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(3 documents); Il bacio di Tosca (Tosca's kiss) - Schmid, Daniel - Switzerland - -1 Patricio - Venezuela, Chile, Cuba, France - -1 (61 documents); La battaglia dolce vita (The sweet life) - Fellini, Federico - Italy, France - -1 (57 documents ) Abbasov, Shukhrat - Soviet Union - -1 (1 document); Little Miss Big - Kenton, . never brought our check We watched her flirt with a couple tables showing off 49, 61, 73, 85, 97 GOLLIDAY approach to interventional .. WHISMAN WELL BACIO future Sheppard lha fatto con questo album (dolce Strobush. DOLCE STIL NOVO (melodic pop), AMO TE / QUI, G E B - CD , ", EX++ M- stamp on cover & .. WOC wol, , 8,00, I VICINI DI CASA (good italo disco track) FLIRT / MAMA Y MAMA E 61, 7" (45 GIRI) - SOLO COVER (SENZA DISCO) STAN KENTON (good funk jazz), ON THE RICHTER SCALE ( cont.

And there are contributions by: A dozen more tracks recorded betweenall newly remastered: Who's That Knocking at My Door? The show features 27 songs by the popular contemporary singer-songwriter, whose tunes have been recorded by artists like Barry Manilow, Diana Ross, Jane Olivor, Sam Harris, Portia Nelson and, especially, by the late Nancy LaMott, Friedman's early mentor, and Kathie Lee Gifford, his most recent champion.

The remaining sides, many not easy to find elsewhere, are culled from the various labels, large and small, for which she recorded throughout the '50s and '60s—Columbia, MGM, Pye Nixa, Wing, Esquire, Piccadilly, and NJE—a vast and eclectic oeuvre of acclaimed recordings which led to her eventual breakthrough, and subsequent popularity, in the States. Recorded with the orchestras of Frank Cordell and, mostly, Geraldo, most of these tracks have never previously been issued on CD.

With some of the Big Easy's most talented young musicians on guitar, percussion, bass, cello, trombone, tenor sax, and trumpet, the album, asscording to to the publicity materials, "is eclectic, organic, and undoubtedly jazz, moving smoothly from sambas to hard-driving swing tunes with heartfelt ballads interspersed.

Most have not been available since their initial dates of release. The vast majority of the 60 songs here are of British vintage. Loren sings Almost in Your Arms, Bing! Some of these have sufaced before on movie soundtrack collections or on what-were-they-thinking compilations, but many of these are only available on this collection.

Songs in English and, mostly French: And there are expanded versions of three other themes. The above perform, respectively, It's a Good Day, Mr.

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Though in one of his songs he laments I've Never Been in a Show by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Kates, refreshingly, does not compose grand, self-conscious arias or hollow, overblown pop ballads. More Jerry Herman than Lloyd Webber, he writes in the classic tradition of musical theater and cabaret—charming, pointed songs which are sometimes poignant, often funny.

A good example of the latter is When I Gaze into a Mirror, which he puts across with his customary verve and a respectable singing voice: When I gaze into a mirror what I see Is a person I don't recognize as me I am surely ten years younger Make that twenty, make it more Who the hell requested wrinkles Or an ass that hits the floor? So what happened to the blossom and the bloom, Turning heads from simply walking in a room? Well, the heads have not stopped turning 'They just turn to look away No one loves a faded fairy Or a queen who loves ballet.

It's What I Understand. They provide stellar support for the singer on a program that balances self-penned originals and well-known instrumentals to which Hendricks has set his customarily deft lyrics. According to critic Michael Nastos, "Of the many projects Hendricks has been involved in, this is his crowning glory. It toured the country as a stage production, depicting the history of African-American roots music, from spirituals and field hollers to blues, gospel, and jazz.

Hendricks recites signposts of the musical progression in rhyme and singing Both on film and on record Betty Hutton's style was one of total abandon, even anarchy. She seemed hellbent on perfecting hollering as an art form and selling mania as the basic human condition—and she succeeded. At her peak, Hutton recorded extensively for RCA and Capitol, and mostly she sang funny novelty numbers especially written for her, many by Frank Loesser.

But more important, when she wanted to, she could handle a ballad with ease and aching, heartbreaking simplicity, proving herself to be one of our great popular singers. There are no liner notes, but the fidelity is excellent, and as a crash course in the history of the popular song, it's tough to beat.

Liste des marques - France

Such an unexpected and intimate accompaniment demonstrates something that may have been overlooked before. While Comstock is the co-heir apparent, with Steve Ross, to the mantle of the late Bobby Short—that is, our premier cabaret or "society" singer-pianist—he is also, far and away, the best singer of all the performers, past or present, with whom he shares his particular musical niche.

Napoleon's sensitive arrangements present an ideal musical setting for Comstock's vocals, cushioning and showcasing them at the same time. Comstock's singing is lovely—unaffected, heartfelt, warm, clear, even sensual at least to these ears —in short, every good thing. Despite the obvious temptation posed by solo guitar accompaniment, Comstock wisely resists interpreting these songs as bossa novas, with the natural exception of Jobim's Living on Dreams which features lyrics by the late Susannah McCorkle.

