Did mandela meet gandhi

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did mandela meet gandhi

With Nelson Mandela's illness and President Obama's recent South Africa on Mandela was so immeasurable that when Rajmohan met South. Both Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are entitled to our affection and respect for more than one reason. They eschewed violence against the. This article is not a comparison between Mahatma. Gandhi and Nelson Mandela as the latter once told, “It would not be right to compare me to. Gandhi. None of.

When he did, however, he did not allow himself to be rushed into reaction. The Mahatma patiently used every opportunity he got to defy colonial power, to highlight its illegitimate rule, and managed to overcome the apparently unassailable might of British rule. He organised an active militant wing of the African National Congress — the Spear of the Nation — to sabotage government installations without causing injury to people. He could do so because he was a rational pragmatist.

Inclusion Both Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are entitled to our affection and respect for more than one reason. They eschewed violence against the person and did not allow social antagonisms to get out of hand. They felt the world was sick unto death of blood-spilling, but that it was, after all, seeing a way out. At the same time, they were not pacifists in the true sense of the word. They maintained the evils of capitulation outweighed the evils of war.

did mandela meet gandhi

Needless to say, their ideals are relevant in this day and age, when the advantages of non-violent means over the use of force are manifest. Gandhi and Mandela also demonstrated to the world they could help build inclusive societies, in which all Indians and South Africans would have a stake and whose strength, they argued, was a guarantee against disunity, backwardness and the exploitation of the poor by the elites.

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He called for brotherly love and integration with whites, and a sharing of Christian values. He did not unsettle traditional dividing lines and dichotomies; instead, he engaged in conflict management within a system that permitted opposing views to exist fairly. Without his global perspective, India arguably would not have been an active participant and partner in the Commonwealth.

Mandela Took Inspiration from Gandhi

This is not to say the views of Mandela and Gandhi fully converged. Gandhi had no doubt in his mind that, by adopting the traditionally accepted form of protest, he had mounted sufficient pressure to ease government control.

did mandela meet gandhi

Today, the India that Gandhi helped shape appears to be in disarray. Our institutional inefficiencies are gloriously obvious. The political process has been fouled by the politics of caste and community.

did mandela meet gandhi

How can Naxals be called Gandhians with Guns? Another group that had deep influence upon Mandela was the unison among the leader of the African National Congress Dr. Xuma, leader of the Natal Indian Congress Dr.

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For Mandela, the doctors pact was the forerunner to the more organised political struggle in South Africa. He wrote about the activities of the pact: When in prison, Mandela referred to the prison memoirs of Nehru in order to maintain the discipline of reading and writing.

The strength with which the Indian community had fought for freedom had often amazed Mandela. Commenting upon the will power of the Indian political movements, he had remarked: The Indian campaign became a model for the type of protest that we in the youth league were calling for. It installed a spirit of defiance and radicalism among the people, broke the fear of prison, and boosted the popularity of the Natal Indian Congress and the Transvaal Indian Congress.