Dog haters meet pitbull puppies

dog haters meet pitbull puppies

Adoptable Pit Bulls. Collection by This board is just a few of the thousands of awesome Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes that are available for. Puppies should be well socialized and neutered early. Pit bulls are certainly capable of living with other pets, dogs and cats both, happily and. "I think that they're just like people they're just a bit misunderstood." Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos!.

I also feel a lot of those "bad apples" are those dogs that have been raised in the wrong way. I've fallen in love with his catfish face and his turtle head. Yes, Stunna is a pretty stocky little guy he's about 8 months old now but he is just a fantastic dog.

People Meet Pit Bulls For The First Time

I'm really really glad my son got him. Bo my sons first pit bull puppy. All I know is that we have many other cats and dogs, and Stunna fits in well with all of them. The cats ignore him, he ignores them and the only thing he seems really interested in is spending time with my son and sleeping. He also loves to take walks.

Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap - Life With Dogs

When he walks down the street he looks like a little gladiator, all muscled up. So based on looks, I can see why one would be attracted to a Pit Bulls stature Stunna also has some really cute markings, with lots of pink on his nose and paws. He is very loyal, quiet and loves to cuddle. Speaking of cuddling, this is Stunna's favorite past-time.

He literally climbs up on your lap, digs his face into your neck and leans into you.

dog haters meet pitbull puppies

Besides my border collie Karma, I have never known such a cuddly dog. A far cry from the killers I was told these dogs were!!! I think back to when I was growing up and Doberman Pinchers were considered the "bad dog breed" back then. It is very important that you always take your dog to public spaces with a lead. In many countries Pit Bulls are considered potentially dangerous dogsso by law they must wear a lead and be muzzled in public spaces.

You can let your dog off the lead in permitted places and where it will not cause others to be afraid, but a lead is required in most areas. Do not introduce your dog to someone who does not want to meet it It is also important that you do not force others to accept and embrace your Pit Bull. This doesn't mean you have to lock up the poor dog whenever you welcome visitors, but you do have to make sure that it does not throw itself at them, even if it's out of affection. Now, if you have dog-loving friends that like to have a Pit Bull on top them while talking to you, that is another story.

Except for very important people in your life such as your partner, a family member or a close friend, it is not necessary for everyone to meet your dog or to be happy and comfortable around it.

dog haters meet pitbull puppies

Some people do not like animals, or they are afraid of them as much as they would prefer to love them. They do not need to get to know your dog, and your dog won't mind not meeting them. When you meet someone, tell them you have a Pit Bull at home so that they can tell you whether they are afraid or not; if you're meeting someone outside, warn them if you want to bring your dog along.

Do Pit Bull Dogs Make Good Pets?

Social relations Finally, we will discuss two situations where most people tend to get very nervous. One of them is when there are other dogs close, and the other is when there are children present.

This is not due to the size of a Pit Bull, as most people are perfectly okay when the dog is an enormous Golden Retriever.

dog haters meet pitbull puppies

In these two cases, the best thing to do is to have your dog on a lead until you verify that the situation is under control and your dog is reacting well to everyone around it. You don't need to stop going to off-lead areas, but it is very important that you get your Pit Bull used to wearing a muzzle.

People Are Afraid of my Pit Bull: What Can I Do?

If people are afraid of your Pit Bull, they will feel safer knowing that you are a responsible owner. Moreover, you will be best ambassador for the breed if you are considerate and respect other people's right to be afraid of a dog they do not know.

The only way to change the negative image of Pit Bulls and show that they are really just dogs and not monsters is to show that Pit Bull owners are empathetic people who take others into account.

dog haters meet pitbull puppies

And one more thing: