allowed to enter the restricted section after about six hours in which we were checked on every possible item, event, incident and aspect of our personal and public livesI had the distinct feeling that the world had come to an end with fantastic realism. For I have never seen so many human beings in a state of complete collapse and confusion, as they realized that their own world had indeed ended with such finality as to beggar description.

During my two days' visit I saw five separate and distinct types of aircraft being studied and handled by our Air Force officials -- with the assistance and permission of the Etherians! I have no words to express my reactions. It has finally happened. It is now a matter of history. President Eisenhower, as you may already know, was spirited over to Muroc one night during his visit to Palm Springs recently.

And it is my conviction that he will ignore the terrific conflict between the various 'authorities' and go directly to the people via radio and television -- if the impasse continues much longer. From what I could gather, an official statement to the country is being prepared for delivery about the middle of May.

Alien Treaty: Did Former US President Eisenhower Meet With Aliens Three Times?

The events Light describes in his meeting in terms of the panic and confusion of many of those present, the emotional impact of the alleged landing, and the tremendous difference of opinion on what to do in terms of telling the public and responding to the extraterrestrial visitors, are plausible descriptions of what may have occurred. Nourse officially retired to private life in and would certainly have been a good choice of someone who could give confidential economic advise to the Eisenhower administration.

If Dr Nourse was present at such a meeting, he did so in order to provide his expertise on the possible economic impact of First Contact with extraterrestrials. Another of the individuals mentioned by Light was Bishop MacIntyre. Cardinal James Francis MacIntyre was the bishop and head of the Catholic Church in Los Angeles and would have been an important gauge for the possible reaction from religious leaders generally, and in particular from the most influential and powerful religious institution on the planet — the Roman Catholic Church.

Cardinal MacIntyre had sufficient rank and authority to represent the Catholic Church and the religious community in a delegation of community leaders.

The fourth member of the delegation of community leaders was Franklin Winthrop Allen, a former reporter with the Hearst Newspapers Group.

Allen was 80 years old at the time, author of a book instructing reporters on how to deal with Congressional Committee Hearings, and would have been a good choice for a member of the press who could maintain confidentiality.

The four represented senior leaders of the religious, spiritual, economic and newspaper communities and were well advanced in age and status. They would certainly have been plausible choices for a community delegation that could provide confidential advise on a possible public response to a First Contact event involving extraterrestrial races.

It may be concluded then that following items all make up circumstantial evidence that a meeting with extraterrestrials occurred. These four items collectively provide circumstantial evidence that a meeting with extraterrestrials occurred and that Eisenhower was present.

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William Cooper served on the Naval Intelligence briefing team for the Commander of the Pacific Fleet betweenand had access to classified documents that he had to review in order to fulfill his briefing duties. In Astronomers discovered large objects in space which were moving toward the Earth. It was first believed that they were asteroids.

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Later evidence proved that the objects could only be Spaceships. Project Sigma intercepted alien radio communications. When the objects reached the Earth they took up a very high orbit around the Equator.

There were several huge ships, and their actual intent was unknown. Project Sigma, and a new project, Plato, through radio communications using the computer binary language, was able to arrange a landing that resulted in face to face contact with alien beings from another planet. Project Plato was tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with this race of space aliens. In the meantime a race of human looking aliens contacted the U. This alien group warned us against the aliens that were orbiting the Equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development.

They demanded that we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons as the major condition.

did eisenhower really meet with aliens

They refused to exchange technology citing that we were spiritually unable to handle the technology which we then possessed. They believed that we would use any new technology to destroy each other. This race stated that we were on a path of self destruction and we must stop killing each other, stop polluting the Earth, stop raping the Earth's natural resources, and learn to live in harmony.

These terms were met with extreme suspicion, especially the major condition of nuclear disarmament. It was believed that meeting that condition would leave us helpless in the face of an obvious alien threat. We also had nothing in history to help with the decision.

Nuclear disarmament was not considered to be within the best interest of the United States. The overtures were rejected. Significantly, the overtures of these extraterrestrials were turned down. Confirmation that the First Contact meeting involved extraterrestrials who were effectively spurned for taking what might be considered a principled stand on technology assistance and nuclear weapons comes from the son of a former Navy Commander who claimed that his father had been present at the First Contact event on February According to Charles L.

