Difficult to make ends meet

More Than 40% of U.S. Adults Struggle to Make Ends Meet

difficult to make ends meet

More than four in 10 Britons admit they struggle to make ends meet to cut back when it's the basic bills which you are finding difficult to pay'. We had a hard time making ends meet. I had to work extra hours just to make ends meet. She can no longer make ends meet. [=she can no longer earn enough. This article examines why is it so hard to make ends meet financially these days. There are a number of reasons why it is more difficult to get by.

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During this decade, white collar jobs starting disappearing to far away places, along with the prospects for any decent wage increases to offset increasing budget demands from increasing energy prices, increasing housing prices, and the cost of modern technologies cable TV, cell phones, Internet.

These two graphs clearly depict how Median Annual Income has stagnated in the U. Median Annual Income is essentially unchanged between and The year average graph demostrates how fast income grew betore the s. Source Why It Harder To Make Ends Meet These Days Keeping It In Perspective This critique focused on the core factors that have contributed to the struggle that middle class families and individuals in industrialized countries currently have with making ends meet.

There certainly are other localized factors that have made it harder and continue to make it harder middle class families and individuals to make ends meet, from local tax rates to local economic changes, such as factory closings.

difficult to make ends meet

The cost of health care was not included in this critique because health care has always been expensive in the United States, no matter what decade one is living in, and has always been a burden on the middle class. In other industrialized countries with socialized systems of medical care, health care costs have not been a major factor for the middle class.

difficult to make ends meet

It is fair to say that the rich and poor have not been affected in the same way as the middle class by the financial squeeze that has developed since the s. There have never been more millionaires and billionaires in history than there are in the second decade of the 21st Century. Much of that wealth has been accumulated on the backs of the increasingly burdened middle class.

difficult to make ends meet

While the middle class in industrialized countries has struggled with massive job losses to lower wage developing countries and all the negative impacts of those job losses, the wealthy have reaped tremendous financial rewards from the massive job relocations to developing countries.

Products that are produced by low wage workers in developing countries are sold in relatively affluent industrialized countries for even higher profit margins than were possible before, and the rich who own the multinational corporations are benefiting from this new economic paradigm.

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As far as being poor; there has never been a good time to be poor. Nothing from nothing is still nothing. The government tax burden has always been a burden for the middle class.

difficult to make ends meet

I have have a strict budget that I follow each month. I have a budget and try my best to keep to it.

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  • More Than 40% of U.S. Adults Struggle to Make Ends Meet

I only buy the bare necessities and save for a rainy day. The survey found that individuals with higher levels of financial confidence, knowledge and day-to-day money management behaviors tend to report better financial conditions.

Financial planners often suggest you stash at least 10 percent of your income every month. Focus on paying down high interest debts. Sometime it makes more sense to pay off debt than to save, especially if you have high-interest debt like credit cards.

Why Is It So Hard To Make Ends Meet These Days?

Lifestyle inflation is the ultimate budget-killer — a widespread phenomenon that occurs when people spend more as their incomes increase. Learn to ignore the Joneses. Focusing on your needs and goals rather than aligning them with the people in your life or in your social media feed is critical to being happy with the state of your finances and your life.

Come up with strategies to help break your negative spending habits.

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Simply using an app to track your spending or asking your HR department for a review of your retirement savings options are good places to start. The key is to engage in day-to-day money management and establish a habit of saving and budgeting. The products that appear on this site may be from companies from which MagnifyMoney receives compensation.