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However, if they are meant for individual users or computers, they have to be defined and deployed individually. When and how do configurations get applied to computers and users? Every configuration that is applied to computers and users will be applied in the following scenarios: User logon or system startup: All user configurations, except the Custom Script configuration, are applied when a user logs on or when a system is started. System startup or shutdown or user logon or logoff: The Custom Script configuration is applied when a user logs on or logs off.

This also takes place when a computer is switched on or switched off. A configuration is deployed to computers and users, to block USB devices, If the computer is turned off - This configuration will get applied during the computer start up and the USB access will be blocked.

If the computer is turned on - This configuration will get applied during the next refresh cycle, when the agent communicates with the Desktop Central server. Assuming that a USB device was already plugged in and used in the computer, the access will be denied as soon the configuration gets applied. If the User has logged off - This configuration will get applied to the user's profile when the user logs on to the computer. So that the particular user will not have permission to access USB devices.

If the User has logged on - This configuration will get applied during the subsequent refresh cycle. Assuming that the user has already plugged in a USB device and has been using the device, the access will be denied after the configuration gets applied. To access the Desktop Central UI from a remote location, follow the steps given below: Open a supported browser Enter http: What do I use the Define Target feature for?

The Define Target feature is used to identify targets, also called users or computers, to apply configurations to. The targets can be all the users or computers belonging to a site, domain, Organizational Unit OU or a group. They can also be a specific user or computer. For more information, see Defining Targets.

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My free trial expired before I could complete my evaluation of Desktop Central. Can I receive an extension? Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. During the trial period of 30 days, you can manage an unlimited number of desktops using Desktop Central. After the trial period is over, Desktop Central automatically switches to the free edition using which you can manage only 25 desktops and 25 mobile devices.

However, if your trial period is complete and you want to use the software application to manage more than 25 computers and 25 mobiles, contact us. You will receive a temporary license with a validity period to suit your requirements.

The transition from the free edition of Desktop Central to the temporarily-licensed edition is smooth with no loss of data or configurations.

How is Desktop Central licensed? Desktop Central is licensed on an annual-subscription basis depending on the number of computers you want to manage. You can get the price for a specific number of desktops from our online store. You may also buy a permanent license by paying an one-time fee.

Contact us with the following details to get a quote from our sales team: Number of computers you want to manage using Desktop Central Edition that you are interested in buying Why are configurations in Desktop Central created using a Web interface?

Contact Information for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Desktop Central, with its Web-based interface, enables desktop administrators to access the application from anywhere within a network to complete various tasks; for example, to create configurations. This facilitates easy management of computers without being required to be present in any specific location. Which ports are used by the Desktop Central application? You must open the following ports for effective communication between an agent, the Desktop Central server and the distribution server: Which database does Desktop Central support to store data?

Which Web server does Desktop Central use? Will new computers that are added in the domain receive configurations automatically once they check in with desktop Central? Yes, computers that are newly added in the domain will receive all the deployed configurations automatically when they check in with the Desktop Central Server. All the features other than patch management works effectively while using Desktop Central in home edition of windows operating system. Do we have any option for multiple active directory inputs in Desktop Central?

Yes, We accept multiple active directory inputs in Desktop Central. How will the Desktop Central agent reach the Distribution Server if the port number used for their communication has been changed?

When the agents of the remote location are unable to contact the Distribution Server, they contact the Desktop Central Server directly during the next 90 minutes refresh interval. They receive the modified port numbers of the Distribution Server and communicates with it henceforth. What is IP Scope and What are its advantages? Desktop Central has different agents for different locations, for example a local office agent will not be the same as the remote office agent. Similarly every remote office has different agents as well.

When you are managing computers one or more remote locations, you can have a defined set of IP ranges for different offices. Can I bring my pet dog with me?

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Yes but please make sure that the dog is going to be on-lead all the time at the venue. Will there be cat-tolerant greyhounds available for adoption?

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If you would like to adopt a cat-tolerant greyhound, please contact GAP directly on 03 What greyhounds are up for adoption? In the week leading up to the event, we will publish the list of greyhounds that will be available on the day, which we will post on this page closer to the event.

However, if you register prior to Friday 18th January, you will also receive an email by Thursday 17th January, with information regarding the day which includes the list of greyhounds available. Can I have a greyhound held for me and just pick up on the day? We cannot hold a greyhound s for you. There are more coming through the program on a weekly basis, so the right one will come along eventually, you just need to give it time.

What happens if I miss out on the day?