Doctor who references in homestuck how did they meet

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doctor who references in homestuck how did they meet

It is possible that the Cairo Overcoat is a vague representation of an actual pool table, Andrew Hussie met his end by this transforming scepter. . Calliope indirectly references this when she stated that she likes the planet Uranus because English is a Lord of Time, which is reminiscent of Doctor Who, in which the main. A list of references (remixes, arrangements, samples, leitmotifs, etc.) in Homestuck music. I made a perfect, albeit inadvertent, reference to Doctor Who recently. No one understood mine like they did Sarah's do this all the time *sigh*.

At this point, English was revealed in full. Upon his "release," he summoned his Cairo Overcoat, which then transformed into an Egyptian sarcophagus, which closed over him and traveled back in time. He then made two loud honking sounds, an event referred to as the Vast Honk. Interestingly, during English's summoning the parts of Scratch's genetic code that were written in the troll's Flarp rulebooks occur. The grandfather clock "t1CK"s and "t0ck"s.

After which the "8r8k H34DS" occurs as Scratch's head breaks. He is seen in possession of a Golden Cuestaff. The head of the cuestaff flashes multiple colors blue, cerulean, yellow, orange, red, and gray and is sometimes replaced with an image of the Green Sun. After giving poor Ms. Immediately after killing Hussie, English enters his sarcophagus and flies through the Furthest Ring. He lands inside a dream bubble containing the doomed timeline versions of the pre-scratch kids and post-scratch trolls.

Using the White Wand, he conjures a beam of energy that bursts from his mouth, killing the doomed-timeline characters and destroying the bubble in an explosion visually reminiscent of shattering glass.

It is possible that this has caused harm to the Horrorterrors as one of them was shown to have a cut limb, however this could also have been caused by Jack Noir as he was nearby the wounded Horrorterror. This was witnessed by Dave possibly as a callback where he first listened to the Horrorterrors saying to Rose that they are being killed. Back in Hussie's home, Spades Slick is shown to be seeing a "big overpowered gold machine gun" and notices that he has "very different styles when it comes to running an organized crime outfit.

It is also revealed that Caliborn adopted the name "English" after his first defeat at the hands of Jake, who overpowered him with his Hope aura. English's ultimate fate is left ambiguous in [S] ACT 7but he is at the very least deprived of first guardian powers due to the destruction of the Green Sun.

However, the distinct cue-ball appearance of the Treasure just after Vriska deploys it, along with English's eyes locking onto eight-balls just before he is struck by it, suggest that he was blasted into the black hole by the Juju's power and subsequently erased, or trapped forever.

This is in keeping with English's pool motif; in a game of pool, the eightball must be sunk last, or the player who sinks it loses. Trivia Edit English is named after the pool term 'english', meaning spin on the cue ball which refers to his relationship with Doc Scratch, who represents the cue ball.

Calliope indirectly references this when she stated that she likes the planet Uranus because of its unusual rotation compared to other planets, but can't remember the technical term for said rotation. His name may also have drawn inspiration from the phrase "The devil is an Englishman", similar to how "Old Scratch" is a folk name for the devil. Andrew confirmed that he is also "retroactively" named after Ultima's Lord British, an invincible character who could only be killed through manipulation of various game mechanics in the early installments of the series although later installments regularly allowed players to slay him through intentional Easter eggs.

If this reference is expanded upon, it is absolutely possible that he could lose his invincibility in the post-scratch kids' session. When Lord British died for the first time in Ultima Online, it was because a developer forgot to turn on his "invincibility flag" when carrying his character between sessions.

English may represent the titan Cronus from greek mythology, a universal ruler and destroyer, that overthrew Ouranos.

doctor who references in homestuck how did they meet

In an alternate telling of this tale, he overthrew the wicked serpentine Titan Ophion. Ophion is important also because the cherubs were born from a spiraling egg, similar to the Orphic egg which consists of an egg with a snake wrapped around it. Additionally, their zodiac sign is Ophiuchus, similar to the name Ophion.

References in Steven Universe

Ophiuchus has also been depicted popularly as trampling upon Scorpio, Vriska's and Aranea's Zodiac sign, with his feet, causing her to threaten to sting him, which is represented by Vriska's plan to defeat him.

English may further extend the billiards parallel as the cue stick, using Scratch, the first guardian of Alterniain order to affect other individuals on his field of play, and to ensure his summoning.

Indeed, his scepter and pegleg resemble one. This is further alluded to when Caliborn serves as a metaphorical pool cue, sinking his billiards-themed planets into the black hole pocket of Skaia. Hussie has confirmed the Cairo Overcoat's dual nature as being a play on mobster slang—just as a Chicago Overcoat referred to a coffin in Problem Sleuthso would a Cairo Overcoat refer to a sarcophagus, as Cairo is a notable city near the pyramids and subsequently sarcophagi.

Using a sarcophagus for time travel may also be a reference to Pharoid's time chamber. Hussie has also confirmed that English has the powers of a first guardian.

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It has been confirmed that English inspired the mirthful messiahs of Gamzee 's religion, along with Scratch. He also appears to have inspired the Alternian concept of Deathalong with the Handmaid. This page on Hussie's Tumblr contains some insightful information on English.

English harbors a connection to Jake English.

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Jake's shirt has the likeness of English on it, he wears computers that resemble various aspects of English's appearance, and a piece of Homestuck fan art in the form of a fake movie poster featuring English made it into Jake's room.

