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first alumni meet invitation

A Brief Report. The First Alumni Meet was held on 13th November at Auditorium, Shree. Santkrupa College of Pharmacy, Ghogaon. The following. of August, The Alumni are from the first two pass out batch and. For inviting the Alumni members, an invitation card has been. A large number of you responded to my first mail and expressed your Please consider this letter as an invitation to attend the Alumni Meet.

Announcements of additions to our families were received with the usual demonstrations of satisfaction. A number of toasts were read, but owing to the lateness of the hour, not responded to at length.

With some reluctance the meeting adjourned to one of the parlors, for the completion of its business. The time of the next meeting, after much discussion and various propositions, was settled by the adoption of the following: Resolved that the next meeting of the Beloit College Alumni Association be held on the afternoon of Tuesday proceeding [sic] Commencement. Inasmuch as, with the increasing number of Alumni the reading of letters would occupy an undue share of time, it was Resolved, that the Secretary make a succinct digest of letters received from the Alumni, to be read at the meeting.

first alumni meet invitation

As the graduating class of each year would not be entitled to membership in the Alumni Association at the time of meeting on Tuesday, a motion was made that they be admitted, which, after considerable discussion, was lost.

Page, '54, took Horace White's motions and his secretarial duties much to heart, and Page it was who served as secretary to the Alumni Association for many years. From on, to the end of the minutes kept in Horace White's gift bookthe writing and recording is Page's. On July 9th,Page recorded the then living alumni of Beloit College, nine classes, thirty six men, each identified as to residence.

Page commented upon his obligation to digest the replies from fellow alumni, and circulate such a digest among the membership of the Association: One dollar and fifty cents had remained from the assessment of ; postage for the term had come to one dollar and fifty-one cents.

The Association faced the advent of Abraham Lincoln's campaign for the presidency with a deficit of one cent. On July 10th, Tuesday, in accord with the vote of the Alumni Association at the Commencement ofthe group convened. So few were present that the meeting was adjourned to the following day. Anticipating a small alumni gathering, no arrangements had been made for an alumni banquet. Only seven of the ten classes of the College were represented, and but nineteen men were present.

Tuesday preceding Commencement was agreed upon as the next time of meeting, and "in the hope of another and larger gathering in the Association then adjourned. Page sent out an appealing circular to all alumni, urging as full attendance as possible in honor of this anniversary.

War between the States had begun, and patriotism mingled with college loyalties in Page's summons to the alumni gathering for Madison, June 14th, It seems desirable that the Tenth Anniversary of the graduation of the first class of Beloit College, which is now at hand, should be honored by as large an attendance on the part of the Alumni of the Institution as possible. Our Annual Meeting will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday.

In the evening it is proposed to have a supper or collation, and to enjoy each other's society in recalling the pleasures of college days, and telling and hearing of our voyage since we launched our bark upon the tide of life. It is hoped the members of the Association will make every effort to be present. On Wednesday afternoon, in connection with commencement exercises, an address will be delivered before the Alumni.

You are particularly requested to. Our Alma Mater taught us loyalty to the Union. In these days when treason stalks abroad and rebellion rears its hissing head, let us gather around her and renew our vows.

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The Secretary was somewhat discouraged at the slender response to his circular and noted in the Minute Book of the Association Madison, July 9, that "if our Association is to be worth anything in preserving the history of the life and experiences of its members, they must from year to year furnish the data from which to construct it and would urge the importance to the objects of the Association, if not to each individual member, of having a word from each at our annual gatherings.

The youngest graduates were but eighteen at the time of their graduation — Bundy and White of '53, Benjamin Durham, '54, Storey and Danner of the class of all held this distinction.

The oldest to graduate, Owen, '56, Baay, '57, were twenty-eight. Of the fifty-five members of the Alumni Association on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the first graduating class, nine were clergymen, and ten were theological students; ten were teachers, and two were in school administration; nine were lawyers, and one was clerk in the United States court in Chicago; two were physicians and two held M.

Of the fifty-five members among the first ten classes, one was dead, thirty-six were bachelors, sixteen were married, and two were widowers in Chapin addressed the Association welcoming the members, soliciting their practical interest in the College and promising to the Association higher consideration and a more honorable place in Commencement week. The initial address was given by Harlan M. Page, '54 on Patience. An Address before the Alumni of Beloit College, commemorative of the first decade.

Page was gifted with the sensitive use of a polished English style, and even today his address is a delight to read. He commended the virtues of patience to men and women in all walks of life, and spoke particularly to "You who have the care of the Colleges of the West, [who] need it to meet the restive spirit of youth impatient of restraint. As to-day we contrast the present with the past, we note great changes.

first alumni meet invitation

Eleven years ago tonight [] there stood but one building, except an old house that did disfigure the enclosure, upon the college grounds. Going through unplastered rooms stepping cautiously over joists where floors were yet unlaid; careful not to ignite the piles of shavings heaped around; we illuminated the College in honor of the inauguration of him who has since so worthily filled the Presidential chair.

For months, and even for years afterwards, recitations were held in rooms roughly plastered, the ceiling supported by tamarack poles, and they with the bark on. Now, not only is that edifice completely finished, and cabinet, laboratory and library handsomely fitted up, but in yonder Hall [North College] food and rest is obtained for the body; and that chaste and beautiful Chapel [the present student Union] invites to the worship of God and the seeking of spiritual nourishment.

Returning to his theme of Patience, Harlan Page ended his alumni oration with a plea for devotion to ideals in a material world: We may find that, where men award more honor to money than to mind, a college education does not at once give us the advantage we had hoped. Friends may grow cold, all avenues to employment seem closed, yet let us not, with reckless haste, sacrifice principle, or barter honor to gain a seeming advantage. We may toil hard and long, with small success, yet in due season we shall reap if we faint not.

It may be harder to overcome the obstacles, to endure the reverses, to meet the obligations of active life, than it was to master the most complicated sentences of Latin or Greek, or to solve the most difficult problems of mathematics; yet let us gird ourselves afresh for the conflict, as for Olympic games, learn the lessons Patience would teach us, and so encounter the trials and vicissitudes of life, endure that which we cannot overcome, strike for truth and right, despite opposition or sneers.

We may meet no more to enjoy scenes like these. However separated, we shall not forget our Alma Mater, nor the ties that have made us brothers. Not only was this address a new institution, but the newly created relations between President Chapin and the Alumni Association were furthered that day; the planned collation at the Bushnell House was voted "dispensed with in order that the Alumni might be able to attend the soiree at President Chapin's.

first alumni meet invitation

The occasion was undoubtedly a pleasant one. The formal meeting of the Alumni gathered after the Commencement exercises for ; eight classes were represented, and twenty-two men were present.

first alumni meet invitation

The time of the meeting in was to be left to the discretion of the Committee on Arrangements. Page's Alumni Address was received with thanks, and the Association voted its publication. In a more mundane vein, an assessment of fifty cents per alumnus present was agreed to, and then a Committee of three Strong, Storey and Fitch was appointed "to draft resolutions expressive of the views of the Association in regard to the present crisis in our country.

Resolved, That such is our attachment to the principles of freedom for which our fathers battled, and the free institutions which they bequeathed us, that we regard no blood or treasure too precious to be devoted to the defense and prosperity of the government in all its constitutional authority.

Resolved, That in this contest we recognize the "irrepressible conflict" which must ever exist between Freedom and Slavery, and we believe that duty to ourselves, to prosperity, and to the cause of liberty in the world, demands that as a nation, we reject all compromises with the Slave Power, and accept peace only upon a basis which guarantees both civil and religious liberty, at no distant day to all men owing allegiance to our government, and asking its protection.

Resolved, That we have learned with pride and gratification that this Association has not among its members a single traitor; and that some of them are already in the Federal Army, eager to contend for our constitutional rights, and willing to hazard their lives on the battlefield in order to maintain the authority of free government.

The attitude of the alumni at the gathering in reflects not alone their personal convictions, but the liberal intellectual atmosphere in which they had been trained as undergraduates. It was President Eaton who remarked that "Beloit College had been from its foundation a congenial home of the spirit of liberty and union", and the early faculty were humanitarian and anti-slavery in their feelings.

At his great Commencement address inJoseph Emerson had baldly declared these fundamental principles: It is the duty of the College to teach important fundamental truths, and if there be politicians who deny such truths, it would be shameful and most treasonable for the College to be silent just when the time requires the word. For example, the doctrine that "all men are created equal" has given to our nation its being and its liberty, and now we are come to the time, when it is ready to deliver us from one development of that selfishness which is the real bondage of us all, and bring us nearer to that "royal law of liberty," — love supreme to God and to Neighbor as to self: If that doctrine is the truth, it is the fundamental truth, and the College must teach it, and if any party rises to deny it, let them call the College partizan [sic], but let them know that it must speak the truth and that the truth must prevail.

