Epik high fan meet

YG LIFE | EPIK HIGH holds “On-Screen” concert in July… For two years in a row

epik high fan meet

When Epik High announced their North American Tour, the in one-hour meet and greets with fans that include a handshake and. Today is our first meeting right? / Only you have this sort of dialogue / Again today I talk to your retreating figure / It's always the same thing but still I give a. Epik High recently broke the news to Billboard about their upcoming in one- hour meet and greets with fans that include a handshake and.

Like people frantically kicking their feet against drowning, Tablo said people's lives are like those desperate feet beneath the peaceful surface.

And Epik High's music has been focusing on those hidden moments, according to Tablo. Epik High also addressed the recent controversy sparked by the R-rated "No Thank You" -- which some critics said included profanity in its lyrics -- saying that the group had not expected the song to become an issue at all.

Epik High shot to stardom in with its debut album, "Map of the Human Soul. Also an experienced producer, Tablo said that he had recently written a song for veteran singer Lee So-ra, with a punchline that Suga of BTS will feature in the song. He said that he prefers an unconventional combination of artists, expressing his hope to work with balladeer Sung Si-kyung and a member of Twice, who hail from very different musical genres.

If fact, we worked on the album with such a mindset.

epik high fan meet

Not only was it musically brilliant, it was a visual spectacle. His beats coordinated with the larger-than-life screen in the background. Neon lights and lasers where soon in full dazzlement around the hall as Epik High brought the audience back in time with a medley of their older hits. As though following a trajectory of rising and falling action, the energy cooled off with Tablo left alone on the stage. There was certainly a lot more truth in his casual comment. The screen came down and the concert seemed to be at its end, but the audience was determined for an encore.

As fans will know, Epik High has never been a group that disappoints. Fireworks were flaring from the stage and the audience was jumping along energetically. The song could not be more appropriate as the second last song of the day. Hearing the lyrics of the chorus echo with the audience, Epik High shared an intimate moment with their fans.

Arguably, the climax of the concert was at its very end. Next thing, I felt something settle on my head. I froze and was distracted so I did think kind of awkward wink face. After that, we lined up again to enter the concert floor. I was still thinking about that so I asked the people who came in after me, "Did Tablo put his chin on my head?

Turns out I was right!

epik high fan meet

And they said that it was a "cute moment". That's my physical contact right there! XD I did have an okay spot on the floor. I'm a very short girl and I was fortunate to be close to the stage.

I wasn't barricade but I sacrificed that to be slightly closer to the middle.

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I'm not a huge fan of light sticks because I like taking pictures and footage of the show so I stuck one end in my bag and forgot about it lol.

I'm bound to get great pictures, right? The compromise with getting VIP tickets is that your videos will not sound great.

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I mean, the speakers were right in my face and by the time the opening set was done, my ears were ringing. You could barely make out that it's Fantastic Baby, if not for the dance. I had better luck at this concert though.

epik high fan meet

I had my point-and-shoot, my Note 4, and my iPod Touch for videos. My phone took better pictures than my camera, in my opinion. My trusty Lumix has seen many famous faces already.

epik high fan meet

I still love it but I'm thinking its time is coming up. I've sung the praises for the Note4's camera time and again and this is no exception. And the venue is at The Wiltern And I was not disappointed.

epik high fan meet

The boys threw out some shirts and I mean, look at that insanity from Ben and Danny! He was so cute giving a shout out to his mom in the audience in Korean.

I have a longer version but I've been lazy. Will revise once I put it up. That would've been priceless. They saw the incredible show that we High Skoolers witness and I couldn't be more proud. Tears almost in my eyes proud. I mean, it could be just connections bringing in these celebrities just to watch the show and nothing else but I just feel so incredibly proud that Epik High was able to show them what they can do. I can only imagine how Tablo, Mithra, and Tukutz felt seeing them there.

The stage couldn't have been simpler. And that's all they needed.

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They did not only play their YG songs but a lot of their older ones as well. I pretty much died when they did High Technology. But not as much when they did Fan.