These are all due to his grandmother 's companydesigning its products to be reminiscent of English, specifically to remind the Condesce of her greatest fear. Grandma also took English as her last name to serve the same purpose, which was eventually inherited by Jake. Jake later defeats Caliborn, inspiring the latter to rename himself English, thus completing the loop.

English's head resembles a puppet we know. This may be because Doc Scratch, his host, is ectobiologically created from said puppet and a Magic Cue Ball and also because Cal acts as a vessel for English's soul.

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He did this in order to facilitate the cycle of revenge that would eventually lead to his own creation, thus ensuring the path of history. After the Black Queen is exiled to the Alternian wastelands during the trolls' Sgrub session, she is "given a new purpose" by Scratch, who teleports to the wastelands where she roams. He makes a deal with her that ties her life to the life of the trolls' universe, causing it to end when she dies, and she becomes Snowman.

Post-Hivebent Edit After arranging the events of Hivebent, he works out a plan with Rose, guiding her along a path she is led to believe would destroy the Green Sun, killing Bec Noir and himself. Scratch suggests that the reason for Rose being sidetracked from paying attention to her friends, harsh methods of learning about the game, and the origin of her black magic powers were caused by unconscious manipulation by the Horrorterrors, so he advises her to ask the Cue Ball for information rather than them or the trolls.

He specifically encourages her to ask it if the Outer Gods were evil; whether the answer to that question is inscrutable or not, Rose viewing the Cue Ball's answer to that question causes her to "go Grimdark", the most notable effect of which is to seek revenge on Jack. At around the same " time ," the trolls' version of Jack, Spades Slickhas finally tracked down Scratch, continuing his mission from the Midnight Crew Intermission to destroy The Felt.

Scratch eventually loses omnipatience with Slick trying to bludgeon him over his dome curls the metal weapon into unusability and offers Slick to partake of a bottomless supply of licorice scotty dogs before asking him something. Scratch and Disc 2. When Terezi scratches Homestuck's second disc the comic gradually becomes more glitchy to the point of "unplayability" and the reader is forced to consult Scratch, offering to repair the damage before the Scratch happens and telling the story while the disc is repaired.

Scratch shows what would occur if Vriska won the flip and Terezi let her go, Rose's battle with Jack Noir and Vriska's death by Terezi all originally planned to be a flash animation according to Andrew. After Slick breaks the grandfather clock and Vriska dies, Scratch proceeds to grab his book and hit Slick with it so hard that it breaks in half, uppercutting him out of a window.

Scratch ordering Slick to kill Snowman. After Slick lands on a nearby building, Scratch lands next to the wounded Slick, pulls out his revolver and aims at him, but instead turns the gun and points the handle at Slick, requesting that he kill Snowman. He then teleports Slick to a currently unknown location, as well as himself back to his home where he decides to clean up the mess he made, fixing his scrapbook that he broke as well.

Scratch is interrupted during the middle of cleaning by a banging noise, and he leaves to investigate it, permitting the reader to look through the clippings left from his scrapbook that remain on the floor. The source of the noise turns out to be a young Handmaid, Aradia 's ancestordressed in a Felt outfit and attempting to break the fifth wall with a chair. She attempts to assault him, to no avail, and he bludgeons her with a broom, turning off the wall.

doctor who references in homestuck how did they meet

He then tells the story of the Sufferer, Karkat's ancestor, as well as the stories of the ancestors related to him. During his story, Aradia's Ancestor turns on the fifth wall remotely, and Andrew Hussie breaks into Scratch's manor.

doctor who references in homestuck how did they meet

Andrew Hussie aggrieves Scratch. After eating several of the candies and taking the rest, Hussie assaults Scratch with his own broom while the Handmaid flees. Scratch, while Hussie is assaulting him, becomes inanimate and resembles a lifeless puppet, and has his right leg ripped off by Hussie as a result.

This references the Lil Cal Puppet part of his ectobiology. English emerging from Doc Scratch. After being rendered unconscious at the hands of Hussie, and after the destruction of the Alternian Universe, he dies as L rd English emerges from within him, with English having used Scratch as a vessel the whole time.

At this time, Scratch continues to be an "excellent host". When Rose succeeded her plan, it is revealed that Scratch tricked Rose to create the Green Sun instead of eliminating it. She should've asked better questions. Doc Scratch was developed by Hussie with a devil figure in mind. It is no surprise, then, that he is a master at manipulating people and events to his own ends, leading Alternia to live a radically different life than its pre-Scratch counterpart did.

From extremely radical changes like introducing a Horrorterror onto the trolls' home planet to more cosmetic changes such as the addition of his own green moon, Scratch seems determined to leave his mark. Hussie aptly describes the planet as Scratch's troll fanfictionwith Scratch changing details of the original planet but keeping the same people.

Scratch is self-assured and believes himself better than amateur manipulators like Vriska and Equius, as unlike them, "He never lies"and he always plays with his cards face up. He also seems to be extremely intelligent and composed, as during the very same conversation with Vriska, he states that even though he tells Vriska what his next moves will be during their matches, she still can't beat him.

This is because he is an expert manipulator of people but does not rely on deception to accomplish it—a skill that Vriska envies in both Scratch and Terezi. The fact that he writes in the color white and that he has no Pesterchum handle due to typing on a typewriter indicates that he prefers to remain an anonymous party and work behind the scenes, carrying out his schemes with the least amount of influence possible.