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I myself never liked the idea of doing events at Autoclub but every thing went so smoothly.

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The plot of land that they used to host the meet was massive and it presented itself well. Things were, once again, a little different this year. Ryan and Rodrez, the masterminds behind the Eibach Honda Meet, decided to take an even more grassroots approach on their event by deciding to incorporate drag racing. It was so nostalgic to hear the loud exhaust roars from the drag strip while perusing the sea of street and show-prepped Hondas. Huge congrats to the guys from the Eibach Honda Meet for yet another successful year.

The set-up process for the vendors was a little crazy but I had good help so I was able to get stuff ready fairly quickly. I had to make sure I got a photo of his car on these wheels before he put those green TE37SLs back on, which are quite horrendous, lol.

I mean that in the kindest way possible and Luis is quite familiar with my hatred of that set-up on his Civic. Always good to see him and his brother out and about at events as well with each of them bringing 4 of their 26 Honda builds….

The guys from the Eibach Honda Meet are always super kind and provide me with a booth space that also comes with a spot to park a display car. They look nearly identical to the original Desmond-produced wheels but are reproductions from Japan, recreated with the most intricate of details based on Matthew Ye from ICB…. The best thing about the EVO coming back is that they will be available in new sizes and bolt patterns for vehicle applications such as BMWs. Above you can see some of the details in the new wheel.

Eibach Honda Meet 2018 Coverage… Part 1…

After so many years of hosting the annual all-Honda get-together, most would expect the event to slow down by now. With 12 events behind them, the Eibach Honda Meet's founder and long-time Honda enthusiast, Ryan Hoegner, states "This thing just keeps growing.

Right when we think to ourselves that it's maxed out, that this is the biggest year and we won't ever top it, the following year ends up kicking its ass.

This all took place within the largest space the group has ever worked with, situated on three adjoining parking sectors in Fontana's Fan Zone area.

Eibach Southeast Meet and Car Show 2018 Orlando, FL

Though Elsinore seemed to be an ideal host for the massive volume of cars, negotiations with the stadium soured last year and by November, the staff looked to Fontana with high aspirations for the larger venue. Hoegener adds, "The management staff at Fontana was so easy to work with and they understood the significance of this event. We definitely want to come back to work with these guys again forwe couldn't be happier.

A rain-or-shine affair, many feared the unseasonably cold and rainy weather on the days leading up to the 7th would turn people away.

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The morning saw a damp vendor set up and initial roll in, but any more rainfall was held off until the very end of the event and joined by a healthy amount of cold winds. It was a far cry from the almost mandatory plus degree temps that have long been associated with the annual event. When it comes to trends and styles, you can see it all, from the mild to the painfully wild.

Formany noted a significantly lower number of extreme camber builds, something that had purists breathing a sigh of relief.