The resolutions of the alumni undoubtedly reflect William E. Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation of some eighteen months later. Certainly the mind of Joseph Emerson had made an impact upon those alumni who heard him at the Tenth Anniversary proceedings in July of Both expressions are testimonies to the liberal educational climate in which these alumni had been reared as undergraduates, and reflect credit upon the abiding influence of the early Beloit upon her graduates.

Page was perhaps the most consistently devoted of the early secretaries of the Alumni Association, and his pre-alumni-meeting reports are very informative of the state of the Association. Seven alumni were by July,in the Army, three as officers in the fighting ranks, as many employed in healing the wounds and ministering to the wants of the sick and suffering soldiers.

On the whole the last year has not been marked by anything particularly striking in the history of our Association or its members, though the world about us has been heaving and groaning as never before.

May time deal gently with us all as we pass along life's journey and may we often, as now, turn aside to rest for a little time and to renew our strength and courage for our work. The meeting of the Alumni Association, as previously announced, in part preceded the Commencement exercises. Alexander Kerr presided in the absence of the president and the two vice-presidents.

The alumni attempted to honor Harlan Page with the presidency of the Association, but he declined, "in the belief that he could better serve the Association in another capacity", and he was reelected Secretary. One signal honor was insisted on: Joseph Collie acquitted himself well that evening at the Presbyterian Church with an "earnest, high-toned and able presentation of the idea that 'Fealty to Duty is a nobler aim of life than Distinction. A change of base was soon effected to the dining room where a vigorous attack was made upon the large, varied and choice supply of eatables provided, a running fire of genial conversation being kept up in the meantime.

President Chapin gracefully presided at the table. After effecting the reduction of the works before them the company listened to a sketch of the present condition of the Alumni and interesting letters from some of them. Several toasts and sentiments were offered and responses made. Emerson longest connected with the institution as a Professor gave some reminiscences of the early history of the college and was followed by Rev.

Collie of the first graduating class to the same effect. State Treasurer Hastings spoke on behalf of the State authorities. Bundy of the class of spoke in response to a toast to our soldier Alumni detaling [sic] some of the things he saw and heard when visiting the army. Butter of the State University spoke of the brotherhood of scholarship and the friendly feeling which should exist between kindred institutions.

Kerr of the class of gave some account of his experiences as a teacher in Georgia and views of Southern life. Pickard, State Superintendent of Public Instruction expressed a lively interest in this institution and dwelt on the intimate dependence of the higher and lower schools on each other.

Mears of the graduating classs was called out as the first male child of Beloit and happily responded. Blaisdell made some highly appropriate remarks. A resolution was passed, among others: Resolved that Beloit College justly claims our sympathy in its financial embarrassment, and that we pledge our hearty and earnest efforts for its relief.

As Harlan Page noted as his l'envoi to the Commencement, and Alumni gathering, of Commencement exercises four hours — Alumni dinner — Levee. June 13,marked the date of Secretary Page's call to the Alumni to attend the twelfth Commencement of the College and the annual meeting of the Alumni Association. This latter meeting was scheduled for 4: The call to assemble carried the following notes and requests: The dinner and its accompaniments last year gave the highest satisfaction to the Alumni, Faculty, Trustees and invited guests, and those who may attend this year can hardly fail thoroughly to enjoy themselves.

In pursuance of a resolution adopted last year, a tax is levied on each member of the Alumni Association, of 25 cents for contingent expenses. It is hoped the amount will be speedily remitted. The Alumni will be glad to know that in every respect, except a lack of funds to meet current expenses Beloit College is in a most prosperous condition. An act was passed by the last legislature enabling the College to hold a liberal amount of land free of taxation, and it is hoped that under its operation its endowment fund will be largely increased.

At the last Alumni meeting. This can be done without much difficulty, and such funds may be forwarded to the Secretary or directly to the officers of the College, and will be gratefully acknowledged.

If the amount should be considerable, it is proposed to do something toward the erection of a gymnasium. On the appointed day, thirty-two alumni assembled, under the presidency of Alexander Kerr. Following the happy custom and precedent of the preceding year, the Faculty and certain invited guests elected to join the Alumni at dinner on the next day. Philo Bennett, only member of the second class was elected president, and Page was again returned as secretary.