Ike along with others on Feb. They met and spoke with 2 white-haired Nordics that had pale blue eyes and colorless lips. The spokesman stood a number of feet away from Ike and would not let him approach any closer. A second nordic stood on the extended ramp of a bi-convex saucer that stood on tripod landing gear on the landing strip. According to Charlie, there were B Hustlers on the field even though the first one did not fly officially till These visitors said they came from another solar system.

They posed detailed questions about our nuclear testing. John Lear is a former Lockheed L Captain who flew over test aircraft and held 18 world speed records, and during the late 's, 's and early 's was a contract pilot for the CIA.

This alien suggested that they could help us get rid of the Greys but Eisenhower turned down their offer because they offered no technology. The group at the time, there were just four that they knew of for certain and the Greys were one of those groups.

There was a group that looked exactly like we do. And then there was another group that had sort of a reptilian quality to them. We had encountered them, military people and police officers all over the world have run into these guys. They had vertical pupils in their eyes and their skin seemed to have a quality very much like what you find on the stomach of a lizard.

So those were the four they knew of in Cooper claims this occurred at Homestead Air force base in Florida, and not Edwards. On the other hand Lear and Suggs suggest it occurred at Edwards. In his letter, Gerald Light pointed to intense disagreement amongst Eisenhower officials in responding to the extraterrestrials at the Edwards AFB meeting. Such intense disagreement may predictably have occurred if national security officials were responding to an extraterrestrial request to abandon the pursuit of weapons technologies.

Given the intensity of the Cold War, the national security officials present may well have decided it was more prudent to seek better terms before agreeing to the extraterrestrials request. The Subsequent Agreement with Extraterrestrials According to the testimonies examined so far, the Februarymeeting was not successful, and the extraterrestrials were spurned due to their refusal to enter into technology exchanges and insistence on nuclear disarmament by the US and presumably other major world powers.

Cooper describes the circumstances of a subsequent agreement that was reached after the failure of the first meeting. A basic agreement was reached. This race identified themselves as originating from a Planet around a red star in the Constellation of Orion which we called Betelgeuse.

They stated that their planet was dying and that at some unknown future time they would no longer be able to survive there. The meeting at Holloman Air force base in New Mexico has reportedly been the site of subsequent extraterrestrial meetings with the same extraterrestrials who it will be shown signed the treaty.

Infor example, the producers Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler, had allegedly been offered and witnessed actual Air force film footage of a meeting involving Grey extraterrestrials that occurred at Holloman Air force base in Cooper explained the terms of the treaty reached with the Grey extraterrestrials as follows: The treaty stated that the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs.

We would keep their presence on earth a secret.

Did President "Eisenhower" Meet With ALIENS ?!

Along with the oval office, apparently, Truman gave Eisenhower a hefty file concerning top-secret, top classified files about a project called Majestic 12 that former president Harry Truman had established by Classified Executive order.

It is noteworthy to mention that among all presidents of the United States, it is perhaps President Eisenhower who was most passionate and interested about Unidentified Flying Objects and Alien Life. President Eisenhower firmly believed there was life elsewhere in the universe. One Saturday afternoon, it was reported that the Former US President had disappeared for several hours, and even missed a public dinner that day.

Eisenhower would not be seen until later the following morning. The White House Press Secretary had told the press he had chipped a tooth while eating fried chicken, and that the president had visited a dentist.

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Washington Post Staff Writer, Peter Carlsondenies the story of the chipped tooth and calls it a cover-up. Curiously, despite the fact that the white house had sold the press the dentist trip story, there is no reference of a broken or chipped tooth, nor a dentist visit in Palm Springs at the Eisenhower Presidential Library, which features detailed reports of the former presidents medical and dental records. UFO hunters turn towards William Cooper as evidnece.

He was on the Naval Intelligence briefing team and had total access to classified documents. According to his review of the classified files, alien civilizations were in contact with Earth. Despite the fact that the alleged discussions were done in a polite manner, no agreement was reached. As no agreement was reached, both parties parted ways. However, the alleged aliens visited earth the following year to the Holloman AFB in New Mexico, not far away from the in famous Roswell alien aircraft crash site, for a subsequent meeting with Eisenhower.

Gerald Light described the meeting: The report is true — devastatingly true!

did eisenhower really meet with aliens

When we were allowed to enter the restricted section after about six hours in which we were checked on every possible item, event, incident and aspect of our personal and public livesI had the distinct feeling that the world had come to an end with fantastic realism.