This impeccably tasteful collection of songs includes another dozen tunes: Alan has filled a great void by collecting the scattered early commercial recordings of Percy Faith, from roughly to the early s, from four different record companies, and most are appearing on CD for the first time -- an event that ten years ago would have seemed impossible.

If you are a dedicated fan, you have possibly managed to round up many of these selections on ancient, hissy vinyl or perhaps even 78 but you have never heard them like this. With the touch of the magic Bunting wand, these 60 year old recordings glow with a warmth and detail never before heard.

It is a revelation to hear the Decca recordings in particular. But this is far from a collection which would be of interest only to hardcore fans; it also contains some gems that were only out as singles at the time, and have been neglected because they are out of the mainstream. Most notably, there are two selections with then-famous cabaret singer Hildegarde no surname needed, evidently.

The second CD ends with a rather playful trick. The only negative thing you should know is this: If only there could be more Congratulations to all of the people involved in making it possible.

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Here we have all of his earliest commercial recordings, made for the Majestic, Decca and RCA Victor labels, plus a selection of those he made after joining Columbia — a total of 50 original mono recordings spanning the years to Alan Bunting has done all the compilation, transfers, audio restoration and re-mastering, and the booklet notes, and it was obviously a labour of love. This is my kind of Percy Faith and these 2 CDs have given me more pleasure than many of the other re-issued examples of his work from the later years of his wonderful career.

Tales of a Traveller, Waltz: Band of the Royal Artillery conducted by Keith Brion. Volume 4 in the Naxos American Classics series of the complete Wind Band music of John Philip Sousa which incidentally includes a staggering marches! Indeed under the experienced and highly skilled tutelage of Mike Parton of the Specialist Recording Company, this disc is a model of how good a military band recording should sound — the results are deeply impressive.

The Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co. Moffett who Keith Brion tells us in his informative notes is considered to be the father of the aircraft carrier. During the performance of this piece, you are well advised to duck down since it comes complete with low flying aircraft. Its subsequent non-appearance within the hallowed walls of Westminster Abbey may have been due to the fact that the rather staid British Establishment considered it lacked a degree of dignity and gravitas appropriate for such a solemn ceremony.

A brilliant disc and superb value! Already issued in this Naxos series are: The Valley of Poppies, N. Quartet from Rigoletto, Y. Glory of Russia, A. The Aspidistra Drawing Room Orchestra comprising 7 to 8 players: These latter, recorded in and respectively, each contain an enjoyably varied selection of light orchestral repertoire. Playing time is scarcely generous but all lovers of this repertoire should be delighted with the varied programmes and stylish execution. The playing is of a high standard and the year-old recording sounds fine.

If you are not "into" military bands, let me encourage you to try this one — you may be pleasantly surprised.

Liste des marques - France

Two of the above items were included in that issue: The version here is a new studio recording. Any new album by Laurie is a must for the collection, and this one includes useful sleeve notes by Laurie himself, plus some by the late Christopher Palmer reproduced from the original CD.

Don't let the inadequate numbering of the tracks printed on the back cover prevent you from enjoying an exploration of these new musical worlds.

Eminently pleasurable and soothing this is something new to the repertoire. Based on four modern themes and three others he had mused over in previous decades, Banks asked Simon Hale to orchestrate them into a whole suite. The result is most satisfactory and with the London Philharmonic doing the honours Naxos can congratulate themselves.

If you are looking for music which is easy on the ear you will not be disappointed. All the tracks are listed above, so you can quickly see if there are any you need to complete your Levy collection. A cassette version is also available. Seldom can such a mundane titled CD have yielded so much treasure. If it has passed you by, I urge you to get a copy. Apart from Monia Liter, also on Vocalion, you will not better spend a tenner all year.

But the whole CD of background music specially recorded for film, radio and television crackles with "joie de vivre". Folk Tune, the first time this has been given a commercial release.

Many of the numbers will be new to quite a few of us and David Ades is to be congratulated on his selection. The recording quality is superb. If future volumes [and there will be if enough of us buy Volume 1] maintain this standard we are going to be delighted over and over again.

In his later years, William Blezard became known to the British public as the accompanist to Joyce Grenfell, and he was also associated in the same acapacity with Marlene Dietrich. Eric Parkin treats his music with the respect and charm that one would expect from a fellow pianist who is in a class of his own.

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It is nice to see that two tunes were specially composed by William for Eric, which adds a certain poignancy to this delightful collection. Apparently William approved the master of this CD the day before he died last year. This recording is a definite reminder of how great of a singer Doris Day was in music usually not associated with her name. Not only this, but we also get the rare opportunity to hear how hard Day and her accompanist Andre Previn worked on these songs.

A perfect meeting of the minds. The alternate take of 30 November, shows both artists struggling with the music. Previn especially seems to be having very real problems with keeping things together as this take gradually disintegrates before our ears.

The other songs are sung with great warmth and excellent phrasing by Doris Day.