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Avery of the class of on Latter day martyrdom, showing that truth had as heroic devotees and defenders now as in the olden time, that the days of persecution had not passed away and men were ready even in these days to suffer and if need be to die for righteousness sake. Pope at his right and Gen. Smith on his left ruled the feast while President Alex. Kerr assisted him from the other end of the table. Ninety-three years later Page's sketch gives us a full view of the youthful Alumni Association, and the fruits of the first sixteen years of the life of Beloit College: During Alumni Meets students, teachers, principals or hosts are required to deliver welcome speeches in keeping with the occasion.

Here we have provided you six welcome speeches for different speakers. You can pick up any of the welcome speech as per your requirement. A day like today is very important for us, as it provides us the opportunity to meet with many of our graduate students after a long time as well as provides them a chance to meet each other, their former teachers and other staff members.

We know that it takes a lot to take some time out of your busy schedule and come over.

first alumni meet invitation

But, I believe that the experiences of this evening which you will take home will be worth the time you all have spared. And, if we talk about today, our graduates have widely-spread throughout the globe in search for growth, learning, knowledge and their performances make difference everywhere.

Many of you are still on my mind showcasing your excellence and outstanding performance. And to achieve greatness, it has all the important prerequisites such as an expansive campus, conducive environment for all-round growth, experienced faculty, dedicated students, necessary financial resources, etc.

Lastly, I would like to praise the multiple roles played by you in the society. Many of you hold the key positions of major influence in the society; I would like to appreciate your efforts being done for the development of our society and justifying the years spent by you at this esteemed institution.

Last but not the least; I would like to thank all of you for your keen participation as well as the support you have always extended towards your alma mater. Hope you like the arrangements for this great reunion. Have A Good Time Ahead. Respected Chairman, Principal Madam, Director Sir and my dear colleagues, all of our Alumni, I feel deeply honoured standing here today as well as very nostalgic at getting the privilege of welcoming you all here. I believe an Alumni Meet is a perfect platform for you all to meet your peers and teachers and revive the contacts.

The requirements were quite immediate; they were genuinely felt by the population of the city and the neighbouring areas. Inwe started with the best faculty, experts and support staff, and I feel proud to say that over the years, we have scaled further heights of success and glory, earning a credible name in the education field. Our past results have shown that our academic graph has been steadily going up. We have embarked on a mission to empower all sections of society with the light of knowledge.

Our concern has wide parameters such as making our students good citizens at the level of city, state, nation, in fact, the entire globe. Our concern is whether we as teachers are able to create the qualities in you of respect, empathy, love, tolerance, honesty and above all, humanity.

It is indeed a privilege for all of us, to have our ex-students here with us at the Alumni Meet, With great enthusiasm and excitement, we request you all to share your experience of outside world with us, how far has this foundation laid by this wonderful school has taken you in life.

This school has not left any stone unturned in making its students good human beings and worthy citizens.

First Alumni Meet

From moral values to public speaking to self-defence, all qualities and attributes have been inculcated in you. Dear seniors, we are eager to hear from you how all this has really benefitted you and what the school has turned out is for you.

So, here we welcome you all to individually come up at the dais and share your experiences, your success story or whatever you feel like regarding the school with all of us present as eager and attentive audience. Hope you enjoy a wonderful evening with shared joy, fun and sumptuous food. Respected Chairperson, Dean of the College, Principal Sir, my dear colleagues and all of our Alumni, I feel deeply honoured standing here today as well as very privileged to welcome you all here.

I believe an Alumni Meet is a perfect platform for you to meet and of course revive the bonds with your peers and teachers. But, we are not limited to this; our commitment is something deeper and more pervasive, which requires a lot of introspection.

Invitation: First Alumni meet on 20th May 2017

Our involvement has wide parameters as to whether our students grow up into good citizens or not at the level of city, state, nation or the entire world. Our concern is whether we as faculty we were able to create in you the qualities of respect, empathy, love, tolerance, honesty and above all, humanity.

We are all gathered here for the alumni meet of the brilliant graduates of this college. It is a very momentous day as we have a golden opportunity of meeting our graduate peers after such a long period.

I am sure that we all have been eagerly waiting for this day since the announcement of this official reunion as celebrating the spirit of being graduated and meeting our former classmates is a sheer pleasure. I express my hearty gratitude to each one of you for taking out time from your busy schedules to be with us on this occasion.